HP Specter x360

5 Best Stylus For HP Specter x360

Are you on the lookout for the best stylus for your HP specter X360? In this write-up, we have some stunning choices. Most importantly, we have included pens with a wide range of compatibility.

As a result, the stylus may be used with a variety of digital devices. There are multiple styluses accessible on the marketplace, without a doubt.

We looked for styluses that are good for drawing while narrowing down the options. Furthermore, these pens feature outstanding specifications.

The majority of artists prefer to purchase pens, and we will meet their needs. The best stylus for HP specter x360 is listed below. So, let’s take a look at them!

List Of Best Stylus For HP specter x360

1. FRG Stylus

FRG Stylus

FRG is our top selection is the Stylus Active Pen for HP X 360 11m. This pen’s adaptability is the most precise. It can be used with HP laptops such as the ENVY, Notebook, and specter.

Furthermore, we do not suggest it for other laptop manufacturers’ tablets. Aside from that, there will be no problems utilizing it on the HP specter x360.


  • It boasts excellent quality and a comfortable grip and has two power buttons, useful for writing, erasing paintings, and even more.
  • This HP specter laptop has 1024 features such as high fidelity. As a result, this HP pen is useful for working.
  • This pen controls the MPP protocol. You may effortlessly write or draw using this technology. It is also excellent for navigation.
  • You will also have detailed accuracy. In fact, it does not require the installation of a program to be used on a laptop.
  • Aside from that, this model comes with a speedy connection. Even though it is easy to use, you should inspect the digital prototype before purchasing it.
  • This Stylus Active Pen for HP X 360 11m comes with a right-click delete and a basic yet elegant design.
  • You will also have pen-like flexibility for drawing, sketching, creating art, and writing.

2. ANYQOO Active Stylus

ANYQOO Active Stylus

Anyqoo has the Active Stylus HP specter X 360 and offers a one-year warranty with this pen. This brand is known for its services to its customers, and the pen has multiple functionalities.


  • It comes with a three-month money-back warranty. You do not have to be concerned about the return as it is highly durable.
  • Customer support will be of the highest quality.
  • Furthermore, there is no requirement for a Bluetooth connection or software with this HP specter.
  • You will also have a smartpen that will work flawlessly until charged. There are also 1024 pressure sensibility levels.
  • This isn’t all; it is also helpful for writing and drawing. This stylus pen is excellent for authors, and it is highly recommended by artists and other professionals.
  • The driver of this pen is simple to use, and you will have access to a wireless network.
  • To use the pen, you must first insert the AAAA batteries.
  • It also has a capability of 5000000 inches and comes with three extra leads. The clipping design, for example, makes it easy to transport.

3. HP Tilt Stylus

HP Tilt Stylus

HP Tilt stylus is the next gadget on our list. This pen is dependable, and you may customize it with a variety of materials.

Also, because of its distinctive design and impressive functionality, Tilt deserves to be included in our list of the best stylus for HP specter x360.


  • This HP specter has a grey finish that distinguishes it from other pens.
  • Also, it is made of high-quality materials. This pen has a sleek appearance and is extremely long-lasting.
  • You can quickly write, doodle, and work with this stylus. Additionally, we advise the smart HP tilt pen to illustrators and artists.
  • The best part is that it is compatible with ink and has many features. The pen includes a wide range of connections. One can use it to pull from life.
  • This stylus pen has short battery life. It will only last 10 hours even though it can be recharged.
  • It also features a customized Bluetooth push button. It can be connected to a variety of devices. The HP specter’s measurements are also 0.4 x 5.9 x 0.4 inches.
  • Overall, it features built-in presenter controllers. Your pointer will also travel with ease.
  • The edges of this pen may be readily flipped. This pen features N-trig innovation and can draw, write, and paint.

4. Wacom Smart Stylus

Wacom Smart Stylus

The elegance of Wacom Smart Stylus will fascinate you at first look. This has a black one-toned body that appears considerably more elegant than the HP specter x360’s standard stylus.

The stylus does have the same proportions as the pen, but the matte finish gives it a more appealing appearance.

When you hold the Wacom pen in your hand, you will realize that it has a more delicate hold. It is more like holding an actual pen than a device.


  • The construction is pretty solid. It effectively resists minor damage, providing it excellent for heavy use.
  • When it comes to completing assigned tasks, you could use it loosely. But do not let the stylus fall out of your hand as it is very fragile and can jerk the complex components inside.
  • It weighs 3.84 ounces, the Bamboo Ink Plus is not too heavy to use for long periods, and because of its lightweight build, your hand wouldn’t get fatigued!
  • Wacom has an inbuilt tip with 4,096 levels of pressure, which improves performance. As a result, the lines created are extremely precise and refined.
  • Also, because of the pressure delicacy of this stylus, you may make strokes between both dense and fine lines in one stroke.
  • You do not have to flip among lines to make changes, which keeps the art’s flow.
  • Tilt support is included with the Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus Smart Stylus to ease the drawings from any angle. As a result, the flexibility of the stylus is increased.

5. Microsoft


The one aspect Microsoft never sacrifices is precision, regardless of technology limitations.

As a result, if you are looking for a stylus with outstanding sensitivity and efficiency, Microsoft’s Surface pen is the way to go!


  • It has around 4096 pressure points available and the pen is delicate to even the tiniest touch.
  • The pigment flows easily when the nib of the pen makes contact with the surface. The very same applies to deleting processes.
  • It has an easy eraser mainly on the backside, very much like your regular pencil!
  • This stylus allows you to correct any errors quickly you create without trying to alter your natural responses.
  • However, the pen will rarely delay for more than a second. It is worth noting that the lag on your device is due to the different areas.
  • You may instantly create quick and easy animations and draw the most complicated 3D CAD drawings with this. You could even use Microsoft Office or OneNote to write songs or make notes.
  • This also implies that the pen’s tip is too delicate to be subjected to harsh abuse. It would be best to take special care of it to last even longer.
  • Please put it in a box and keep it in a safe place to extend its life.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Stylus For HP specter x360

Construct And Design

Construct And Design

Though this stylus is only a laptop attachment, its construction and design have an impact on overall functionality. To be more specific, it will have an effect on the following three important issues:

  • The length of time the stylus can be used for.
  • Endurance and comfort in the grip
  • Versatility

As a developer who works long hours, you need a low weight stylus. As a result, you can work for hours without experiencing any difficulty.

The grip is a variable factor. A thick body provides a more excellent grip than a tiny one for certain persons. In most situations, though, a slim and pen-like form gives you more control over the stylus.

A tiny and easy-to-handle stylus will help you in terms of flexibility.


If you are going to use the stylus a lot, you will want to be sure it is durable. Choose a stylus with a strong structure that will resist slight falls.

Keep in mind, though, that a stylus’s durability is also dependent on its maintenance. Try to avoid any slipping or fall of the stylus from hand to protect the complicated components inside.


charging For HP specter x360

Different styluses use specific regulating systems. The charging needed by a pen might have an impact on its performance. There have been two basic charge mechanisms employed up to now. These constitute;

When the batteries inside the stylus run out, they will have to be replaced. Typically, the stylus pen is powered by a single cell accompanying the product.


Compatibility with the HP specter x360 pen may not be necessary when looking for a stylus for a particular model.

Choosing a pen compatible with the majority of laptop models, can be advantageous. You can also use it with other gadgets and as a result, there will be no need for extra styluses.

Price And Brand

Several companies, including HP themselves, make the capacitive stylus for the HP specter x360. Therefore, you should undertake extensive research into a brand’s reputation and quality before purchasing.


In our evaluation of the HP specter, you saw the most inventive stylus. You will also be allowed to use the stylus with many other gadgets.

These pens, for example, are small and light and can be used to write on touch controls with ease.

Stylus Active Pen Conclusion

If you wish to take our advice, we recommend purchasing our top selection for the best stylus for HP specter x360. This stylus allows for high-fidelity writing without the need for any software on the notebook.

You can design extraordinary artworks rapidly with this Stylus Active Pen, which has the most delicate tip. Consider your specific requirements before selecting a pen.


Q1. What Is The Pen’s Function On A Touchscreen?

Ans. HP pens are available in a variety of styles. The HP stylus pen combines electrical input and built-in functions that enable you to write on a smartphone display with the pen.

The HP pen also has electrical parts that may be used to write, draw, doodle, and so much more. The HP stylus pen is compatible with a wide range of devices, including notebooks, ultrabooks etc. Additionally, digital pens include functions like touch sensing, writing storage space, and even more. With that too, you will also have the option of deleting.

Q2. Which Is The Best Device To Use With An HP Pen?

Ans. The HP pen can be used with a variety of devices. Windows 10 Home, on the other hand, is the most appropriate program. HP pens can also be used with computers, tablets, or other devices.

The gadgets should, therefore, be suitable with the stylus you own. We suggest the HP specter, paradise, and envy models for use with HP pens.

Stylus Active Pen

Q3. How Can You Calibrate The Screen On Your Hp specter X360 For Use With A Stylus?

Ans. It would be best to get the pen to recognize the touchscreen to calibrate the screen. Then proceed to the settings screen. Then, in the search window, enter the pen.

Calibrate the screen will appear as a selection. As requested, the machine will eventually configure your screen for stylus or touch input.

You could easily install the HP support aid if there is any difficulty. It will address the problems.

Q4. What Is The Best Way To Connect An Hp Pen To A specter X360?

Ans. You must first configure the display for stylus input during the first setup. After that, touch on the apps that support pen entries, and you are ready to go.

With HP Pen Control, you may also modify the functionalities of the pen’s controls.

Q5. When It Comes To Stylus Pens, How Long Do They Last?

Ans. A decent stylus pen seems to last for roughly 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted use on a full charge. However, the HP pen’s efficiency is also influenced by its use. Whether you are taking notes or doodling, each has a different purpose.