How to Download and Install Latest SuperSU Zip (Updated)

How to Download and Install Latest SuperSU Zip (Updated)

SuperSU is nowadays very popular, and it helps the android users to root the Android phone easily. You have to install the superSU zip file; Once you have installed the zip file, you can start working on the rooting process. This process is simple and takes very little time.

The instructions in the article are simple and straightforward; you can click on the download option to start downloading the SuperSU. It helps in rooting android devices more comfortably.

Before going to the download and install section, we will see what SuperSU is? What are the pros and cons of rooting the android device using SuperSU?

What is SuperSU?


SuperSU is a powerful tool developed by ChainFire. It helps the android users to root any android phone. Like, we recently root Huawei Mate 30 Pro. You can customize your phone with the help of root, and SuperSU shows you the way to go for the completion of rooting the device.

Pros of SuperSU Zip

Chainfire is a member of XDA Developers and created the SuperSU to root android devices. Whenever you try to install the SuperSU, it will ask you the permissions, either you want this particular app to give root access or not.

Here are some of the more advantages of using SuperSU

  • It gives a chance to provide root access or not.
  • It will also show all the application which granted the root permission. Moreover, it will also show those apps which are not granted root access.
  • You can also unroot the device.
  • It can also run in the ghost mode.

Download Latest Updated SuperSU Zip

There two methods to store the superSU.

1: Download the zip file on your PC. Attach USB Data cable and connect your PC with the phone. Move the zip file to your phone’s internal or external memory.

2: Directly download the SuperSU Zip file in the external or internal memory of your Android device.

Install Latest SuperSU Zip


Once you have to download the SuperSU Zip file. We recommend you to download it in the internal storage.

  • Move the downloaded SuperSU Zip file in internal memory.
  • Turn off the phone.
  • Now Boot the device in TWRP recovery mode.
  • Don’t know how to boot into TWRP recovery mode?
  • Check here: Boot Your Android Phone into TWRP Recovery mode
  • After booting, select the SuperSU zip file that you have downloaded.
  • “Swipe to Confirm Flash”

These are those steps which are work while rooting the phone. After the confirm flash option. It will take a few minutes, and your phone will root correctly.

Requirements to Use SuperSU Zip File for Root

There are some essential requirements to install the SuperSU Zip file. If you want to download the SuperSU Zip file, then no problem. There are no such requirements. But yes, you are downloading it for the cause of Root Android phone using SuperSU, then, of course, there are three essential requirements that you need to follow.

1: Charge your phone fully before starting root your android phone.

2: Make sure you have unlocked Bootloader on your Android Phone

3: Install TWRP recovery on your Android Phone.

Make sure all the USB Drivers are correctly installed on your phone.

Final Verdicts:

We hope so you have got the download link for how to download and install the SuperSU Zip file. You only need this when you are going to root your Android phone using SuperSU. In the end, we thank the ChainFire, who introduced such a fantastic tool that help and save our time to root Android phones.

If you are finding any difficulty, let us know in the comment section. ComputerInspire highly appreciated the users Feedback.