Technology Behind Brewery

Brewing has been said to be part art and part science. It is a calculated and precise aspect of the process but at the same time, the rules for brewing sometimes may be hazy, which gives the freedom for personal interpretation and of the creation of a unique beverage. It does sound like it is a very difficult process, but it isn’t. Brewing comes down to a simple process that we have been using for tens of thousands of years only nowadays, we have great technology at our disposal, states yolongbrewtech. You essentially need to heat grain and water(or the extract from grain), boil this mixture with hops then cool the mixture and finally let the mixture ferment using yeast and finally carbonate (if you wish). Now it seems easier, right? If you want to know about the technology and process behind brewing then make sure you read every step of your guide until the end.

Sanitizing and cleaning

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Once you have all the required equipment, the first step is not brewing, not yet at least. First, you will need to thoroughly sanitize and clean all of your equipment. This step is very important, you cannot take any shortcuts. Anything, and I mean anything that comes in contact with your mixture during the brewing process should be cleaned with a mild detergent without any unneeded odor additives and finally sanitized with a solution that is approved for this kind of cleaning. If you want to simplify the process but remain effective, then we recommend a no-rinse variety of sanitizing solutions. Once you have properly cleaned your equipment, get to brewing.

The brewing

The brewing is the step that requires most of your attention for a longer period. This is because of the important fo having to follow very strict rules and closely monitoring the brewing process. This step consists of a few other sub-processes including, lautering, boiling, and mashing, all of which are very important if you want a good brew. You must do your best if you want to get everything right during this process if you want to achieve a certain quality of your beverage at the end. These final steps of the brewing are vital and will form the base of your product. If you miss something during this process, it will probably have a major effect on the final taste of your beverage.

The brewing techniques

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Over time brewing has developed its technology and has come up with 3 methods for brewing. Extract, all-grain, and partial mash.

  • Extract brewing

Extract brewing uses the extract from grains, whether they are in liquid or dry form to form the base of the beverage. This method can also include the use of small quantities of other grain to add to the taste of your final product. This process takes much less space, equipment and time.

  • Partial mash

This brewing method involves the use of malt extract. The combination of grain and malt can bring wider possibilities of creating a unique flavor and appearance of your product. This is great for people who are more experienced in brewing.

  • All-Grain brewing

This is the purest form of brewing but requires a lot of professional equipment, space, time and experience. It gives you the most freedom to create a beverage of your choice.