5 Common Myths About Binary Trading

As the financial market world evolves, binary options trading has become more popular over the years. Fascinated by the promise of a less complex trading system offering huge returns, it is the go-to option for several newbies in the financial markets. However, beginners are just some of the ones who have been left intrigued; many experienced traders are very interested in trading binary options.

The serious attention directed at putting binary options trading in the limelight is slowly leading to its demise. To profit from people’s ignorance about binary options, some scrupulous entities have built a myriad of myths and misconceptions about binary options trading. You can learn more about it on Iqcent.com.

What exactly is the truth about binary options trading? How can we separate facts from lies? This article will do justice to demystifying the misconceptions several investors have. It will also equip them with information to make well-informed decisions in the world of binary options trading.

Myth 1: Binary Options Trading Is The Same As Betting

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It is easy to see why several people may consider binary options trading a bet. Binary options trading is based on a yes-or-no proposal; traders buy or sell depending on if they think the price will go up or down.

However, an exchange-traded binary option gives you the same flexibility as other forms of trading, like stocks, forex, and futures. For example, you can exit your trade before the expiration time, choose a number of strike prices, and even add further layers of choices.

What makes it the most exciting is that the buy and sell prices are determined solely by the market and regulated by authorities.

Also, binary options trading involves:

  • Analyzing different market indicators.
  • Understanding the market and asset price movements.
  • Using technical and fundamental skills.

Therefore, referring to binary options trading as a simple bet undermines traders’ principles and tools to make successful trades.

Therefore, trading binary options is more like other forms of trading like forex, stocks, and futures than betting.

Myth 2: Binary Options Trading Is A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

There are rarely any legitimate ways to make money that are get-rich-quick schemes. One of the most popular myths attracting several traders to binary options trading is the “opportunity to make millions overnight by doing nothing” being portrayed by several blogs or people who want to mislead others. Advertisements are littered all over the internet urging people to try a particular tutor, broker, or trading platform for a risk-free trade sure to generate millions. They are not true.

Like any other form of trading and investment, binary options require time, effort, and a deep market understanding. While huge profits can be made from binary trading, it would have taken hard work and a consistent strategy. Successful traders educate themselves, develop brilliant trading strategies, and remain patient and consistent to make informed decisions rather than relying on luck to get rich overnight.

Myth 3: Binary Options Trading Is A Scam

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This particular myth is prevalent among several investors. This may be because many investors have been defrauded in an attempt to trade binary options. While it is true that several unscrupulous individuals are using the guise of binary options to scam people, it is also important to separate legitimate trading platforms from dishonest practices and acknowledge that these fraudulent practices happen with all other investment markets.

Therefore, the investor is responsible for seeking out and dealing with only authorized and regulated binary options brokers. Whenever traders encounter any form of aggressive marketing from brokers or promise that “seem too good to be true,” they must exercise caution and conduct thorough research on their regulatory status before dealing with them.

Myth 4: You Can Not Start Trading With A Small Capital

If you have heard that it’s impossible to start trading with at least a few hundred dollars, I’d like to debunk that. Several brokers offer different options that can take care of your capital needs.

The problem is usually about using the right money management skills. For example, suppose you are patient and committed to trading only about 3% of your account despite the low profit. Eventually, your account will grow into a sizable amount, and you will get higher returns.

Therefore, whether you will succeed in trading binary options with little capital solely depends on you. Do you have the patience to grow a small capital without compromising on the money management rules?

Myth 5: Trading Bonuses Are Free Money

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It is understandable why several traders believe this. Many binary options brokers use trading bonuses as an incentive to convert clients. These bonuses are not entirely scams; they are usually attached to terms and conditions you might need to pay attention to. For example, you may be required to make a certain number of trades before withdrawing your bonus money.

The implication is that if you’re attracted to signing up with a trading platform because they offer free bonuses, ensure to go through their terms and conditions for withdrawing the bonus, or else you might have made a wrong choice.


In the fast-paced world of investment trading, it is easy to get carried away by the noise. Traders should research before engaging with any new investment trading or signing up with an unknown broker.

By understanding and debunking the common myths surrounding binary options trading, investors can make more informed decisions and navigate the market with greater confidence. Binary options trading is not the same as betting, but rather a form of trading that requires analysis, skills, and market understanding. It is also important to recognize that binary options trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Success in trading requires time, effort, and a consistent strategy.

While there are scams and fraudulent practices in the binary options industry, it is essential to differentiate between legitimate trading platforms and dishonest entities. Investors should always conduct thorough research and ensure they are dealing with authorized and regulated brokers.