Hidden Features in Samsung Galaxy S20 Phones

Hidden Features in Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus

Hidden Features in Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus: We are going to see the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S20 lite in the second month of 2024. The company may release Samsung S20 Ultra before the release of the Samsung S20. Samsung users are waiting for this extra-ordinary machine with powerful features. This Samsung is going to release the Phone with a 108 MP camera. 

Before going into details of hidden features in Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung S20 Ultra. Let’s take a look at when does Samsung S20 coming out.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Price

Samsung S10 started from $799, and similarly, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Started from $899. So we are sure that the Samsung S20 price will start at around $999. There are many reasons like from one of the resource Samsung Phone is using 10x optical zoom and snapdragon 865. Qualcomm claims that they are going to release the best processor on this smartphone. 


S20 5G: $999

S20+ 5G:$1,199

S20 Ultra 5G:1,399

If we discuss the camera feature of Galaxy S20, then we must say that the Samsung S20 Ultra camera is 108 MP. 48 MP and 64 MP is officially already announced by the Samsung Company. 

Nothing is known now as there are no official price releases in the market. We hope when the phone release, the users will know quickly. If we talk about the expected date of publication, then Samsung Galaxy S20 is coming in February 2024. 

We are expecting a high price for the Samsung Galaxy S20 . 

Top 10 Hidden Features in Galaxy S20

Below we are going to share 10 Hidden features in Samsung S20 . These features are extra-ordinary and may give you more confidence in using this Phone. 

1: 5X Optical Zoom in S20

Camera features in Samsung S20 are just brilliant, but 5X Technology for optical zoom surprises the users more. We have read somewhere that 5X Optical Zoom will not be similar to a regular one. Let’s see how this optical zoom will significantly impact on Android phones. 


Lens for the Samsung S20 is more flush. In Samsung S10 plus, we have seen the quality lenses, but this time, Samsung is focusing on the more Zoom lenses. 

One of the sources claims that Samsung starts working on such lenses, which give quality results in zoom mode. If we see the camera of other Samsung S series from Samsung S7 to Samsung S10 plus, then this time, Samsung is providing extra-ordinary primary sensor camera. 

2: Extra Large In-Display Fingerprint sensor

According to the Korean Tech News, after the release of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, the company has released a large fingerprint sensor, which will help the users to unlock the screen in a second. 

We have a piece of news that the In-Display Fingerprint camera will be double this time, and users will feel significant improvement this time. AAD said in the report that when the user tries to unlock the Phone. A fingerprint scanner will become large, which is excellent. 

3: Dual Screen in Samsung S20


Samsung has got the patent for the dual-screen. There will be one small screen at the back of the Phone, and it will remove the need for a selfie camera. Until now, there is no such phone which has a dual-screen. 

In 2024, Samsung S20 will be the first Phone with a dual-screen. One screen on the back of the panel. 

Samsung galaxy s11 coming our with 2 screens

4: Punch Hole Camera

This time Samsung S20 will have a smaller punch hole camera than the Samsung S10 plus. When you are no using the Phone, the camera or hole will not be visible. 

According to the official Ice Universe, they claim that a punch-hole camera will smaller as compared to the Samsung S10 Plus. 

The Samsung S20 code name is also leaked. This time they are using the Picasso code name for the galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra.

5: Good-Bye to RAM, Welcome DRAM

This time Samsung is going to say goodbye to the regular RAM. Another type of RAM which is known as DRAM will use in the Samsung Galaxy S20 . First 12 GB LPDDR5 Mobile DRAM. 

The RAM will help more in optimized for enabling the 5G feature in Samsung S20 .  

The DRAM will help in mobile phones for optimized Artificial Features. Galaxy S20 is the future of Smart Phones. 

6: Camera Sensors – 64 MP & 48 MP & 108MP

Samsung announced 64 MP and 48 MP camera sensors. The Samsung is going from 20MP to 64MP Officially announced sensor. But in Samsung S20, they have used the 108 MP camera sensor, and it will work great in the zoom feature. 

The competition has begun as Huawei is also focusing on releasing higher and higher resolution sensors in rear cameras. 

7: Headphone Jack 3.5mm 

Are you Samsung S10 or S10 Plus users? Do you think why your Phone does not have a headphone jack 3.5mm? Ohh! Yes, its true Samsung S10 does not have this feature. But in the coming Phone, Samsung Galaxy A80 and Samsung S20 will have these features. 

Many of the Samsung users still use the Non-Bluetooth Earphones. Every Android user wants to see this feature back in their Samsung phones.

Samsung S20 is going to be a phone which has a more fantastic feature and a headphone jack with only 3.5mm. For more headphone’s products check > https://aeioutech.com/

8: Samsung S20 Will have 5G Technology

We are expecting the Samsung S20 will have a 5G technology. We have already seen the 5G in Samsung S10 Plus. 5G with Samsung S10 launches in many of the countries. But this time, we are looking for the Phone with fully 5G technology features. 

Galaxy S20 5G will be bigger than the Samsung S10, and it will be more expensive. 

9: Spectrometer in Samsung S20

Many of the Android users may don’t know about the Spectrometer feature. But yes, the sensor is indeed coming in Samsung Galaxy S20 or S20 plus(if launched). 

10: Powerfull Capacity Battery

Many of the Samsung S10 users were not happy because of just 3400mAh battery, But in the coming phone S20 , we are expecting a more powerful battery.

There is no exact News, but we are expecting that the Phone will come with 4000mAh Battery or above. As there are many more significant features are coming on the Phone. So, we are assuming that the Phone will have a powerful battery. 

Our final Words: 

Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 plus are coming with the quadruple-camera setup. It may include the periscope camera that will support the 5X Optical Zoom. Regular Android phones are coming with the dual or triple camera setup. Let’s see we are excited to see more hidden features in Samsung S20 and S20 plus. 

We will update the content whenever we heard more some more hidden features in Samsung Galaxy S20 . 

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