Why Should You Get CPR Online Certification?

Upgrading your skill set requires time and commuting to a school or a training center. While many such institutions exist, the online world brings out a drastic change in how you learn. With more availability of online courses, upgrading oneself could get easier.

Out of the many courses available on the online channels, a CPR online certification is a must on your list. Getting a CPR certificate could help you save a life. You could also earn a few brownie points for it at work. Many certified organizations now provide authentic online training in the field of CPR. It means you can now get certified from the comfort of your couch.

Is learning online CPR difficult?

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When you decide to go down the education path, every individual learns at a different pace. A CPR online certification is only as difficult as the one available offline. You still need to know the theory, like the back of your hand. Remembering the procedures and following steps forms an essential part of the process. Outperforming your fellow batchmates does not come into the picture in a CPR course. Hence an online certification is not difficult and comes with many advantages.

Benefits of an online CPR certification course

A CPR online certification has multiple advantages. These add-ons are listed below for you to read and understand:

  1. Self-paced learning: Most courses allow the students to go through the material at their speed. It means you get pre-recorded sessions. You can pause the training at any given time and cater to any personal work.
  2. Flexibility: People across walks of life wish to take this course. One person would be a student with assignments. While the other could be a factory worker doing late shifts. A good organization would give you the flexibility to cater to your personal life. It will also give you time for other commitments.
  3. Cost-effective: Online courses do not need the institution to have a physical classroom. It reduces the cost of the score and helps many people take it up.
  4. Digital certificates: Online courses provide you with a digital certificate. You can access this from anywhere in the world without losing it.
  5. Convenience: Undertaking an online course gives you access to the material via the internet. It implies that you can take up the course at any time of the day. Even a ride home could convert into a classroom session with a stable internet connection.

How to find a trusted CPR online certification course?

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In today’s time, getting your hands on an online course is not difficult. But, identifying an authentic certificate could leave your wits knotted. Some of the below steps could help you out:

  1. You should search for institutions that provide accredited courses. Check to see if they also have an online presence. It would prove their certifications are legit.
  2. Understand the acceptance of the certification in various organizations and industries. Spending time and money on an unrecognized course is the last thing you want to do.
  3. Go for an institution that comes with reviews and feedback from previous students.
  4. Check for the right course depending on your current profession and its validity.
  5. The certification must clear American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines for medical emergencies. Without this clearance, your certificate will hold no value.

The American HealthCare Academy (AHCA) brings you the finest course in this field. If you are a healthcare provider, go for their specialized course that gives you 4.0 credit hours. It helps you familiarize yourself with the basic techniques. You also get certified to administer first aid when required.

Bonus tip: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Equipment

Let’s see what type of equipment you can use to save people’s lives.

Resuscitation equipment

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These types of equipment are very easy to use and maintain them. You never know how much are you going to use them, but all the staff must know to find the equipment very fast. Additionally, it is necessary to train the staff to use resuscitation equipment so they would be able to save the life of a person. They must carry at the required moment the expected role because there would not be time to think about how to use the equipment and to exercise.

Additionally, in the time of practice, there must be a named individual that is going to be responsible for checking the state of readiness of all equipment and resuscitation drugs, at least once a week. This includes the AED. The adhesive electrodes will require a replacement from time to time since they do not have a long lifespan.


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The most popular first response is called AED. This equipment is light, very compact, and portable. Additionally, it is very easy to use and it does not cost much. The best feature of these machines refers to the fact that they are having available self-check performance and they advise whether specific maintenance or replacement of batteries is currently required. If we would talk about the success of defibrillation we would primarily talk about the concept of time.

Every minute is crucial, therefore, when using the defibrillation is delayed, there is less and less chance that someone’s life can be safe in a crucial moment. Every possible healthcare practice must have an AED – automated external defibrillator as well as the right arrangements for the equipment. This means that surgery rooms need to have available AED because there are many cases that it needs to be used. Logically, there should always be a person that is capable of using the AED when the patient is needing it.


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Resuscitation guidelines are advising the use of oxygen and the oxygen must be available in the hospitals and healthcare practices whenever it is possible. Additionally, it is important to mention that oxygen cylinders need to be rightly maintained and follow national safety standards. Every practice must have guidelines that will allow non-medical staff to administer high-flow oxygen in the case of medical emergencies.


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Many pieces of equipment are requiring batteries which is a huge disadvantage in some cases, especially if the equipment is not going to be used frequently. Additionally, the need for electricity is adding huge costs and there is a chance that devices that work only where there is electricity can not be used in all locations. Because of this reason, it is always a good decision to have simple, portable, and mechanical hand-held suction devices.

Airway management

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The minimum standard that is expected refers to air ventilation performed with a pocket mask. This can prevent the secretion from the patient while reaching the rescuer. Airway barrier devices do not allow ventilation to be performed in the same effective way as the pocket mask. Additionally, they can provide high resistance to lung inflation.


Getting a CPR certification places you a notch above the rest. You learn to gain control of an unforeseen situation. Your actions could even save a life. Many people want to undertake a CPR course but cannot match their schedules to a physical class. Others may not live in localities that provide authentic courses. In either of these conditions, a CPR online certification works best. You can do it without giving up on your daily activities. These courses help you learn a new skill that could make you more employable. AHCA also brings you many combination courses. Head over to its website and register today.