Learn How Self-Education Helps Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Program

Everything you do is under the surveillance of some organisation, even the tab you open in your browser can be watched by some people. If you think your privacy is secure then you could be wrong. The company is sharing your sensitive information with their network. Sensitive information is at this very moment coursing through networks all around you. Cybersecurity concepts can seem vague and abstract to many, but the reality is that information security is critical to the future and the need for systems security professionals is urgent and mounting.

As the field of information technology grows, the demand for cybersecurity professionals will grow in tandem with it. We need to wonder in a safe environment even if it’s virtual. We require the skills that can be used in protecting us from cybercrime. Skills that were once self-taught are beginning to be taught in high school with the hope that people will flow into the workforce looking for cybersecurity jobs and work to attain cybersecurity positions. In a recent expert interview by cybersecurity specialists NTT, they said “The potential for cybersecurity threats to cause serious damage to any organization, anywhere, calls for innovative countermeasures. But given how quickly these threats change and evolve, last year’s top-tier threat detection won’t cut it today.”

How Can You Educate Yourself on Cybersecurity?

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When the technology has been evolving continuously we need to be self-aware about the possible cybertheft that can seriously compromise our information and security. Absolutely! The United States is now beginning to focus on the need for information technology and computer science-related programs. National security and the need for a cyber-literate citizenry are the main reasons for this push and they are making efforts to make this education available in K-12 school classes.

This intentional focus is great, but you may already be out of school. If you want to develop the cybersecurity skills that will help you navigate the information systems of the future safely, you may need to look to self-education to learn the knowledge you seek. These cyber security skills are not only useful in protecting your previous year’s information but they can also help you to make a career in cyber security business. Protecting your privacy and being aware of possible leaking of information is the major requirement of changing the world in the current scenario.

Education Programs Focused on Cybersecurity

With the growing demand for skilled cybersecurity networks, we need professionals who can safeguard our networks and make the digital world a safe place for storing the data of companies or businesses. Thankfully, there are many universities and colleges that are now offering courses in cybersecurity which touch on software engineering, a wide range of information systems, how to become a security professional and much more. These universities are working to provide the best education and cyber technology that is currently developing in the market. The courses are well defined and helpful to fight with current scenario of cyber security compromisation. The list of universities that offer courses includes:

  • Carnegie Mellon
  • California Berkley
  • George Washington University
  • Florida International University
  • DePaul University

Self-Guided Cybersecurity Education

For those looking to get educated on their own terms and their own time, here are some other resources that can help you sharpen your cybersecurity skills.

CISA Cybersecurity Awareness Program

“The CISA Cybersecurity Awareness Program is a national public awareness effort aimed at increasing the understanding of cyber threats and empowering the American public to be safer and more secure online.”

This awareness program provides courses and information related to cybersecurity and cybersecurity-related fields, all in the name of educating the masses on cyber threats and how they can avoid them.

SBA.Gov Website

This website provides valuable information and links to other websites that shine a light on how to protect your family, companies, and personal information from cyber threats. They also provide training and ongoing resources to those who would like to learn more about the cybersecurity landscape.

Cybersecurity Forums and Websites

The internet is a vast place with information on almost every subject imaginable and cybersecurity is no exception. There are forums and websites where individuals can chat and discuss cybersecurity concerns and topics.


The free digital university that is YouTube may be the single best resource available for self-education. Use it to find and follow cybersecurity advocates that can educate, inform, and prepare you for the cybersecurity threats in your environment.

  • Cybersecurity Skills to Develop
  • How to Encrypt Your Data
  • Safeguard Your Devices from Physical Attacks
  • Practice Password Management
  • How to Back Up Your Data

Understand the Threats (Malware, Ransomware, DDoS, Data Breaches and IoT Vulnerabilities)

How Can Self-Education Strengthen a Cybersecurity Program?

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Developing a cybersecurity program takes time, resources, and effort., Many organizations and companies are embracing the idea and application of AIOps (artificial intelligence for IT operations) and the better educated the analysts and staff operating your cybersecurity program are, the better.

If there is a culture of continued education and a hunger for knowledge and growth, that dedication to the craft and discipline of getting better will extend into your team’s daily work. It will help them to raise their standard according to the developing society and make better progress in terms of education and technology. The most important thing is to make people aware of the need to self-educate for cyber security and save their data from theft.

Not only will they be better educated but they will also be more enthusiastic about the work itself, benefiting from better work-life balance and higher levels of contentment at work. They will also be able to produce higher quality work because of their in-depth knowledge of the work at hand. Self-awareness regarding Internet security is important because everything is dependent in the digital world from transactions to sharing your life experience. These small details that are not so big for us can be treated as bait for hackers.