How are Smart Pools Different from Regular Pools – 2024 Review

We all know what smartphones and gadgets are – it has been long since they got their places in our lives, and we’re becoming more and more dependent on them and their functions every day. However, have you ever imagined that one day even swimming pools will become “smart”? Just admit it – it didn’t occur to you. However, this is what really happened – technological advances have actually made these innovations possible.

And how does it all work? This type was created by automating parts of classic pools and their additional or secondary elements and allowing them to be controlled by smart devices such as a mobile phone or any other smart gadget. If so far you’ve been grumbling and making a fuss because you constantly need to clean and maintain your “baby” manually, well, we assume that your anguish has come to an end – all of this can now be done with a single click. That’s the only thing it takes.

And, to convince you that this latest technology accomplishment is still well worth your attention and the time you might spend exploring it, we have prepared a full list of its benefits over the standard option. Of course, if you want to know more about all this, there are Compass Pools, a great website dedicated to swimming pools implementation and installment. Not only can you read more about this type of relaxation, but you can also look at all the attractive options they offer and eventually find some inspiration for your future projects in your own house or yard.

So, what makes these special constructions so much better than the regular ones?

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Let’s start with the key points:

  1. Logically – you can control everything with your cell phone or tablet. Or your laptop. Or any other gadget that could fit into the profile of these devices. If something remains next to us in almost every second of the day, it’s our smartphone. It’s possible to find some of the pool components that support WiFi connection and allow them to get linked to the application you install on your device. What happens next? Before you even realize anything, you’ve arranged everything with a few touches. All this management is carried out in a very simple way as your computer or other gadget reports all the information and data necessary to perform the maintenance with all the guarantees from a distance.
  2. It’s easier to manage the work of pool pumps. The pumps are one of the major things to take care of since they represent the key way of the circulation of the water. In this sense, intelligent variable speed pumping systems have been developed to autonomously guarantee high cleanliness and quality.
  3. Controlling the lighting has never been easier. There’s simply no more need to go through the tedious and tiring process of making an effort to leave the room in order to switch those little lamps or lighting devices you have on the bottom. With smart ones, specifically with a special type of switches that can be implemented into the system, it’s certainly possible to change the light intensity, type, or even set a specific amount of time during which you want your lamps to be on. And all these thanks to programmable and configurable elements, that will make your relaxation place easily manageable and pleasant to the eye.

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  4. The filtration process is much more simple and less demanding. We all know that this point is among the essential ones – the quality and cleanness of water are other aspects without which we shouldn’t even think about implementing and using any kind of construction like this. Luckily, this technology has brought a perfect, automated process of water filtration. In case you want to go one step further, you can put aside some money for a machine-driven special type of cleaners that can perform this task by itself – the only thing you need to do is to set them up. They suck in all the harmful microorganisms and particles, leaves, and other bad substances, making the water appropriate for a pleasant swim.
  5. Automated remote cover management is a great help. This is especially important for those people who have children or pets and let them play around the swimming pool. Even if you realize that you forgot to cover it, you’ll be able to do it with the help of the app on the smart device, and this way you’re improving the safety and security of your loved ones. This function’s also valuable in case of sudden rain and for keeping the temperature moderate.
  6. Being aware of alarm activities smooths the way for your security. Even better if it has a really cool reminder system for actions or maintenance reviews. In addition to this, an alert function is now often integrated in the event of faults or changes in the optimal conditions of the state and the elements of the construction. This means that you’ll always know if there’s something wrong or faulty at any moment. And not only that – these things also detect different objects in the water, which means that you’ll always know if somebody’s in there or if anything falls inside. As previously mentioned, this is mostly useful for parents or pet owners.

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Smart pools undoubtedly offer a wide range of new options and provide us with greater comfort and safety, as we could see from the previous lines. They also give us a possibility to reduce the load of our daily efforts and costs related to this part of our yard or house, and this is precisely why they’re becoming so popular and demanded nowadays. This type of additional segment for your home will win your heart even easier in case you’re a technology lover and you like to be versed in the latest trends. And once you decide to give it a chance, it will totally win you over and change the way you’ve thought about regular constructions so far, but also show that you can do much better than conventional options you were used to.