Move to IOS Could not Communicate with Device

Move to IOS Could not Communicate with Device [100% Solved]

Move to IOS App is an excellent tool if you want to switch from Android to IOS. With the help of this App, you can save a lot of time. In just a few clicks, you can transfer contacts, photos, videos, mail, messages, and others. But when users try to use this App, they mostly get an error, “move to ios could not communicate with a device.”

Could not connect to device move to iOS?

This is a standard error for this App. It shows when you try to connect an android phone to the iPhone. So in this guide, you will be fixing the error “could not communicate with the device move to ios.” But before getting into the solution, let’s have a look at why the issue “move to ios not connecting” arises.

Why is a move to iOS not working?


There are two factors we can consider for this problem. So first of all, both devices need to be plugged in before the transfer of data. And second is a communication issue that if an Android device is doing any communication, then it will cause us pain. To avoid android device connectivity and for that turn on the Airplane mode.

Move to iOS app requirements: 

  • IOS Running 9.0 or higher
  • An android device having 4.0 or higher 
  • Enough power for both devices to finish the process. 

How to Fix Move to iOS Not Working [Solution]

Method 1: Try to Restart Both Devices Android and IOS.

Method 2: Check the internet connection on both devices. Connect Android Phone with Hotspot of the iPhone. The Wifi name and Password should be the same.

Another Method 3: Turn off the Option of “Smart Network Swtich” on Android.

Method 4: Avoid Communication through Android for that turn on Airplane Mode.

Method 5: App “Move to iOS.”

We are switching from Android to Android. Or iPhone to iPhone is easy and quick. But in this guide, we are discussing how to move from Android to IOS.

How do I get the move to iOS code?

When you turn on the iPhone, it asks you if you want to transfer data from Android or iPhone. So choose Android. It will show you a code. You can, after that, download the Move to IOS App. And entered the code on the Android App. 

How do I fix the move to iOS not working?

After entering the code. It shows the error “Move to iOS could not communicate with the device.” Another solution to this is discussed below: 

  • Make sure your iPhone is not setup. If its already setup, you can do a quick factory data reset. Because it is essential to do to get a transfer option.
  • Download and Install “Move to IOS” Application from Playstore. 
  • On Android, forget the Wifi network connected. Try to uninstall the App you think will interrupt the process.
  • Turn on the Airplane Mode and Restart Smart Phone.
  • Plugin in the charger on both devices.
  • Now on Android phone, open Move to IOS application.
  • Open Apps & Data screen and click on “Move Data from Android.”
  • Now you will see a code
  • Now the iPhone has also generated a Wifi for transferring a file. 
  • Connect to Wifi on Android. The device name will be the Password. See Sample: Device name: iOS fb456. So the Password will be like iOS fb456or like this iOS(space)fb456.
  • Open App named “Move to IOS” and enter the code. And it will work, that’s it. 

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So by now, I suppose we have done it and solved the issue of “move to ios could not communicate with a device.” There are two things you can do to avoid the problem put the android phone on Airplane mode and plugin both devices. And that the error will go. You could download the Move to IOS App. And entered the code on the Android App, says the developers from GeekyAnts. Feel free to comment. Thanks.