Top 8 Software Programs to Install on Gaming Laptops Right Away

So, you’ve got yourself a shiny new gaming laptop, and now you need the software to make it run smoothly. One of the coolest things about PC gaming is that you can install software to simplify your life, whether it’s automating boring tasks or optimizing your system resources to maximize your gaming experience. Here’s how to make a laptop better for gaming using the software.

Best programs to install on a gaming laptop


1. GeForce Experience or Radeon Software

If you have a gaming laptop, you most likely already have one of these utilities installed. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check. GeForce Experience and Radeon Software are important tools for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, respectively. Each of them has unique features, but the most crucial thing they provide for your gaming laptop is new graphics card drivers.

If you are a new driver, you can use these apps to perform various tasks such as displaying frame rates, taking screenshots, and recording gameplay sections. GeForce Experience and Radeon Software can replace multiple apps on your laptop, so it’s important to have the appropriate one installed for your graphics card.

It is recommended to check if you already have one of these apps installed. There is a high possibility that you do. If not, you can find GeForce Experience on Nvidia’s website and Radeon Software on AMD’s website.

2. AutoHotKey


AutoHotKey is a scripting language designed for Windows. It offers much more than just being a hotkey program. With its extensive capabilities, it can rival full scripting languages, allowing users to automate various tasks, such as batch-opening programs and websites. It is relatively easy to use, especially when compared to other scripting languages. Moreover, users don’t need to write their own scripts as there is a wide range of community scripts available, particularly for gaming purposes. For instance, if you want to experiment with recoil in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there is a relevant script readily available. Additionally, AutoHotKey offers convenience by allowing users to automate calling their lane and picking a hero in League of Legends.

3. VeePN

Another software that will help optimize laptops for gaming is VPN. How can it be useful? First, you can access any website to download and install games. Secondly, you can easily switch between game servers, choosing the one with the best performance and lower latency. Thirdly, you can protect yourself during gaming online from DDoS attacks and more. Fourth, you can save money when buying games on Steam and other services. These are not all the features that a good VPN provides, but they should be enough to convince you of the importance of the service. You can try VeePN with its free trial and see if it’s all true.

4. Razer Cortex


Most “game booster” apps are not considered useful, but Razer Cortex stands out. It is a powerful app recommended specifically for its Game Booster feature. This feature provides a convenient, one-click solution that optimizes your new gaming PC by implementing a range of best practices.

Razer Cortex performs numerous functions, such as automatically allocating memory to your game instead of background apps, adjusting power settings to a higher level, and disabling power-saving CPU features, among others. Moreover, Game Booster only activates when you launch a game, allowing you to easily revert to your normal settings once you’re finished. In testing, users have reported achieving a 10% increase in their 3DMark Time Spy score.


There are several utilities available that help users check their system specifications and monitor temperatures. A recommended tool is HWiNFO, which provides comprehensive information and is known for its ease of use. Notably, even NASA utilizes HWiNFO for monitoring purposes.

Users primarily use HWiNFO to monitor temperatures, fan speeds, and clock speeds, but it also offers a wide range of additional features. It allows users to access and view information related to any specification or sensor on their PC.

That is why the user prefers HWiNFO. There exist similar programs such as CPU-Z and HWMonitor, both of which the user has used and enjoyed. However, these alternatives do not offer the same level of comprehensive information as HWiNFO does. They serve as excellent options for individuals who prefer a more limited set of data compared to what HWiNFO provides.

6. Game launchers


Gone are the days when gamers could rely solely on Steam for all their gaming needs. Nowadays, players often find themselves needing multiple launchers to access the latest AAA titles. By the way, do not forget to try to enter the launcher from another region on their website. With Firefox VPN, you can find out how much games cost in other regions and save big. Assuming the user already has Steam, it is recommended to install the following launchers:

  1. Xbox App: A must-have for those with a Game Pass subscription. However, it’s worth noting that the Xbox app is not ideal for purchasing games.
  2. Epic Games Store: Essential for accessing many new AAA games. Epic Games has exclusive rights to several popular titles, including Fortnite and Rocket League. Additionally, Epic Games offers free game giveaways every week.
  3. GOG Galaxy: GOG frequently offers the best sales on RPGs and hosts exclusive retro titles. It provides convenient library access and allows the integration of other storefronts. A must-have for retro PC enthusiasts.
  4., although not perfect, is the only platform that grants access to annual Call of Duty releases, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft. It is recommended to install if you play any of these franchises; otherwise, you can ignore it.

7. GameSave Manager

Game saves become a problem when they are lost. Losing a save with hundreds of hours of progress is irreversible. Fortunately, GameSave Manager provides a solution. It allows users to back up, restore, and move their game saves.

Aside from providing an extra layer of protection, GameSave Manager simplifies the process of finding game saves. Since there is no standard location for these saves, tracking them down can be a headache. However, GameSave Manager automatically locates and manages all the necessary files, eliminating the hassle.

8. CCleaner


CCleaner is not a gaming app, but it is essential for a new gaming laptop. Games create unnecessary files that can occupy space and system resources even after uninstallation. By scanning the computer, CCleaner identifies outdated registry keys, cached files, and junk files.

Not being consistent in using CCleaner over the past few months, the user found 361 unnecessary registry entries and 1.7GB of junk files upon running it before writing an article. Deleting all of them only took a few seconds. It is recommended to run CCleaner regularly to prevent the accumulation of unnecessary files and optimize system performance.


Modern gaming laptops often require optimization to ensure the best possible performance. There exist multiple software solutions available for this purpose, ranging from game boosters and VPNs to game launchers and save managers. With the right tools in hand, users can easily configure their computers for gaming.