How Much Do Small Businesses Spend on IT Support? 6 Things to Know

Considering the amount that technology has advanced no business can be imagined without IT support regardless of its size. We’re sprouting facts here. Most businesses use some form of technology for their operations. Even on the most basic of levels you probably use a smartphone as a part of your firm. While you can get some of the work done through a mobile device, it is also a fact that every business today has at least one computer. We’re not even going to mention the rest of the equipment needed to run it functionally.

So, having any form of a system needed for the functionality of your company that requires a technological approach or usage of software in a situation where intervention is needed you’ll need to have support. When you are not organized in this department you can quickly start losing both time and money. IT support is an essential part of any business, and it is in your best interest to have it. Every company that wants to progress needs to have a part of the budget dedicated solely to this purpose. Serious firms do precisely this.

By now, you must be interested to know how much small businesses spend on their support. It is not about the sum but about having it first. So, if you want to learn more about IT support providers you can visit this site. In the meantime, you can continue reading this article and check out these six things to know about having IT support and how much it should cost you. Before we start, we can say it already here – it is a must that you have IT support. Now, let’s see what’s there to know.

You’ll Need a Budget


First thing first. In this department budgeting is a must. Technology is all around us. Your firm probably uses it too. The chances are, even if you have the most modern pieces of hardware and software, and the best internet connection that with time there is going to be some malfunction. When it happens you’ll need a swift reaction. The best way to ensure one is to already have people on your payroll in charge of handling any IT issue.

Start From Scratch

Even when there are no issues involved you need to have IT support. Plan for the worst. You can have it done by people from within the company, or you can outsource it. It doesn’t matter. You need to have someone in charge of this sector from the day your company opens. We already said it, no matter how small or large your company is, you need to be equipped and secured in this domain. It is just the time we’re living in. so, even if your company operates on a simple internet connection and works with one computer you need to have people able to resolve any issue, even minor ones.

Average Consummation

When it comes to business everyone wants hard numbers. That’s understandable. We have nothing against it. But, no one, at least from our point of view, can access your company and tell you that your IT support is going to cost $100 a month. No, what we can tell you are the averages, and how much percentage of revenue some domains are using for their IT support. You will look into your domain, your books, the size of your company, and your future outlook and decide how much you must spend.

But, the best examples are here. Let’s talk about banks. They operate on major systems and have huge revenues. Can you guess their number? Probably not. But, banks spend 7% of their entire revenue on IT support. That’s understandable. The system needs to function. Banks have millions of clients and all of them need to remain satisfied. So, when you think about this form of support just remember-


you have clients to please too. If you’re into technologies and telecommunication you should know that at least 4% of your revenue needs to be poured into the IT sector. That’s just how things stand. It all depends on what your operation is. 2% will suffice if you’re into construction or real estate. By knowing this, you can find the bracket where you fit in and operate on a level that will be satisfactory for yourself, your employees, your partners, and customers alike.

Check Out The Competition and Partners

There’s no shame in doing this. After all, surveillance is part of large corporations and their operations. You need to look in your neighbor’s yard if you want to succeed. If you’re having issues with your budget for IT support, seeking help from your closest friends and rivals should be the course to take. Ask everyone how much they spend and whether they are satisfied. Paint the picture by yourself. While spending too little is bad, especially in this department, spending too much also doesn’t serve any purpose. You can go a little overboard, but too much can be fatal for your business.

Predict the Future

No one can do this. Yes, we are well aware of this. What we’re talking about are following trends. We live in a modern society. Trends are everything. They start, they stop, and they disappear. When it comes to technology this happens faster than in any other domain. It evolves. Daily. You need to be in touch. So when something technologically changes your support f it needs to change too. That’s why you always need to be up-to-date and react accordingly. Beware that your It support is not overshadowed by tech developments. That could make you fall behind your rivals.

Identify Expenses


This is a straightforward task. If you want to know how much IT support costs, you need to identify expenses. As we already mentioned, it will start with the location – in-home or outsourcing? You’ll need staff or pay staff. Beyond that, you’ll face infrastructural issues that include security, data, backups, virtual private network (VPN), and maintenance among other things.

You can’t start any of it without proper software and hardware. You’ll also be needing modern solutions such as various types of storage both solid and cloud ones. Furthermore, don’t forget about paying for various licenses, and subscriptions, and paying for telecommunication services. It all piles up to one nice sum you must spend on IT support.