How to Root Samsung Galaxy Fold Without PC

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Fold Without PC

Root Samsung Galaxy Fold Without Data Loss

Samsung Galaxy Fold announced in few countries on 6 September. But recently, in Australia, the release date is also announced, and it is 30th October. Samsung has just enhanced technology with amazing phones. Galaxy Fold is not a phone that folds, but it spread to make a tablet of 7.3 inches.

We will take a look at more features in one of the sections below. For now, we have to root the Samsung Galaxy Fold as we have recently worked on root Samsung A90. Similarly, Root Galaxy Fold is also easy, but make sure you are rooting this phone only in phone mode.

We don’t recommend to root Samsung Galaxy Fold in Tablet mode.

Is it possible to Root Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Yes, it is possible, but only if you are not using the phone in tablet mode. Then make sure you are going to root the phone only in the Android Phone normal mode.

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What is Rooting Samsung Galaxy Fold?

If you root the Galaxy Fold, then it will give you a new way of independence to use your Galaxy fold. You can install the applications, software, and delete the build-in apps according to you. So, if you wish, we recommend go ahead and root Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Advantages of Rooting Samsung Galaxy Fold – Benefits of Rooting Samsung Galaxy Fold

There are many advantages to root the Galaxy Fold. If you are going to root any phone then, of course, the edges are usually the same. We have already discussed a lot of advantages of rooting the Android Phone.

Let’s take a look on few advantages:

  • You can customize the phone accordingly.
  • Delete, rename, or update any application in the Samsung Galaxy Fold.
  • You will get the GPU Control Function access in your Galaxy Fold.
  • It will ease the users to install ROMs on Samsung Galaxy Fold.
  • You can quickly delete the unnecessary apps on the phone.

Disadvantages of Rooting Samsung Galaxy Fold – Cons of Rooting Samsung Galaxy Fold

When there are some advantages, then on the other side, there must be some cons. So before rooting your Samsung Galaxy Fold. We want to tell you something:

  • You are going to lose your warranty.
  • You are rooting Samsung Galaxy Fold phone yourself. Then if you forget any step, your phone may brick.
  • We don’t guarantee for the performance, maybe your Samsung Galaxy Fold Performance decrease.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Fold

We can’t go in detail as we know Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with a bundle of features and specifications. If we talk about the camera, then it is superb. According to Samsung Official, they claim Samsung Galaxy Fold does not define a new category, but it defies category.

The Shape of the phone is changing in the technology of Android Phones. Infinity Flex display is available on the phone. Dynamic 7.3 inch AMOLED Display is available.

In the history of smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Fold is one of the biggest phones with the most massive Galaxy Smartphone Screen.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Fold Without PC

There are three essential and critical points to root the Samsung Galaxy Fold as a Phone Version. We recommend that you follow each step one by one. If you found difficulty at any step. Let us know

3 Things you need to Do Before Rooting Samsung Galaxy Fold

  1. At least charge your Samsung Galaxy Fold 80% or make charge full.
  2. Whenever you root any Android Phone, you need to unlock the bootloader. Check how to Unlock Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy Fold.
  3. The third step is to check how to install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Fold.

We hope that you have done the above three steps. Now go ahead

Root Samsung Galaxy Fold With SuperSU – Method#1

  1. Step 1 is to download the SuperSU Zip File from here. Save the zip file in the internal memory of your Galaxy Fold Phone. 
  2. Boot Samsung Galaxy Fold into TWRP Recovery mode.
  3. Go to the Tab on Install or Flash.
  4. Select the SuperSU Zip file where you have downloaded it in your Samsung Galaxy Fold.
  5. Click on Confirm Flash
  6. Now Reboot your Samsung Galaxy Fold. 

This method does not require any PC, and we are happy to tell you that you can do these steps only.

You have Done rooted Samsung Galaxy Fold SmartPhone Using SuperSU.

Root Samsung Galaxy Fold With KingRoot – Method#2

This method is an easy and most straightforward method to root Samsung Galaxy Fold. In other words, we can say if you want to root Samsung Galaxy Fold in one click, then go and read the steps carefully.

First of all, before moving to this method. You need to Download KingRoot App in your Samsung Galaxy Fold Phone.

Check How: Download Latest Version of KingRoot file

Ok, Great; we hope that you have download the file in your Galaxy Fold Phone. Now install the application. The application is not available on the play store. Therefore, we provided you the file link to install it manually.

  • The first step is to download the above file. We hope you have already done with the download and installation process of the KingRoot App on your Samsung Galaxy Fold.
  • Before installing the app, you need to Enable Unknown Sources in Samsung Galaxy Fold Phone.
  • It is effortless to follow the guide in a link, or you can enable it from the settings > Security.
  • Now Open the KingRoot Application.
  • Click on the button available “No Root Permission” on Samsung Galaxy Fold.
  • Follow the instructions. 
  • Reboot your Samsung Samsung Galaxy Fold.
  • That’s it

You have Done rooted Samsung Galaxy Fold in a Single Click Using Kingroot.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Fold using Magisk – Method#3

The method is a little long, and we can not make you in difficulty to write it here. We have written a separate guide to root Samsung Galaxy Fold with Magisk.

We recommend first any of the above methods then read the below guide if you want to use the Magisk. Read the guide below:

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Final Words For Samsung Galaxy Fold

There were three methods to root Samsung Galaxy Fold.

  1. Root Samsung Galaxy with SuperSU.
  2. You can Root Samsung Galaxy with KingRoot
  3. Root Samsung Galaxy with Magisk.

Pick any of the methods above and start rooting your Samsung Galaxy Phone if you found any difficulty. Write to us below. On the other hand, if any link or file is not working in the above article. Let us know; we will send you.