How to Repair Data from Your iPhone

Owning an iPhone comes with some challenges, but when you get used to iOS and all the commands and settings, you realize it’s one of the most convenient brands you can own. Surely, it’s not a cheap choice, nor even budget-friendly, but once you buy an iPhone, you are sure you won’t need a new phone in the next four to five years.

When you have an iPhone, you may face certain problems with data recovery and transfer. So we decided to offer you a recap of the standard way, as well as a few additional ideas on how to do it. According to eassiy, it is possible to recover all your data, regardless of how you actually lost it. Even if it is a problem of the type of unwanted deletion or mechanical damage to parts of the phone, recovering the files is possible, but still not in every case.

So, you have these options:

Data recovery via iTunes and iCloud

Apple has an advanced method of creating a backup of your phone. If your phone is accidentally deleted or damaged, everything synced with iCloud can be restored by just logging in again with your data. This proved to be an effective way, especially if you regularly synced your phone with iCloud.

This is the safest and most secure method recommended by Apple when it comes to your iPhone. Newer models even have the option to sync with existing settings and literally create a copy of your previous phone and pick up where you left off.


The only condition for this to work is that you regularly sync your settings with iCloud and make sure that your data is backed up on time. When you need to restore the data, you will be able to do it with the last date when the backup was made, so it is possible to lose some data. The question is, what options are left for you to hope for a complete recovery of all data, as the iPhone was at the time the error occurred?

Data recovery software

To restore some or all of the data, you need to download software for that purpose. Most of the time, they all work on a similar or the same principle. You need to connect your phone to the software and hope that at least the iPhone will turn on and some syncing can be done.

Most of these programs also allow lost data search, which means that you will access copies of your files and be able to restore them.

The most important thing is that your phone is constantly connected to the Internet and with a cable to the computer. In this way, you do not break the connection between the iPhone and the computer, so the restoration will take place without any obstacles.

Seek help from experts


Have you heard of data recovery centers? This is an extreme case when nothing else works. These centers may remind you of a medical laboratory because the process takes place in controlled conditions. It is enough to take your device and say what the problem is.

This way you will be sure that there will be no further damage to the drive. But you must also choose a professional service to know that everything will be done with care and that no additional damage will be done instead of good.

How to protect your phone from software and mechanical damage?

There are several ways to protect your phone from any damage, although nothing is 100% guaranteed. So, our advice is to always have a protective case and film for the phone, preferably made of quality materials, which would cushion the fall of the phone.

If you carry it in a bag, try not to have objects that would mechanically damage it, such as keys. Also, be careful with spills. If you still use disinfectant spray and hand gels, make sure they are always tightly closed before placing them near the phone.

Try to behave responsibly at all times, i.e. do not knowingly expose the iPhone to risks, nor give it to small children who may drop it from their hands.

And as for software issues, if you notice any hiccups, then feel free to take it to an authorized service center to check what’s going on. And you can take care of the following things:


-Download only those applications that you really need

-Do not overload your phone with multimedia content

Use applications available only on the App Store and avoid any third-party installations

-Use original battery charging equipment

-Don’t experiment with jailbreak

-Beware of phishing and scam sites that install software on your phone without your permission

-Use the latest iOS versions available for your device

All these things will help you protect your phone as best as you can. We recommend that you do this in time before you lose important data that you have on your iPhone.


If for some reason an accident happens to your phone and it causes data to be deleted, recovering it can be difficult, but not impossible. It is enough just to know what you need to do and what software to use to make it all happen correctly.


As you can see, the options are quite limited, but with a high degree of success in recovering a large part of the data. In the best case, you will be able to recover all the data that you have lost, regardless of what type of damage occurred.

Sometimes it seems to us that there is no hope of recovering certain data, but we must know that nowadays almost everything we do synchronizes and creates copies of a large part of the files we have. Digital awareness is at the highest level, which is why solutions are offered that would help in such situations. But the best thing is that Apple itself offers enough solutions for backup and restoring the settings so that you can use the new phone without any problem, even when the old device has problems working or does not load any of the data.