Everything You Should Know About Dating a Tech Geek – 2024 Guide

Dating someone that is highly involved with tech comes with a lot of benefits. You’ll have someone to get excited with you about the newest phones on the market, and both of you can work on solving tech problems together. At least, that’s what people think. What is it really like to date a tech geek? Here we shared good reasons why you should date tech geeks and tips on how to date them properly.

What Is It Like to Date Someone in Tech

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There are many people who have had the chance to date some individuals involved with tech at their job or as a serious hobby. You might even meet someone that does both. After all, many apps that take the world by storm are pioneered by a small team outside of work rather than at the behest of an existing company. So, what is it like to date them? Well, the fact of the matter is that no two people are alike, but some high-profile individuals within the industry have proven that the intelligence to run a company doesn’t always translate to the ability to date someone. According to some interviews with people who dated people from major companies around the world, the guys tended to be aloof and unable to effectively communicate with women. Their dedication to their work had left them somewhat lacking in the area of social graces. That means when you’re with someone that works at a startup or has a lot going on at work, they might not prioritize you in the way that you wish. They’re smart, but their lack of time spent cultivating relationships can make for some awkward times. That’s not a bad thing, though. It just means the two of you have to spend time laying ground rules early on. At the end of the day, the outcomes you can expect while dating someone in tech are varied and depend upon the person’s social capabilities.

Is It True That They Are Mysterious and Witty?

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When you’re looking at some of the stereotypes surrounding relationships with geeky guys, you’ll often see people comment that they’re mysterious. The idea of them being mysterious comes from the fact that these people spend long days and nights working by themselves or with a small group of people. Even in that group of people, there is not a great deal of talking outside of meetings. Thus, when you’re dating someone that is in tech, you can’t really expect them to talk all that much because they’re not used to it. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, either. Yet, when you’re dating one of these tech geeks, you might find that they don’t have a whole lot to say to people that don’t share their love for the tech world. When your job and your hobbies are both highly technical, it can be hard to relate to people. Unless they are dating a fellow techie, many tech guys struggle to talk about things outside of their personal realm of enjoyment and work. Another thing is that they are often very intelligent people, so they have a tendency to make sharp, witty remarks that are meant to appeal to people of a similar level of intelligence like them. They have a lot of time on their hands spent fixing code, developing programs, and more, so they have some joke gems in reserve.

Tips on Dating a Tech Geek: How to Build a Relationship

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When you find a tech geek that you want to go out on a date with, you have to be prepared ahead of time. The same goes if you want to take things to the next level and have a relationship with them. Here are some helpful tips to keep both of you enamored with each other throughout the time you spend together.

  • Don’t try too hard: a lot of people that are trying to date a techie try to do too much to get involved with their world. You can learn some of the terms related to their work and hobbies, but don’t act like you’re into something if you’re not. It won’t be natural, and you’ll frustrate your date.
  • Don’t ask them for tech help all the time: they’re tired of the requests to fix their parents’ computers. They might be an app developer, but they’ll still be asked to do things that are outside of their wheelhouse.
  • Remember that they’re detail-oriented by nature: techies live and die by details. So, when it comes to getting things right for the date, they’ll try very hard to impress down to the minutiae.
  • Geeks tend to use tech to find dates: you’re not going to find a lot of these guys out rubbing elbows with others too often. Most of the time, you’ll find that they use dating sites such as NaughtyDate to meet new people for romance.
  • Don’t mind awkward social interactions: sometimes, geeky guys aren’t the most socially adept people on the planet. You might have a few misunderstandings about social expectations. Remember that you are partners, and you should work together to be the best version of yourselves instead of tearing each other down.
  • Try to find some common ground: Even if you can’t approach their knowledge of tech, you might find something that you both like, such as video games, television shows, or a movie franchise. Find some way to connect in a meaningful way for you both.

There is a lot to learn about dating tech geeks. With a little bit of work, you can have a very nice relationship with one. Remember: they’re people first and techies second!

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Dating a tech geek can be a little difficult because they can be so aloof and quiet. These fiercely intelligent individuals are still people, though. So, when it comes time to get to know them, make sure that you do your best to make them feel worthy of love and connection. Your dates might not be typical, and their tastes might not be the same as yours, but it’s very interesting to get to know someone with such a unique perspective on the world.