How Lenticular Printing is About to Change Decoration in 2024

Have you ever heard of moving images?

What do you mean “moving images”? It’s called a video.

Not really. A technique has been developed that helps you capture moving images.

Lenticular Printing – Moving Images and More

The technique is called Lenticular printing and it has made moving pictures possible with great ease. Lenticular printing is a unique technique to print normal images with an added depth to give a 3D effect or an animated look. An image that has been lenticular printed will look different when viewed from varying angles.

Lenticular printing can be done by adding multiple layers of the same image to create depth effect and make the image look 3D. Moreover, you can use multiple pictures in the layering to create an animation. Lenticular printing has revolutionized printing and has helped people print the unprintable also. Motion pictures or having a picture of a small video and 3D images are now possible using this special technique.

Yes, this is one of those things that your school stationery was laced with when you were young. This stationery was the envy of your entire class and you know you would still give anything to have that stationery with you.

How Is It Made?

In lenticular printing the digital image is cut into thin strips and made into a composite image by putting them back together in an alternating manner. The composite image is then printed onto a sheet of plastic that is actually made up of tiny lenses referred to as lenticules. This results in the special effect. The lenticular lenses are responsible for giving this unique effect.

Playing with the number of images or the precision in the cutting or incorporating new technologies with it can result in some amazing photos and products. Many tech printing companies like Pops are using this technique along with other technologies to recreate your magical moments so that they are not just a memory but magical moments that you can always cherish.

Where Is Lenticular Printing Used?

Of course, we all know that lenticular printing can be an absolute pleasure to use to retain your memories in pictures. But really, lenticular picture has had a broader impact on the world of decoration. One by one, it has improved several of many decorative practices prevalent across the globe. Many home décor products are now incorporating lenticular technique to create beautiful illusions and give a unique touch to your house.

● Decorative Tiles

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Lenticular printing have been popularly used to produce decorative tiles that can be adorned in your home to create a custom wall or create a piece of art on a simple plain wall. These tiles help you to give an optically active wall that will show different graphics and color when viewed from different angles. There is a huge variety of designs to choose from depending on your liking. The different designs can be put together in varying layouts to create some unique pieces of art; in fact there are endless possibilities you can play with.

Not just that these tiles are a beautiful adornment for your home, but they are also environmentally safe. Most lenticular tiles are made out of recyclable material and are made out of soft material. With that said, the amount of injuries while being installed or breakages afterwards are minimal. The cleaning is also as easy as it gets given that the tiles are resistant to spills, dust and chemicals. And the best part about lenticular tiles is that they let you personalize what your house looks like.

● Lenticular Wall Prints

Picture walls that have been printed using lenticular printing are also a great way to add style and exclusivity to your house. You can add a readymade lenticular printed picture on your wall or you can create custom lenticular prints for your wall. These prints will fill your house with creativity and you can enjoy multiple moments in a single frame. These lenticular prints can also be made in small frames which can be placed as a show piece on your table.

Again, not only are these prints durable and creative but also flexible. You get to decide what is printed and how it is printed so when you add a lenticular wall print to your house, you will know that it was your choice and not some company’s arbitrarily decided colors and shades that you had to pick from.

● Lenticular Posters

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No matter what happens, the pleasure of decorating your own home with your favorite personalities and idols stands unparalleled to anything else. So, when you do decide to decorate, what do you think would make up a better poster: a faded blunt colored poster or a real-life moving image of your favorite?

Well, the answer sounds pretty obvious. Lenticular posters are the latest trend in the world of lenticular printing and decoration is lenticular posters. So, the next time you want to print out a poster of Freddie Mercury or Malcolm X, don’t settle for those old boring paper posters in your room. Get something really special by going for lenticular posters that make you seem like your celebrity was right in front of your eyes.

● Décor Like Never Before

But it doesn’t just end there. The world of decorative lenticular printing is never-ending. You can level up your home by incorporating lenticular printing in many other home décor items like cushion covers, posters, tiles, frames, lamps, the options are simply endless.