4 Best Presents For Gamers in 2024

Do you have a friend who loves to play video games or considers himself as a hardcore gamer? Well, fear not as gamers aren’t people who are hard to please with presents. It someone is into gaming, then chances are he has eighter has a really good PC or is into console gaming.

A gamer needs gear that will assist him while gaming, so that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best presents for gamers that will allow him to stay on top of his game.

1. A Video Game

If there is anything that gamers love the most in the world, its new games coming out. Solely because a gamer is a person who wants to experience every title coming out, why not consider getting him a video game? We’re halfway into 2024 and despite the success of videogames in this year, there are still exciting titles that will be coming out such as Borderlands 3, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, FIFA 20, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, COD Modern Warfare Remastered, Death Stranding (PS4 Exclusive), and more.

2. Mechanical Keyboard

Img source: hiconsumption.com

Mechanical keyboards are the types of keyboards that are spill and damage (for the most part) resistant. Mechanical keyboards are much better than the ordinary counterpart, and they do the job better. They last longer, make a cool sound whenever you press a key, and they look even better. Of course, there are more benefits to mechanical keyboards than the ones we’ve listed but to tell you the truth, it will take us an entirely separate article for it. However, every gamer needs a mechanical keyboard that will compliment his gaming style. From the ultimate budget picks to some very expensive ones, the options for mechanical keyboards on Amazon, GearBeast, and eBay are endless.

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3. Mouse Pad

Onto the less expensive pick, a mouse pad would be an epic buy for someone who is a gamer. Statistically, gamers prefer to use mouse pads because they offer better mouse movement. Some do prefer to not use, but the chances of you knowing one such gamer are extremely slim. A mousepad is a budget-buy accessory that does an excellent job during gaming sessions. They are very comfortable and come in all shapes and sizes. Since you’re buying a mousepad for a gamer, we suggest you get a bigger one.

4. External Hard Drive

Img source: engadget.com

Chances are that a gamer person will get into some PC technology since he spends most of the time being surrounded by it. External Hard Drives (HDD) are USBs on steroids. They are pretty much the exact same thing, only external HDDs can store a lot more information, and they can transfer files faster. HDDs come in 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB and even 4 TB of memory. They are brilliant for gamers who like to record their gaming sessions and edit them in video editing software. Since recording Ultra HD gaming videos takes a lot of memory, this would be the perfect buy if the person in question likes to get into YouTube montages.