How to Choose Satellite Phone Plan in Canada in 2024

You probably have seen or heard about a satellite phone once or twice in your life, probably when watching movies, although that is not nearly enough information to help you understand how this type of phone is much more different than your regular old smartphone. It is quite normal that you are not familiar with such a phone since the per-minute fees can be quite high. This means that you probably should not use one to be your daily driver.

However, sometimes there are situations where you can benefit from using a sat phone. But what kind of situations are we talking about? And what are the benefits of using one? Is there full coverage of Canada? These are probably a part of the questions you ask yourself about this device and we will ensure that all of them get answered.

But, before we get into detail explanations of its uses and benefits, you should first understand its basics, how it works, etc.

What is a Satellite Phone?

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Unlike regular smartphones, a sat phone gives you the ability to establish a connection with a certain network or directly to another sat phone through one of the satellites that constantly orbit our planet. In other words, this device will not have any use of the cell towers placed around your city that are placed for regular smartphones, but it does have coverage all over the planet. The satellite that orbits Earth can easily catch the signal no matter where you are.

The first such device was created somewhere around the 1980s which were specifically made to help with monitoring marine life by constantly sending signals from orbit to the ocean. Many experts that used this kind of technology realized that the satellites they have launched have almost one hundred percent coverage over the entire planet. This is where the idea was born to create devices that will be able to send and receive those same signals.

Naturally, in the first couple of years of its creation, they were used only by military personnel since the equipment was very expensive. After some time, the prices dropped and today many adventurers, mountain hikers and explorers that travel in remote areas that are out of the reach of cellular towers carry such a device. Sure, they might not have the best processing power, the biggest touch screen, but they are equipped with all the essentials to get you out of a sticky situation.

Why Should you Use One?

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Now that we have gone through all of the basics, how it works, the shape and size of such a device, it is time to get in-depth about the benefits and reasons to use one.

Works even during or after disasters

Unfortunately, these days with such a sudden change in the planet’s climate, disasters can appear at any time. Some might be light and only cause panic, but others can be so devastating that they can take down buildings, your home, and the cell towers.

After such a disaster hits, it is quite common that many people get injured, unable to ask for help, they are missing or maybe even dead. This is indeed a scary thought. Especially when you consider that these are not the only problems during or after a disaster.

The power might be totally cut off and probably will not be back for days or sometimes even weeks. Roads become blocked which will lead to a shortage of clean water and food.

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When you are in such a situation you are probably thinking about whether your family and your closest friends are safe. However, you cannot get contact them since the natural disaster has either destroyed cell towers near your area or the signal cannot get through.

Fortunately for you and everyone else, with a satellite phone, you can contact your family even though there is no network or power in your city. The connection you have with the satellite will never be lost.

So, if you live in Canada, where such natural dangers are common, you should definitely consider getting this kind of a device to keep yourself and your family safe. If you are looking for a satellite phone that will work even in the worst weather conditions, check out

You will be able to call for help at any time

If you are ever in a situation where you are stuck in your own home and cannot leave because the imminent danger from the hurricane or tornado is still present, you will definitely need help. But you cannot call for help without a network signal, right?

Well, with a sat phone you can contact an ambulance if anyone has been hurt during the event or call the police if you want extraction out of the area since driving on your own in such weather conditions is just as dangerous.

Sense of safety when traveling

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Considering how many beautiful landscapes and views are out there in Canada, it is no wonder that you are probably the type of person that likes to go mountain climbing or hiking out there in the wild where society has no grasp? Sometimes you just want to let off some steam and to forget about all of your work problems, so you get into your car and you drive to the nearest forest.

Taking the smartphone with you seems like missing the point, so you probably want to leave that at home which makes sense. You do not want any distractions, notifications or vibrations reminding you of the city life.

However, there is no reason why you should go into the wild without any kind of communication. You do not want to keep your family worrying while you are out enjoying yourself, right?

Considering that sat phones do not have a lot of gimmicky features to distract you from your time in nature, there is no reason why you shouldn’t carry one, just in case. There are a lot of options in the market for a reliable sat phone, like ones offered by AmericanSatellite.

So if something goes wrong, you can always call people for help or if there is some kind of emergency at work or you need to get home as soon as possible.