How Long It Takes to Get Noticeable SEO Results – 2024 Guide

Many website owners suggest that SEO is the key that will help the project to reach the audience in the shortest possible time and get top positions in the search results. Sometimes it really happens – the site immediately starts to accelerate and gain momentum. But in most cases, to see the results, it takes much more time – from 3 to 6 months. How long does SEO take in your case and how quickly the site will meet your expectations depend on a number of criteria? Let’s discuss them step by step.

The Level of Competition


There was a time when the SEO-optimizer could bring almost any site to the top in a very short period. It was possible because the competition has not yet gained an impressive scale that can be observed today. According to SeoQuake blog, even a small startup had every chance to overtake large companies that were not engaged in SEO-promotion.

Today, large companies have entire departments of optimization and marketing, while medium and small businesses use the services of SEO-agencies, so the task is much more complicated. Accordingly, the estimated time required to achieve results is increasing.

The Initial Data of the Site


The speed of obtaining the result is directly related to the source data of the site. They usually include the following:

  • Promoted keywords and the general topic of the project;
  • The relevance and quality of the content available on the site;
  • Age of the site and domain;
  • The current state of the site, the quality of its code and design;
  • User factors at the moment (failures, viewing time, etc.);
  • Geolocation of your business.

However, even these factors depend on other variables that affect the speed and effectiveness of the promotion. For example, the result may be affected by the following aspects:

1. The Quality and Efficiency of the SEO-actions


The website can be promoted in various ways. Unscrupulous optimizers can promise quick results, but it’s important to understand that it can be achieved in various ways. If the quality of the work is poor, then the quick effect will be replaced by the disappointment with the website ban. The quality of links, content, technical optimization – all these points affect the promotion of the resource in the long term.

You can also notice that the introduction of the necessary changes to the site does not immediately affect the site’s position. Search engines take time to Truly evaluate how much these changes make your site better and how much users like them.

2. The Implementation Speed


The faster you implement the necessary changes in the project, the faster you can see the result. However, it also depends on what changes are required. Some of them can be implemented very quickly, while others will require extensive research and development. In any case, the speed of development and implementation of all changes should be high.

Although not all changes can be made quickly due to objective factors. For example, a new site cannot place too many backlinks quickly and suddenly – this is a gradual and lengthy process.

3. Budget


The speed of SEO promotion is affected by the budget available. If it is sufficient, more qualified personnel and specialists are involved in the work. The result is usually better, faster, and more reliable.

4. Promotion Methods


Here we are talking about the professionalism of optimizers. As a rule, quality promotion requires a whole range of work, from competitive analysis and audit of the site to its optimization and work with external factors. To get the results of promotion faster, it is important to competently respond to the changing requirements of search engines. In particular, usability, the usefulness of the content, work with behavioral factors, competent analysis of the advertising results are of particular importance today.

At the same time, there are cases when the promotion is made by using outdated methods: re-optimized content, using dubious resources to increase the link mass, and the lack of work to optimize the site’s structure and usability.

5. Frequency of Requests


This parameter directly relates to the goals and objectives of promotion. So, if the subject matter is highly competitive, it will be quite difficult to overcome the sites that are at the top, and this may take several months. The same applies to high-frequency queries – the results of promotion always appear slower. The ability to overcome competitors in your niche in terms of marketing offers is also very important. Promotion in low-competitive topics, as well as in medium- or low-frequency queries, gives results faster – usually in just a few weeks.

6. Age and History of the Site


Recently-made sites are not trustworthy for search engines. To increase your trustworthiness, you need to focus on regular updates of the content, build up the link mass, and work with behavioral factors. As a rule, it lasts from several weeks to several months. Link building needs to be done carefully. We recommend using only professional services at this stage.

Those websites that were created more than two years ago usually occupy good positions in results. Such sites already have a certain link weight and good ranking. The reference mass is enriched with natural links, anchor length, and anchor texts. However, it is also worth being extremely careful with the promotion, since one wrong step can lead to the loss of everything that has been gained over several years of work on website promotion.


Although SEO promotion sometimes allows you to achieve good results in 3 months, it’s better to rely on a much longer period. Moreover, it is important to understand that this result is only the beginning of the trip. It is impossible to perform optimization once and think that the project will remain competitive forever.

In other words, when it comes to how much time is generally needed for SEO optimization, the most appropriate answer can be considered 3-6 months, but the project will have to be supported regularly.