6 Tips for Customizing Your new iPad – 2024 Guide

You’ve got yourself a new toy, but as every new device, it came as a blank canvas that you can play with and customize it in many ways. Starting from the outside of the iPad where you can do different types of cases to the customization of the iPad itself and the way it looks like once you turn it on and start using it. All the way from arranging icons, to changing wallpapers and many more will be mentioned here and help you in making this device built by your own measure.

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  1. Fingerprint and face recognition

Okay, so a new iPad is home with you, the first thing that you want to do is to set it up for work and play. One of the things that are done at the very start is setting up the protection of the iPad by using different methods. The setup wizard, if enabled, will ask you to do a few things, such as connecting your email address so the store with apps could be used.

Security is very important, hence, do not skip this step and pay attention to it. You can enable a fingerprint ID and easily unlock the device just by placing your finger on the place destined for. In addition, you can enable face recognition and use your face to quickly unlock the device and use it. Next to these two, you may add few additional security levels, such as pin code and please do not make it all ones, or a strain of numbers from one to eight, or your birthday. This pin code will be used for additional security and disable anyone who does not know the code to use it. Password can be set up as well, and again, do not make it too obvious and mix symbols and upper and lower case letters. This will provide one more level of protection.

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  1. Notifications

It is an excellent thing to access the notification panel and see only notifications that are relevant to you. This can be done by choosing how notifications will appear. If you are taking your iPad with you at all times and use it at work, especially in meetings and show and tell, be sure that notifications are hidden and that there are no pop-ups that may reveal the content and make the situation awkward. Hence, go to the setting and part where notifications are and set them to be displayed in the way that is okay to you, and the way that will protect your privacy. This is important to do since you do not want your colleagues to see the messages you are getting no matter how harmless they are. Private should stay private, same goes for the business-related emails, since some may contain information that should not be seen by others.

  1. Control center

The Control center is there to provide quick access to all the things you are frequently using and need during the day. The default setting has some apps, but you may add the ones that will be of use and remove the ones that will not. Sometimes even simple rearrangement will make a difference so be sure to make this part of the iPad customized as well.

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  1. Siri

Siri is a virtual assistant that comes built-in with all Apple products, once there, why not use it? By a few simple clicks, you can get Siri to respond to your voice and you may be able to use it to set reminders, alarms, and more. Siri may do the fact check and even respond to emails and messages, so be sure to customize it and make it your virtual assistant. It can be of use if you have smart outlets since it will enable you to control them by using Siri and voice commands.

  1. Cases

A case may seem like it will be unnecessary for a new device, but it will have a job to make it more protected from different scratches and falls. When it comes to cases the market is huge, and it may be hard to find exactly the one that will correspond to your needs. According to bestreviewsproducts.com,  you will need to decide what is the purpose of the case and if you would like the one that can hold the device upright or few different positions, or just a regular one to protect it from any potential damage.

In addition to this, the design is important so do search the one that will have a design you prefer. A good design, may come costly, or come on material that is not suitable for you, or the printing is not as good in quality as you would like. So be sure to pick carefully.

If you are not sure how to pick out the best case for your needs be sure to do some additional research and read more on customlogocases.com.

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  1. Today View customization

Many people underestimate this part of the product and it is interesting that it can provide much interesting and useful information if set up correctly. So, do not be lazy and swipe towards it, click edit and make this a valuable part of your device that will be able to give you relevant information about things you are interested in and that are connected to your field of business.


As you can see, contrary to the opinions that Apple is making devices that cannot be customized, it can be quite easy to make a new product suit your needs and cover your field of interest. By making the iPad customized you will be able to make the best out of it and use it in everyday activities. Security is important so do not forget to set this up first, and make notifications work for you and not against. Siri can be a valuable asset to be used in order to finish the job faster, once you get used to talking to your device. Investing in a good and protective case is of great importance for the protection and visual appearance of the device you are using.