OneClickRoot Review: Everything You Should Know About It 2024 Guide

Android Rooting lets us explore the possibilities that are available to use on the Android device that hasn’t ever been explored. Therefore, rooting is beneficial to us. There are a variety of ways to root your device. Some are difficult, and some are straightforward. One of the most simple methods is to use software like OneClickRoot. The question is, however, why to make use of OneClickRoot as a source for rooting our devices.

OneClickRoot is a program that promises to make your life easier by allowing you to root your Android device with just one click of the mouse. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Windows this magic tool can do its job on both operating systems. On top of all of that, OneClickRoot guarantees complete device compatibility, so there’s really nothing stopping you from giving it a shot.

However, as with any other product out there on the market, you need to make sure that OneClickRoot actually lives up to its promises before you hand over your hard-earned money. In this article, we take a comprehensive look at this rooting software and see what makes it tick – from installation to use and everything in between! So let’s not waste any time and get right down to business!

What is OneClickRoot?

The very first thing that caught our attention about OneClickRoot. It is important to note that there are a lot of alternatives. So you can really do your research and get something else but!

While these tools might have been good enough for some people, all of them required you to download a rooting app first – something that is not always safe as it often poses threats to your PC – and then wait until it’s done its job before getting access to the files on your Android device.

This made us realize how much OneClickRoot could simplify the process if only it actually worked as advertised… So let’s not waste any more time and check out what this tool has in store for those who take the jump!

How Does OneClickRoot Work?

As we already mentioned, the major drawback of almost every other similar tool is that it requires you to download a separate rooting app on your Android device. Once this is done, however, OneClickRoot can complete its job in just one click! And if for some reason it fails to root your phone automatically there’s also an option for you to do it manually. This way even beginners should be able to handle any task thrown their way.

One of the best things about OneClickRoot is that it supports all popular versions of Android and doesn’t require your phone or tablet to be running a specific version in order for the program to function properly. Even though this is not something we’re used to seeing in this day and age it doesn’t matter because OneClickRoot works just fine with both older and newer devices alike.

It’s also worth mentioning that the program uses a different exploit for each manufacturer which means that if your phone is manufactured by HTC, you’re going to get an exploit meant only for HTC phones. The same goes for other manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc. Of course, these are exceptions where other users might not be so lucky but all in all, this will hardly affect the overall success rate of the rooting process.

OneClickRoot User Interface

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Another thing you should be aware of is that while many people will claim that OneClickRoot has a minimalistic user interface almost every Android root program out there sports one – otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to interact with it. This means that there’s nothing stopping you from customizing OneClickRoot the way you like such as adding a wallpaper (link to choose your wallpaper) or removing any of its pre-installed widgets.

So once you launch the program for the first time and press the button labeled “Get Root!” you’ll see a screen like this:

As we can see, OneClickRoot doesn’t try to impress us with fancy visuals and instead focuses on getting the job done – something that is hardly ever seen these days! As you might have noticed, however, there are two buttons which means that this tool has two functions at the moment.

The one on the right asks if we want to run OneClickRoot in Normal Mode or Expert Mode while the one on the left is used to launch the rooting app for Android.

And here’s how it looks when you launch OneClickRoot in expert mode:

Once again, nothing out of the ordinary! The only difference is that there are no buttons at all so instead this screen contains a link to download Kingo App which is what you’ll need if you want to root your device with OneClickRoot. This also means that by clicking on any of these links you can find additional information about how both programs work before deciding which one to download and install.

For instance, some people might be wondering if using OneClickRoot will void their warranty. Well, in most cases Kingo Root will do exactly that which is why we recommend using this program instead.


To sum everything up, OneClickRoot seems like a great tool to make rooting Android devices much more convenient than ever before. And the best part about it (apart from its simplicity) is that you can use it on pretty much any device out there regardless of whether or not your model is among the most popular ones at the moment!

The downside here, however, is that OneClickRoot also uses similar exploits as other root tools out there so some manufacturers might actually be affected by this new software.

But all in all, if you’re looking for an easy one-click root solution then look no further because OneClickRoot does exactly that without any problems whatsoever! Just make sure you’re careful (in case this is your first time) and don’t forget about the warranty if something goes wrong, but other than that everything else should be smooth sailing.