5 Must-Have Tech Upgrades for Pool Maintenance in 2024

Is there anything more beautiful and desirable than the sight of the swimming pool in the yard of a private house!? Ok, there is. The sight of your swimming pool and your house. Just remember all those nights when you sipped drinks by the pool with your friends or family, while decorative lights illuminated your yard and fragrant sticks repel annoying mosquitoes. On the other hand, the pool is a great thing for sports and recreation. Here we mean aquabic, water yoga, and the good, old swimming! The pool’s only purpose is not relaxation, it also promotes physical activity.

However, owning a swimming pool requires certain maintenance efforts and naturally, expenses of the owner. If you want your pool to stay appealing, and above all clean, you will need to work a little harder. In addition, it is essential that you have a basic knowledge of pool maintenance. Some of the necessary tools include pool skimmer, chlorine tablets, and the regular monitoring of the pH and chlorine values of swimming pool water.

In order to help you, we will suggest 5 wonderful must-have tech upgrades for tool maintenance. Nowadays, technology is present in every segment of our lives and is advancing rapidly. So why not use some tech tools for your swimming pool, too? True, technology in this field still has room to grow, but we think you will love what we gathered for you. Some of the tools will help improve the clarity of the water in your swimming pool, while others have more decorative and entertaining purposes. We need a little bit of everything, don’t we?

  1. Pool cleaning robots

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Okay, we started with the most expensive tool on the list, but this one is probably the most useful one. Pool cleaning robot is, as the name suggests, intended to clean all dirt, leaves, insects, and other undesirable little objects from your swimming pool. Of course, there are a thousand models of such robots, and their additional functions can vary, but the most important is the main one, and that is that they will clean your swimming pool for hours and hours. Importantly, they will not consume much electricity. Such robots can clean the base and walls of the pool, but also the stairs. However, be cautious because less sophisticated models can damage the membrane of the vinyl liner pool. We suggest you to always read the manual before use, just to make sure there will be no damage caused by using these little handy machines.

  1. Smart Self-Cleaning Pools

Img source: pexels.com

Okay, robots are useful and fun, but having a pool that can clean itself? Smart self-cleaning pools have a special technology incorporating a series of nozzles that are in line with the pool base and will not spoil the design of the pool. When the system is put into operation, these nozzles release fresh, filtered water under a certain pressure, thus, pushing the dirt aside and sending it into a collector. For more information on this efficient system click here. We can recommend this system to all of you just thinking about building their first swimming pool.

  1. Remote water monitor

Img source: aquaticsintl.com

We said that the purity of swimming pool water is very important, but we think that the chemical balance of water is equally important. You can achieve the perfect pH value (7.2-7.8) if the balance between calcium hardness and alkalinity is accurate. In order to be able to measure and monitor the quality of water, you can use a device called a smart pool monitoring device. This device will float around your pool and measure all the necessary parameters including pH, free chlorine, and alkalinity. Once measured, the device will send an alert to your smartphone. As a result, you will know when it is time to react. This gadget also supports some very useful features including historical testing and long-term tracking, app-based monitoring, and automatic supply ordering. What a great little thing!

  1. LED pool light

img source: unsplash.com

Ok, this has nothing to do with the quality of swimming pool water. Instead, it improves the appearance of your pool – LED bulbs! They are very effective decoration, and you don’t need to break the bank to buy them. Naturally, we will not consider all the existing models here, however, rest assured that there are many of them. You will have to do some thorough research before you decide which model to add to your swimming pool. They should, of course, fit into the existing design of the pool and surroundings. The main benefit of these lamps is great visibility at night. Your night pool parties will become a little safer place as there will be no more stumbles on decorative stones or some other elements that you keep around the pool. Trust us, your guest will appreciate them, especially after a drink or two! And yes, our favorite are the colored ones!

  1. Outdoor speakers

Img source: techradar.com

In order for the atmosphere around the pool to be perfect, a little music is needed. We suggest that you install the speakers on a terrace or other safer places. Probably not too close to water. You can use outdoor speakers for different purposes – above we mentioned the infamous pool parties, but you can simply let them play ambient music to help you relax or practice yoga. The speakers can be portable, or you can fix them. Where you will place them depends on their output level and how important that component is for the atmosphere.

Of course, they also come in a variety of colors and shapes, so decide for yourself which ones best fits design of your swimming pool and of course, your budget. Outdoor speakers can provide so much fun and your friends will love them. Just imagine what a karaoke night with friends would look like. We just hope you have cool neighbors!

Maintaining a pool is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be an excessive effort either. With a little technology, you can make your life easier, and have more time to relax. We hope you found these tips helpful!