How to Organize your Digital Life in 2024

Staying on top of your social media profile and staying organized in your digital life is essential and here is why.

Ever since the appearance of smartphones, Wi-Fi and mobile data which allows us constant access to millions of gigabytes of information on the internet, we have become intertwined with the digital world. Whether it is for social reasons, for work, or to contact your family members, a smartphone in your pocket is a must. Having such a cheap and easy way of access to communication and all kinds of information that can help us in our day-to-day lives is awesome.

However, getting too dependent on these devices has a couple of disadvantages too. Being constantly on your phone will result in missing out on things that are right in front of you. It is also not that healthy for your eyes. If you were to lose internet access, you probably would know what to do if you depend on it too much. This is why it is important to create a balance between real life and the digital world. This is why it is recommended that you organize your digital life.

Assuming that this is the first time you are trying to balance this part of your life, here are some tips to help you organize yourself.

Delete the social media accounts that you do not use

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Almost everyone has at least one social media profile on the internet. Most of us even have multiple profiles on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. But, do we really need all of them? Having to stay up to date on every single website can take up too much time of your day and can even tire you. To keep yourself sane and healthy, you should consider deleting the accounts that you do not depend on and those that you do not use as often as you think.

If you do not have a lot of followers on Twitter, but you post every single day, maybe you don’t really need it. With this kind of mindset, you will clean up your digital life a bit which will open up a lot of free time throughout the day.

Remove any unnecessary software from your computer

There are thousands of free programs available for both Windows and macOS devices. Getting your laptop or PC clutter with all kinds of software and games after long-term usage is nothing uncommon. Since you install them over time, you don’t notice them filling up your digital and storage space. This can have a negative impact on both your mental state and your computer’s performance. Visit this page for further suggestions on healthy habits for your mind and programs.

So, if you want to speed up your laptop a bit, you should consider deleting all of the unnecessary software from it and all of those games that you downloaded and played just once. You don’t really need them.

Do the same with your phone

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If there are thousands of free programs for computers, multiply that with a million and you will get the number of free applications you can find on the Play Store and on the App Store. There are billions of apps and games that don’t provide you with anything useful.

Over time, your phone can get cluttered with all kinds of apps that can slow down your phone and get in your way. Start deleting the ones that you do not use at all and then gradually turn to those that you use not as often. Determine what is needed and what is not. Keep in mind that some apps do not appear on your home screen which means you will probably have to go to Settings and delete them from there.

Use a flowchart to stay organized

The biggest problem after organizing your digital life is staying that way. What is the point of cleaning all of your devices if you can’t keep them that way? With the use of reminders or flowcharts, you can help yourself keep your devices clean even after a couple of months. If you are looking for an easy to use tool to create flowcharts, you should check out ZenFlowChart.

Clean your desktop

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This is another problem of the digital life that a lot of people look over. How your desktop looks will reflect your performance. It won’t just influence you mentally, but finding the file you need in hundreds of others is almost impossible. Sort your desktop by date and then start removing the oldest ones. Theoretically, the most ideal desktop would only have a couple of icons. Keep in mind, you don’t have to delete every single file you see on your desktop. If there are files and folders that you will need to use in the future, you can put them all in just one folder and keep it in a safe place.

Clean your inbox

Just like any teenager, young adult and adult in this world, you probably have a couple of active emails that you use on a daily basis. Whether it is to contact your boss, your coworkers or your grandma, you find great use of it.

However, considering how many bots are out there that are constantly sending out spam emails, your digital organization can get skewed. Spam emails can push all of your other important emails which might result in you not seeing them.

Your first step should be to block communication from all of these bots and then delete the extra emails that are cluttering your inbox.

Manage email notifications

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Another way your inbox can get filled up with unnecessary emails is through notifications from all kinds of websites. For example, Facebook by default likes to send out an email for every person that sends you a friend request, likes your post or pokes you. This can get quite annoying and will stop you from efficiently working throughout the day. Go into the settings of every website you use and disable all of the unnecessary email notifications that you are receiving. After you do this, you will instantly feel much less stressed and organized.