How to Get Into a Top Notch Tech School

If you wish to make it big in the corporate world, tech school is the way to go. Gone are the days where corporate bankers or investment bankers or even venture capitalists were the richest, now guys in the Silicon Valley are the richest. From Elon Musk to Bill Gates, you name it; they are present on the richest people on the list. If you’re with the same vision as them, going to tech school is the first step towards a wealthy and bright future. With that said, these schools are competitive beyond imagination which is why you must have a perfect college application and needless to say, a kickass personality and attitude to strive. Now, how to do so? Well, we have a guideline that will help you get into your dream college for undergrad. Be it MIT or Stanford, these tips will help you get into them very easily.

1. Be academically sound

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Now, this begins from my freshmen year of high school. You must start working hard from the beginning. Since the classes up until junior year are relatively easier, try to make the best of it and score as higher as you can. This way, you’ll start up strong, and later on, with higher and many difficult courses, you’d just have to do the bare minimum to maintain the CGPA.

Further, another significant part of college applications is your SAT/ACT score. Try to get done with your college tests beforehand so that you have much more time to focus on your other curricular activities during the last two years of high school. With that, doing it early on would give you ample time to retake it in the case is not up to the mark with respect to the college you wish to go to.

Moreover, another aspect to delve into academically is taking the right classes in your junior and senior years. The best way to choose is by consulting your academic counselors. Make sure, you know and are well acquainted with your assigned counselor who, mind you will benefit you when filling those applications. Not only them, but you can also hit up the alumni of your school or even the college you wish to go to for subject selection. They’ve been through this time as well and are well equipped with helping you by advising you about what worked for them.

2. Work on that college application

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It’s a no brainer – college applications are the key to getting into your dream college. It is the first impression you leave on the hiring committee at colleges. Now, students tend to think that having a solid CGPA and a kickass sports track record are the only things that would get them into a prestigious college, well trust me when I say, it’s not! Hundreds and hundreds of identical applications full into their laps and they are looking for something distinctive, something unique. The best way to show them your personality is by writing a spectacular essay.

A sound academic performance makes you eligible for a fancy school but a great essay helps you get in. One thing without the other is useless why is why we already covered the importance of being academically strong and sound. Now, moving to your college essay, make sure you literally pour your personality into that essay. It works as a gateway for them to how you truly are. With that said, how to write one. Make sure, you spend a good amount of time writing it. Don’t rush it. Get inspired by sample essays online or of your friends and make drafts. Once you’re done, proofread it and have an eye to detail – find any missing punctuation or any metaphor which is out of place and finalize it! Once you’re uber confident about it, get it read by your friends, family, and counselor and take whatever they suggest, and find a way to incorporate it into it.

Further, it goes without saying that high school can be a little hectic. The pressure of maintaining or rather improving your GPA coupled with the expectation of attending all the fun events during the final year can leave you with no time. For times like this, you can’t and you should not compromise on your college essay which is why you must look for help online. There are multiple online resources and platforms like that of wow essays that can not only assist you well with writing a great essay but can also write you one without breaking the bank. With that said, if you still have your doubts you can request a sample paper to understand the kind of quality they’re providing before making your decision. Not only that, the writers on the website maintained a hundred percent anonymity so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

3. Have fun!

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This tip has nothing to do with your college decision – but it is as important as the others. It is imperative to enjoy your last few months at school like a teenager, carefreely without thinking twice. This is the perfect time to hang out with your friends as much as you can as you won’t be this young ever again and needless to say, this time will not return. Plan simple things with your pals like watching a horror movie together or having a pizza baking night at home and find pleasure in the simple things before going to college and beginning your life!

Further, it is also important to acknowledge that you won’t be around in the next few months which is why you must spend some quality time with your family as well. Try to make them lunch or dinner someday and just have them by the lawn outside and take their advice on things to come and how they were like back when they were your age. Blow some steam and unwind them amidst the chaos with them by having dinner on the weekends with them.