5 Advantages of Using a Cloud-Based Communication Systems

The best way for employees of a business or company to communicate amongst each other is by using a communications system. Cloud-based communications systems have proven to be extremely effective in that. It’s safe to say that there are dozens of benefits to using such a system, and were going to be talking about that in this article.

So, without wasting too much of your time, let’s jump in immediately.

1. Mobility

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Mobility is one of the many advantages that come with every cloud-based system, regardless of the system in question is for communication purposes. Mobility means that you can use it whenever you want and wherever you want.

There is a very real chance that you will be able to access the system through many devices since the cloud is generally a technology that allows this. This means that the employees of the company can access the data through their desktop PCs, smartphones, and even tablets.

Cloud-based systems also eliminate the need for being physically present in the office to use the data available. If all the data is attached to the cloud, then the employee can potentially work from home.

Access to real-time data has never been easier than now, and we have the cloud to thank for that. For more information, you can visit nextiva.com.

2. Scalability

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Traditional communication systems face a very difficult and very real problem of scalability issues. Since a company’s traditional means of communication mostly involve using a phone service, the issues of scalability present themselves in the form of the materials that the telephone wires are made from.

Most telephone wires are made from copper and copper has proven itself to be very difficult to scale. The true savior of this issue comes in the form of cloud-based technologies, where adding new phone lines, new users, new features, and integrating existing extensions is made all through an online platform that allows it.

Each cloud-based platform is monitored by a professional or administrator. The administrator simply logs on an admin panel on the system and makes changes to it with little to no effort. The administrator can easily increase, or scale, or decrease the phone numbers and lines depending on the needs of the business.

While your business will not be using phone lines when using cloud technology, it’s still safe to mention that it provides the same level and means of communication as any telecommunication company.

Depending on the needs of your business, scalability is done by simply contacting your provider and upgrading in mere seconds.

3. Reliability

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A business needs to establish and maintain a reliable communications network for its employees and customers. If you’re not using a reliable system then you will experience problems such as frequent downtime, input lag, and various other issues.

Every customer and employee expects an errorless service when it comes to communicating. That’s why you need to choose a service like BrantTel that can vouch for the quality and reliability of their product.

When discussing cloud-based systems, there is a thing called an SLA or a service level agreement. An SLA will vouch for the validity of the particular cloud system.

An SLA means that if your company experiences any sort of problems with the product, then the service provider will compensate you for it. But issues are rarely the problem when using cloud-based communications technologies such as the one from this website since the system itself is monitored by an experienced administrator that knows what they’re doing.

The cloud also eliminates a lot of issues that traditional technologies are simply prone to. By using the latest technologies to make their product the best, cloud-based communication systems pride themselves on providing an errorless service.

4. Security

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Onto one of the advantages that many businesses and companies can get behind and that’s security. In 2024, it would be a huge mistake if your business uses any type of technology that doesn’t come with certain security features.

Security and especially cybersecurity is very important in this age of information. Hacker attacks on small businesses account for 40% of the reasons why these businesses close after the first year.

Naturally, there are tons of information on how these attacks occur, how to predict them, and how to prevent them. Some of the ways external threats occur are in the form of phishing attacks, intercepted calls, spoofing, and any type of online fraud.

For your business’ communications efforts, it’s important to use cloud-based technologies since these are very capable of preventing any type of attack.

There isn’t an argument that works in the favor of traditional systems versus cloud-based systems when it comes to security. A cloud is generally a secure place, and more and more technologies are being developed that further increase safety.

If you’re using a traditional system, then you probably have it somewhere in a dark room in your company’s building. This exposes it far more than cloud technology. Some of the methods, techniques, and security features you get with using cloud-based communication systems are data encryption, network security, and various other features that make video and voice call drastically safer.

In addition to that, the provider of this technology hosts everything on a secure server that cannot be physically entered nor seen.

5. Costs

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If all of this didn’t convince you as to why your business should be using the cloud as the preferred system of communication, then the cost-effectiveness most definitely will.

Ultimately, a business must be run efficiently without having too many needless costs. A traditional communication system costs far more than a cloud-based one. This is precisely why startups tend to use it far more than large companies or enterprises.

Even if the cloud provides a better service and the safer service, an enterprise can cope with the costs that come with employing a traditional system.

There are different options for cloud-based communication systems so there is sure to be one to fit within your company’s budget. For example, a company such as Evolve Network Solutions offers UCaaS, VOIP, and Cloud-based PBX services.
For smaller businesses and startups a cloud-based system is the preferred go-to option due to its cost-effectiveness. Instead of spending money on telephone lines, a solution hosted on the cloud far greatly outweighs the costs.

Another great bonus involving these types of solutions is that many of them are free to use.