Earn Money as an Artist: A Custom Print on Demand Wall Decor Shop

Wall decor is part of home decor, and home decor is all the things that make a house, a living space, and even an office feel cozy. Walls are a big part of any room and they usually look better when they have something nice hanging on them. If you are an enthusiast of wall decorations, you are creative, and love making art, a print on demand shop with custom wall decors might just be the right thing for you. Keep reading to learn more!

Print on demand shop – what is it?

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What is print on demand

Print on demand is a service where an item is printed just when there is an order. Print on demand previously was just a business to customer type of service when a customer came into a shop and could print something personal on an item, usually, a t-shirt. Slowly it has turned into a much bigger and wider industry, starting from personalizing marketing and PR gifts for companies and ending with print on demand online businesses that offer unique designs to their customers.

Print on demand dropshipping business

Nowadays if you want to have a print on demand business, you don’t need to own all the printing gear and blank items you will print. There are companies who specialize just in printing, so they own the printing gear, etc. But you, as the print on demand business owner, create designs, e-commerce shop, and do all the marketing. Confused? Here’s how it works:

• A customer orders, for example, a canvas print on your online shop.
• You receive the order as well as the payment from your customer.
• Then you forward the order manually or with an automatic program to your print on demand supplier.
• Your print on demand supplier prints the item and ships it out to your customer.
• Voila! Order complete.

Benefits of having a print on demand business

The best thing about print on demand business is that you need very little initial investments because you don’t need to buy printing gear or have an inventory. All things you need to invest in are digital – a webpage, ads, and designs. That means there is very little risk involved when starting a print-on-demand dropshipping business. Check out G2 dropshipping category for more information.

If you are someone who likes to travel a lot, then print on demand business is perfect for you as well. You can easily manage orders and the e-shop from anywhere in the world as long as you have the internet.

Make as many designs as you like! Since you don’t have to print them right away, you can have fun and pour out all your creativity and then see what designs your clients like the best!

Print on demand wall decor

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And now onto the wall decor. Wall decor is a great way how to enhance the look of any space. There are many options that you can choose to put up on your walls from original artwork to a guitar. However, not all can afford straight away an original art piece, as well as not everyone is a musician.

Custom-made print on demand artwork is a great way how to still get something a little bit more personal than a big chain store art, but not break the bank at the same time. And, if you are an artist, it is a great way for you how to exploit your skills and earn money by creating art! When you choose to go for a print on demand shop, you are giving yourself a chance for a passive income – create a design once, but sell it over and over again. And that might free up your time so you can create some original art pieces if that is what you would like to do!

Below are a few item options you can print with your unique designs.

Print on demand canvas

A canvas is an art piece that is printed on canvas material and, usually, is stretched on a wooden frame. When talking about the material, you can get canvas that is made from polyester or from cotton. If you want to, you can give your customer a chance to choose or decide on which material you want your designs to be printed on.

Canvas can also be not stretched on the frame aka rolled canvas. This type of canvas is easy to transport since they are rolled and placed in a specific container. You can hang the rolled canvas without any frame or frame them in a regular frame.

And then it is possible to get framed canvas. This type of canvas will be stretched on the wooden frame and will have a frame around it. It means that the artwork will be sticking out a few inched off the wall.

There are many options when thinking about canvas sizes. Starting from 8×8 inches to 71×24 inches and more. You can get square or rectangular canvas. There is also a possibility to make multipanel canvas, which allows you to be even more creative!

Print on demand posters

A poster is a wall decoration that is printed on special poster paper or photo paper. Compared to canvas – posters have fewer sizes, but still, the range is pretty impressive. A very popular thing to do is to print posters in standard paper sizes like A4, A3, etc.

You can also get posters framed or not framed. It depends on how you want your design to be displayed, or maybe you can let the customer choose how he or she wants to display your art.

Posters are a popular wall art decoration these days. People like inspirational quotes, movie posters, vintage posters (or vintage poster replicas), graphic design art, etc. As a wall decor shop owner, you should definitely have a poster selection as well.

Print on demand wallpaper

And last but not least, a fun thing to add to your wall decor shop is a custom wallpaper. That is not a very common item you can find that is custom printed and you can definitely have fun with it! You can offer peel and stick or traditional wallpaper, both are good options. The prints can be whatever you like or whatever your style is. Even if your style is not really wallpaper pattern “friendly”, try it! Maybe someone wants just that – a wallpaper pattern that doesn’t feel like wallpaper. Explore Gelato for a seamless and convenient way to bring your artistic vision to life and monetize your talent by creating custom wall decor.

Other options for the shop

If you want to, you can expand your shop past print on demand items by offering other wall decor items. That may include mirror frames, photo frames, hats meant for wall decor, ceramic things, hooks, etc. Anything you think could make a good wall decoration. However, keep in mind if you choose to expand your shop past print on demand, you will need an inventory and that makes it a bit complicated.


A print on demand dropshipping business nowadays is a great option how to earn money online and use your skills as an artist. If you are interested in this business style, make sure you check out printseekers.com! They are a print on demand supplier, that has a lot of experience in canvas and poster printing and will be a great partner for a wall art print on demand shop.