Examples of Online Surveys

Everyone knows what a survey is, yet many people do not know that there are many types of surveys. Depending on the result to be obtained, different questions can be elaborated. What matters is the final goal, because a survey is usually used as a real marketing strategy. It can be used to know customer preferences, to understand if a company department works, if employees are happy and satisfied with the work environment and much more. Companies that want to invest in online surveys initially create questionnaires in free tools, which however do not guarantee important services such as data analysis, personalization, optimization on any type of device.

If this tool becomes a corporate marketing strategy it is important to choose professional software for surveys (check www.idsurvey.com) that guarantees a certain continuity, allowing you to save the models that have already been used or to create something very original. Based on the type of business and the target market, it is possible to carry out the most suitable survey. Below are some examples of online surveys that might be useful for your business.

Feedback on products and services

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When they don’t like a product, customers are dissatisfied and may stop buying from a particular company. To prevent this from happening, investigations through a software for survey can be made before launching a product or service, so as to understand in advance whether it will be appreciated or not. Thanks to the answers obtained from the questionnaire, it is possible to intervene immediately, modifying or eliminating products that are no longer in line with customer expectations.

Employee severance survey

When an employee leaves the company where they work, there is always a reason. They may have found another job, were not happy with his colleagues or not satisfied with their pay. Understanding why an employee decides to quit is very important, the company can recognize its mistakes and improve. Thanks to a software for surveys, valuable answers can be obtained from the people directly involved. These questionnaires are perfect for those companies that see many employees lay off in a given period: there may be an underlying problem to be solved and must be addressed immediately.

Student feedback

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Some educational pathways work better than others, it is important to assess what students’ expectations are and what they want to learn. Sometimes lessons can be too difficult, other times they are not interesting enough. Having feedback from students with a software for surveys can allow a school or university to go in the right direction, making students achieve their goals.

Hospital performance evaluation

In hospitals, patients need to feel safe, protected and adequately served. Feedback can help hospital staff understand what their gaps are, how they can improve, and what patients expect. There may be a problem regarding assistance, reservations or the canteen. A hospital must be efficient and professional, guaranteeing people the best possible health services.

Customer satisfaction survey

According to helpfull.com, knowing if customers are satisfied with the products or services, assistance, prices offered, promotions, can be valuable for a company. Pleasing the customer is the first rule that every business must always keep in mind, using a software for surveys it is possible to give a voice to the customer directly, avoiding secondary phases. With the information you get, you can improve your marketing strategy and make it more effective over the long term.

Feedback on hotel facilities

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Before receiving negative reviews from customers and lowering your score on the web, you can have a questionnaire filled out to understand what the opinions of guests are. Some may not have been happy with the service, others may have been disappointed with the breakfast or cleanliness. Knowing these things can help a hotel to improve: at the end of the questionnaire, a discount can be offered for the next stay.


A demographics survey can be useful on a variety of occasions and for many types of businesses. Having a numerical and quantitative vision can help a company in its marketing strategy. For example, you may realize that many people buy products from a particular area, or that a certain age group is more interested in certain services than others. These data are real certainties that can increase a business that is trying to position itself in the market.

Travel agency feedback

Many people rely on travel agencies to organize trips and vacations, because they don’t have time or because it’s easier. These agencies, to understand if they are working in the right way, can ask customers to fill out a questionnaire through a customizable software for surveys. For example, some people may have been happy with the flight but not with the accommodation, others perhaps would have preferred a structure closer to the city center. The information obtained from a survey can help the agency to organize travel packages more accurately, meeting the needs of customers.

How to make a good survey?

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1. Choose the right online survey platform: There are many different online survey platforms available, so it is important to choose the one that is best suited to your needs. Some of the most popular platforms allow you to create different, dynamic questionnaires designed for your precise goals.

2. Choose the right questions: It is important to choose the right questions for your survey. Make sure that the questions are relevant to your topic, easy to answer to and will give you accurate feedback.

3. Prepare for potential responses: When preparing for your online survey, make sure to prepare for potential responses. For instance, create a response option that will allow respondents to answer anonymously if they choose to do so, and make sure that you have enough questionnaires prepared in case there is high demand for them.

4. Administer and track responses: Once you have released your online survey, it is important to administer and track responses. This can be done using most of the tools. Monitoring responses will help you better understand you customer’s opinions and needs.

Online surveys are a great way to sample your product’s pros and cons, and they can be extremely useful in gathering feedback about the services you’re offering.