Questions To Ask An Escort Before Dating Her The First Time

Dates are all about enjoying quality time with each other. Especially on first dates, your focus should be on getting to know each other better to lay the foundation for an imminent relationship. When you know what your escort likes and prefers, you reduce the risk of offending her in any way.

As a result, your date night will be more enjoyable and you might even crawl into her list of best clients. Here are a few questions that you should ask her before going out on your first date to plan it impeccably.

Which cuisine do you prefer the most?

The answer to this question can be a game changer if you have plans to have a dinner date with the escort. Top online portals have a list of professional call girls from all parts of the world. If you eventually choose an Asian beauty, you should first get to know about her cuisine preference.

Otherwise, you might end up taking her to a place where she could not enjoy the dinner at all. Even for day-long arrangements, you need to know what she likes to eat.

If she likes Thai food and you take her to a popular and reputed Thai restaurant for dinner, your chances of entering the list of her favorite clients will increase just after one date.

What’s your idea of an ideal date?

Once you find a professional call girl from the listc rawler category of an online portal, get to know about her idea of an ideal date. She will certainly give you hints like the venue she prefers, the ambiance she enjoys, etc.

This could be valuable information for you when you finally take her out on a date. The best part of hiring escorts from reputed online portals remains that you get to talk to her over the phone or online. Therefore, you get an opportunity to plan the date keeping her preferences in mind.

This way, you can avoid the risk of running your first date with her by choosing the wrong place or event.

Are you available for a weekend-long date?


Sometimes, you may be more inclined towards having a weekend-long date. This means you have to take an escort with you to some destination of your choice. But, this arrangement can work optimally only when the venue you choose remains equally enjoyable for both of you.

Plus, your escort should be comfortable with this long-stay date idea. The best way to find out if she agrees to such an idea remains to ask this question in your first conversation.

Once she asserts her consent, you can ask her availability on certain dates and arrange your date trip accordingly. When it comes to dating escorts, surprise dates might not be as successful as well-informed ones.

What are your favorite flowers?

Though it is not mandatory to offer your escort a bunch of flowers on your first date, it certainly can be a good gesture. If you wish to cast a positive impression on your girl date, make sure to carry a gift with you.

Flowers are generally the best gift items for a person you are courting and almost all women love them. However, everyone does not like the same flowers alike. Some could be fond of lilies while some might love roses. How can you know which flower your escort loves the most?

The simple solution is, to ask her. If she confirms that she likes roses or tulips or carnations, you can also ask her if she has a color preference as well. If you know all these things, buying flowers for her on your date would be easier.

What is your favorite dating location?


Dating locations are available in plenty in all cities. But, which one you should pick depends on your and your partner’s choice. When you plan to take an escort on a date, make sure to ask her opinion on this matter as well. Suppose you like beachside resorts and restaurants for dating.

In that case, you will certainly look for options near the coastal area. But, if your escort likes a bar in the town or a rooftop restaurant overlooking the city, you should pay attention to her preference as well.

The choice of venue should be something you both agree to. Otherwise, one of you will feel left behind and struggle to have fun on your date.

Are you comfortable with adventure activities?

Some people love adventure activities. They often request their escorts to accompany them on their adventure journeys. This is why many people take escorts on hiking, trekking, bungee jumping, snorkeling, etc.

If you are an adventure enthusiast and wish to make your first date with an escort memorable by indulging in adventure activities, you should first ask her.

If she shares your enthusiasm for these activities, you can surely plan. But, taking an escort to bungee jumping who is scared of heights cannot be a particularly enjoyable date.

What are your hobbies?


When talking to an escort for the first time, make sure to ask about her hobbies. Some people may like music, some painting, and others cycling and physical activities. But, you should not be anticipating about her choices and preferences. Instead, to be sure about her liking, ask her.

Once she reveals her hobbies, you can get a rough idea about her and figure out activities and destinations she might enjoy with you on a date.

What would you do on a free weekend for fun?

This is an open-ended question that would allow her to speak freely. To answer this question she will have to disclose her idea of fun-filled weekends. Suppose she says that she would like to spend the entire weekend in a club enjoying her favorite drinks and plunging into the swimming pool occasionally.

This would give you the idea that she prefers a laid-back weekend rather than an adrenaline-rushing, thrilling weekend. Therefore, when you plan a date with her, you can arrange accordingly and enjoy the time together. is one of the most reputed online portals for hiring professional escorts. From American girls to Asian beauties, you will find women from all across the globe here. You can also choose an escort based on her hair color, skin tone, and physical features.