How to Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Without PC

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Without PC

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Without PC

Samsung S10 Plus is Samsung’s New phone with modern technologies and specifications. The body ratio is excellent, and there is an In-screen fingerprint sensor. We are expecting the Samsung S10 Plus with more features as compared to Samsung Galaxy S10. In this guide, we will check the complete method to Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus without PC, and we will also check the method with PC.

There is a 93.1% ratio for screen to body. The phone has a triple-camera setup lens, and the zoom lens is more reliable, and we can see the more ultra-wide photos. You can capture photos from the farthest area.

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If we compare with Pixel 3, then we can’t say its the best phone in the camera specifications. But yes, it is still a versatile camera.

The cost of Samsung S10 Plus is also high as compared to the Samsung S9 and S10.

Should I Root My Samsung S10 Plus?


It is no doubt an expensive phone, but yes, it is a genuine question to ask either you should Root Samsung S10 Plus or not. If you want to use the features and specifications of the phone according to your choice, then you should root the phone. If you don’t have any interaction with the apps and other features, then you shouldn’t. Ask yourself about the either you should need the rooted Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or without Root.

Advantages of Rooting Samsung S10 Plus – Benefits of Rooting Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

There are many advantages and disadvantages of Rooting the Samsung S10 Plus. Let’s take a look at the pros of Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

  • You can change the settings and apps in Galaxy S10 Plus with your choice.
  • You can Update any Application name or delete it from the S10 Plus.
  • It will easy for you to get the GPU functions to access in Galaxy S10 Plus.
  • You can quickly delete the unnecessary apps from the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. If you don’t want a calendar, then you can delete it.

Disadvantages of Rooting Samsung S10 Plus – Cons of Rooting Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Here are some of the disadvantages:

  • There will be no more warranty for the phone after Root.
  • In short, you will lose the warranty of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.
  • ComputerInspire will not responsible for any damage if you don’t follow steps carefully.
  • Maybe you lose the performance of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. In most cases, it won’t happen.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung S10 Plus comes with many features and specifications. Some of the features are mentioned below:

  • It comes with Android 9.0 One UI
  • Exynos 9820 Chipset and Snapdragon 855 with the only 7nm.
  • SD card space up to 1 TB with Dual Sim Model.
  • 128 GB Internal memory and 8GB RAM and also available with 12 GB RAM and 1 TB Internal memory.
  • The primary camera has a triple setup with 12MP, and the selfie camera is 10MP.
  • AMOLED Display Capacitive Touchscreen in Galaxy S10 Plus.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Without PC?


There are three methods to Root the Samsung Galaxy S10. If you are rooting the phone the first time, then focus on only one method and ask us if you need help. If you are doing Root for many phones, then you will know which method makes you more comfortable.

Before Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Let’s take a look at three important points.

Three Important Things You Should do Before Rooting Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with SuperSU – Method#1

This method is easy and straight forward. Make sure you have already done the above three points. Now move forward.

  1. In the first step, you have to download SuperSU Zip File in your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.
  2. You should save Zip File in the Internal Memory of your phone.
  3. Boot Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus into TWRP Recovery Mode.
  4. In the TWRP recovery mode, you will see the option:
  5. Click on Tab on Install or Flash.
  6. In this step, select the SuperSU Zip File you have downloaded in Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.
  7. Now Click on Confirm Flash.
  8. Reboot the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.
  9. That’s it.

Note: Congrats, you have done with the Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus using SuperSU. You have noticed that you don’t need PC to Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with KingRoot – Method#2

We have discussed this method many times. But make sure for Galaxy S10 Plus, you are going to follow the steps carefully.

KingRoot is an app that you have to install on your Galaxy S10 Plus. The App is not available on the play store; therefore, first, you need to download its file then Install the KingRoot on Galaxy S10 Plus for rooting.

Important Note: Before installing this application, you have to Enable Unknown sources on Galaxy S10 Plus. Go to Settings > Security > Use the Toggle button to enable unknown sources. Read the below complete guide to follow each step carefully.

Enable Unknown Sources in Galaxy S10 Plus

Follow the steps carefully:

  • The steps are simple and easy. In the first step, download KingRoot Latest File. We hope you have done with the download of the KingRoot app from the link mentioned in the above line.
  • There is a complete installation process. You can read the article and install the KingRoot on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.
  • Now open the App and click on the No Root Permission Option.
  • It will start the root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Now, wait for a few minutes.
  • Follow the steps and Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Note: From this method, you have successfully rooted the Samsung Galaxy S10Plus without a PC Windows/MAC.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus using Magisk – Method#3

The final and best method is to Root Samsung Galaxy S10+ is using the Magisk. It requires the PC, and you have a proper installation of drivers and software. The guide is a little long, and we can’t cover it in this article. We have a separate guide to Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with Magisk.

You can read the guide from the below link:

See more: How to Root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with Magisk

Final Words for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

We have seen that there are three methods to root Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. If you need help to root your phone at any step. You can make contact with us; we will help you surely. You can send us an email through the contact us form and write the questions below in the comment section.