How to Root Samsung Galaxy M30s Without PC

How to Root Samsung Galaxy M30s Without PC

It comes with more upgrades in camera and battery. Battery life is more excellent as compared to the Samsung M30. If we see the phone from the front, there is a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Display. The HD Resolution of the phone gives an Infinity-U notch.

In this price, Super AMOLED Display usually doesn’t see in such phones, but you are lucky that you have a Samsung Galaxy M30s.

There is an Exynos chipset. This time Samsung is not providing with the Mid-Range Snapdragon. You can easily play the games include PUBG and other massive games on such phones.

Th device comes in two variants one 64GB internal memory with 4GB RAM. Another option is 128GB Internal Memory with 6GB RAM.

What is Rooting Samsung Galaxy M30s?

If you want to install Custom Roms on your Galaxy M30s or you want to install those apps which require root, then you have to root the Galaxy M30s. There are many benefits and disadvantages to root. We will take a look at both sections.

Should I Root my Galaxy M30s?

You have just bought your new phone, and you want to know either you should root Samsung M30s or not. We say the choice is yours. If you’re going to get away from the unnecessary app and do more customization in Samsung Galaxy M30s, then root the phone.

Otherwise, it is not necessary to root the phone.

Advantages of Rooting Samsung Galaxy M30s – Benefits of Rooting Samsung Galaxy M30s

Here are some of the pros to root the Samsung Galaxy M30s.

  • You can change the settings and apps in Samsung Galaxy M30s. Modify the apps in Galaxy M30s.
  • Easy to Update any Application name or delete it from the Galaxy M30s.
  • Help you to get the GPU functions to access in Galaxy M30s.
  • If you don’t need more build-in apps, then delete the unnecessary apps from the Samsung Galaxy M30s. If you don’t want a calculator, then you can remove it from the phone.

Disadvantages of Rooting Samsung Samsung Galaxy M30s – Cons of Rooting Samsung Galaxy M30s

There are some cons of the Root Galaxy M30s. We recommend that you should read these cons before you move on. So we will not be responsible if you don’t follow the steps.

  • Galaxy M30s will not have more warranty.
  • You will lose Samsung Galaxy M30s Warranty
  • ComputerInspire will not responsible for any damage if you don’t follow steps carefully.
  • It does not happen most of the time, but your Galaxy A20s performance may lose.

Features of Samsung Galaxy M30s

Here are some of the critical elements to Root Samsung M30s.

  • Super AMOLED Display is available in this reasonable budget.
  • Triple setup camera of 48MP, 8MP, and 5MP. The front camera has 16MP with HRD. And the video quality is 1080p from the front camera.
  • MicroSD card up to 1TB. Dedicated Slot is available.
  • The battery timing is fantastic; we see the first time in Samsung with a 6000mAh battery, which is non-removable.
  • Available in different colors Opal, Pearl white, and Sapphire Blue.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy M30s Without PC

To be short, let’s move to the three methods to Root Samsung Galaxy M30s. You can root M30s with the help of Magisk, Super SU, and KingRoot. All these three methods are secure, and we will explain step by step.

There are three requirements for Galaxy M30s before Rooting. We suggest that you should be done these three requirements before rooting Samsung Galaxy M30s.

Requirements for Rooting Galaxy M30s

  1. Charge Your Samsung Galaxy M30s Fully or at least 80 percent.
  2. A second essential requirement is you have to unlock the bootloader on Samsung Galaxy M30s.
  3. The third requirement is Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy M30s.

ComputerInspire will not responsible if something goes down or your phone damage. So follow each step carefully. For any confusion or query, you can contact us.

Root Samsung Galaxy M30s Using SuperSU – Method#1

The first and secure method to Root Samsung Galaxy M30s is using SuperSU.

  • First of all, you can download the SuperSu Zip File from here.
  • Save the file in the Internal memory of your Galaxy M30s.
  • Now we are assuming that you have download the SuperSu file and saved in internal memory.
  • Now Boot your Samsung M30s into TWRP Mode. From the below guide, you can boot M30s into TWRP Mode.

Note: How to Boot Samsung Galaxy M30s into TWRP Recovery Mode

  • Now you will see 2 options on the M30s screen.
  • Tab on Install Or Flash.
  • This time select the SuperSU Zip File from the internal memory of M30s and click on the Tab on Install.
  • Now it will take 2-3 minutes or more time. After then Reboot your Samsung Galaxy M30s.

Now It all done and you have completed with Root your Samsung Galaxy Phone. Now do whatever you want.

Root Samsung Galaxy M30s Using KingRoot – Method#2

The easiest method to Root Samsung Galaxy M30s is using the KingRoot. KingRoot is an Android Application that you can install in any android mobile phone. This app is not available on the play store, but yes, if you want to install the KingRoot, then you can install it from here.

Check here: How to Download KingRoot 

  • Before installing the KingRoot in Your M30s. You need to enable the Unknown Sources in Android Phone. Read here to enable Unknown Sources in Galaxy M30s.
  • We hope that you have downloaded the KingRoot in the Internal Memory of M30s. It means that once you download the file. Just saved it in the Internal Memory of your Samsung Galaxy M30s.
  • Install the KingRoot In your M30s. Open the Application.
  • Now You will see the option there, “No Root Permission.”  Now wait for a few minutes, and it will reboot your Samsung Galaxy M30s.
  • After the Reboot, your Samsung M30s will now in Root mode.
  • Do whatever you want now.

Root Samsung Galaxy M30s With Magisk – Method#3

Magisk is the best and advanced way to Root Samsung Mobile. You can say that the Magisk can do the Official Way to Root Samsung Devices. We have written a step by step guide to Root Galaxy M30s Using Magisk.

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Final Words:

We have mentioned three different ways to Root Samsung Galaxy M30s. We recommend that you try with the one method which you think best for you. But For Samsung devices, we recommend that you should try Magisk. For Any Question, Write below using the comment form. Thank you