Things to Look For In a Password Manager – 2024 Guide

Living in the 21st century is amazing because of multiple reasons. However, we can’t say that everything in today’s world is perfect. Living in the world of Internet technology brings many benefits to our lives. We can communicate with people easily, start a business, purchase items from home, etc. Yet, keeping our privacy is a challenging task that most people do not know how to handle. Fortunately, the solution comes in different forms that the majority of us do not use. 

Password managers are one of the solutions that you coming from. We assume that you have hundreds of accounts across different platforms and networks. The usage of password managers allows people to protect them all. You will manage to generate all your passwords in one place. Despite that, it is a time-consuming option if you want to change those passwords as well. 

You will manage to find many of them by basic Google research. At first glance, they will all look almost identical. However, if you analyze them carefully, you will see there are many differences. Those differences can tell you which one deserves your attention. 

Keeping your passwords safe is crucial in today’s world. Because of that, you should not start using the password management you find first on the Internet. Instead of that, you should know a couple of things to look for in a password manager. The good quality ones have some features that make them attractive to people. That is the reason why you should put them into consideration before deciding on one password manager. Let’s find them out together. 

They Should Have Password Generators


It doesn’t matter how creative you are. Most people do not invest a lot of effort to create a unique password. We usually choose the passwords that we can easily remember. For instance, birthdays, cities, pet names, and similar things usually serve as a password. Unfortunately, other people can easily find out those pieces of information about us online. That especially counts if you are an active user of different social media. 

Despite that, we usually use the same password for all the accounts we create. For instance, the Facebook and Paypal passwords mustn’t be the same. If a hacker manages to discover your password, he will have access to all your accounts. We are sure that is something you would want to avoid. 

Password managers can be a helpful tool that generates more unique passwords. For instance, the program will use the password you have and switch it to ma more complex one. Logically, it won’t use the same combination for all the accounts you have. The program will develop a new one for each account that you have. 

The good thing is that you won’t have to remember all of them. In most cases, you will only need to remember the single master password. You will have access to all the accounts that you possess in that way. 

Two-Factor Authentication


Some password managers will require two-factor authentication. More precisely, they will require that you go through additional steps before you log in. For instance, you may have to give your phone number where you will get a code. You will have to enter that code to confirm your identity. At first glance, doing that all the time may be annoying. However, do not forget that your security is in the first place. 

Autofill Feature


As we said, entering the master password is the only task that you will have. Even if the password manager requires a second authentication factor, it should not require any additional inputs. You should get the opportunity to access the accounts by a couple of clicks. 

Still, we need to mention here one important thing. Certain password manager programs would store your basic personal information differently. They would use your name, phone number, address, and other data in an encrypted file. Thanks to managers with that feature, you will manage to autofill online forms. Accomplishing that “difficult task” will be possible with only one click. 

Let’s imagine that you want to shop online. Storing the credit card and shipping information will help you expedite the ordering process. However, most people do not feel comfortable doing something like that. That especially counts if they are making an order for the first time in a particular shop. If you are one of them, you will manage to feel more confident when doing something like that. As we said, all the data is going to be stated in an encrypted file. In other words, you will protect yourself from any potential fraud. 

Access from Different Devices


It is hard to find a person that uses only one device all the time. Even if you are a big fan of mobile devices, you will have to use your laptop/tablet device in some cases. The manager you are looking for has to be cross-platform. In other words, it should not require sensitive data if you plan to login from different places. 

The best password managers often come with that feature. Yet, there is one thing that we need to highlight here. Some of them will be available only to a particular Operating System. For instance, you will manage to use it only on the iOs devices. However, if you only use iOs devices, something like that won’t be a big problem for you. 

On the other hand, the best tools have to possess plug-ins for the most famous Web browsers. You should have the opportunity to access your passwords from Opera, Chrome, Safari, and other browsers. That will allow you to access your accounts from any computer device that you use. Fortunately, the majority of them offer that type of service, but that doesn’t mean you should not be careful. 

Final Thought


You will easily find a big number of password manages online with these characteristics. For instance, is one of the websites that you should visit. There you can see how to get the password manager with all the good characteristics for free. Keeping your private information safe is not as complex as you might think.