How to Reset a Galaxy S20, 20 Plus, S20 Ultra

How to Reset a Galaxy S20, 20 Plus, S20 Ultra

How to Reset a Galaxy S20: Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus was just released back in 2019, and now another fantastic smartphone is going to be in your hand that is Galaxy S20. Yes, finally, the truth has been revealed, and Samsung Galaxy S20 is released on 11 February. Now you here, which means you have Galaxy S20 or S20 Plus or S20 Ultra. You want to reset. So here you will get how to reset a galaxy S20.

Why reset is essential? Maybe you want to delete the data on your phone? You want to sell a phone to someone else, or perhaps you are going to give a gift to somebody else. In these cases, reset is important. There are 2 types of reset one is soft reset, and the other 1 is a hard reset. We will discuss both kinds of reset and give your Galaxy S20 Ultra a new fresh look.

How to Soft Reset a Galaxy S20

Whenever we talk about a reset of Galaxy S20, which means we are talking about Galaxy S20 Plus, Galaxy S20 Ultra. A soft reset is the first call when you found out any issue in Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, or S20 Ultra.

A soft reset is turn on and off 2-3 times. A soft reset will not delete any data from galaxy S20. You don’t need to take any risk at any cost. Here are some of the issues you may face:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 GPS Accuracy Issue
  • S20 Screen has frozen
  • Samsung S20 auto rotate not working
  • TouchScreen is not responding

These issues are not necessary, but Let’s suppose, if you face these issues. Then the first step, you need to check How to Reset a Galaxy S20 Soft.

Here are the steps you need to follow to do a soft reset.

  • Press Volume Down and Power Button at the same time for many seconds.
  • Wait until your Galaxy S20 restarts, you can leave.

How to Factory reset a Galaxy S20, S20 Ultra

A factory reset is going to delete all the data from your phone. It will give your phone a fresh look. Your contacts, videos, images, files, and all other data will remove within a few seconds with the help of Factory reset a Galaxy S20.

“Factory Reset is also known as Hard reset.”

If you want to know How to backUp Galaxy S20, then you can do it after a hard reset. It all depends on you.

Protection for Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S20

You must need to turn off the Factory Reset Protection on your Galaxy S20 whenever you are going to sell it. If you don’t do Factory reset protection off before Factory, reset you need to enter google account details to enter into the phone.

So before doing a factory reset, make sure you should Turn Off Factory Reset Protection.

How to TurnOff Factory Reset Protection Galaxy S20

  • Go to Settings
  • Open the Accounts and BackUp
  • Tap on Accounts
  • Then Go to Google.
  • Tap on Remove Google Account
  • Tap on Remove Account Again.
  • That’s it.

After then, it will not ask to login Google Account after the factory reset.

Factory reset Samsung Galaxy S20 – Step by Step

  1. In the first step, Press Power Button for a few seconds. Wait till Galaxy S20 switches Off.
  2. Now Press the Power Button and Volume Up Button at the same time.
  3. You will see the Android logo on the screen then leave the buttons.
  4. To Wipe all data in Galaxy S20 or Factory reset, to use the Volume down and Up button for navigating.
  5. Use the Power button to select factory reset options.
  6. Use the Volume down button and Press Yes. It will delete all the data in Galaxy S20.
  7. Use the Power Button to Select.
  8. Once it completes, you can use the power button to reboot Your S20.

Final Words About Soft and Hard Reset Samsung S20

Many Samsung users want to know How to Reset a Galaxy S20, S20 Ultra. We have mentioned both methods of soft and hard methods to reset the latest Galaxy S20 device. If you feel any difficulty, then you can ask us in the comments.

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