The Technology Behind Online Casinos

There are many who like to play on casino sites online, and when you enjoy playing games, it is not often that you stop and think about how the website you use actually works. With regular websites, there are pretty simple things going on behind the screen, but when it comes to non GamStop casino sites, it is much more complex and not least exciting. Play the best non Gamstop casinos on In this article, we will therefore take a closer look at what actually happens behind the screen when playing casino games.

The Most Important Processes in the Backend of a Casino

Building a website yourself is something many people do, and it is easy to find tips on how to proceed to create a good website. But there are some sites that are more complex than others. All sites where you should have the opportunity to log in, pay and other important elements is something that requires a lot more than most people can.

When you have not built a website before, it is also difficult to imagine what it takes to get a casino site, for example. So we’ll take a closer look at that.

There are large investments in software, hardware, servers and infrastructure to ensure the best experience. Here are some of the many things that happen behind the scenes, i.e. in the backend, on the non GamStop casino you play on:


  • Huge data resources – Allow many players to play simultaneously without the server crashing. Some of the data that is stored is your personal and financial information and all the technical information that makes the site work optimally.
  • Security software – Protects both you as a player and the online casino as a platform. This is something that is invested a lot in and is also one of the things that help to protect you against fraud when you play at an online casino.
  • Mobile and tablet software – This allows you to play from the device you most want to play from. Among other things, this is something that works so that the page is adapted to the device you are playing on so that your experience is just as good no matter where you play.
  • Gaming software – Makes all the games work on the platform and which ensures that you, via algorithms, have the opportunity to win the big wins.
  • Payment software – This allows you to choose from lots of different payment methods and customize your experience.

As I said, these are just some of the things that happen behind the screen when you play at an online casino, and when you play live, there are even more elements that come into play.

This Happens When You Play Live Games at Non GamStop Casinos

Everything you read about only gets even more intense when you mix in a live casino at an online casino. Because here, you really combine the best of both worlds, namely a real dealer and an online gaming experience. When you play, the website will therefore give you the impression of being present in a real casino, despite the fact that you play online. Some of this is achieved knowing that the dealer is wearing many different cameras, among other things, to ensure that the flow is never interrupted along the way.


This means that you will always have a real-time experience of what is happening at the table and will participate in the game in exactly the same way as if you were actually there. But how does it work? The casinos use software that is designed to give you a realistic experience and it is said that in the future, you will be able to play live casinos using VR, which will be able to take this experience to a whole new level.

For now, there is no software available to make this possible, but the type of software that the casinos already use is still helping to give you the best experience you can get right now, and who knows when online casinos will have VR as an option as well – probably faster than we think!

Casinos Software Without GamStop

The software used by online casinos is very complex and requires sophisticated programming methods and techniques. Only skilled sophisticated software engineers can create these games. Then, all of this software is tested by the licensing commission’s software teams. One of the most essential components built into casino games are the RNGs which give completely fair results. The role of this component is to generate a random sequence of numbers without depending on a specific pattern and in this way, all players can have a completely fair gaming experience. So, the game will be perfectly fair.

Mobile Casino Software

According to, with most gamblers using smartphones, offering smartphone compatible platforms has become a must and indispensable for all players. After the development of the HTML5 markup language, game studios and casinos without GamStop have made great progress as it is now possible for gamers to enjoy their favorite games via browsers such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Payment Methods in Non GamStop Casinos


Non GamStop casinos rely on a huge range of payment methods to complete both deposit and withdrawal transactions The traditional method is bank cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies can also be used. To protect players’ financial and personal data, trusted casinos use the Secure Socket Layer, the leading technology used by trusted casinos to protect their customers’ financial and personal data.

There are several methods that casinos without GamStop use to protect their customers’ financial and personal data, such as:

  • Identity Verification. When a player participates in an online casino, they must undergo an identity verification procedure by sending photos of their personal documents that include their ID card, driver’s license, or passport. This procedure protects the gambler’s account from hacking and spoofing.
  • Two-step verification. When someone signs up for a casino they have the possibility to protect their account by doing two-step authentication. When you agree to this action, a unique code will be sent to your smartphone or tablet to confirm your account login.