A Career in Online Accounting – 2024 Guide

Accounting is one of those areas that give you an opening to several other areas of expertise. Having a degree in accounting can make your career a fantabulous one because every other industry would undoubtedly require an accounting team to be part of the organisation. 

Apart from the large-scale organisations, the requirement of accountants and accounting team would really be necessary even for small scale organisations and also an individual in order to set up the business and run it successfully.  

An accountant would be able to explore different kinds of online accounting jobs and enjoy different types of roles and positions in society. You can visit dormzi to know some of the fascinating career opportunities that open up for every online accountant who wants to gain more experience.

Financial accountant

Every online accountant can become a financial accountant and start looking for projects that are related to managing the finances of an organisation. Large-scale organisations would have their own finance team but, an individual or a small sector would always be looking forward to establishing their association with freelance accountants in order to get their finances managed. 

Until and unless the company decides on the budget, it becomes extremely difficult for them to tackle risks and also make specific investment plans. As a financial accountant, your role is going to be significant, and thus, this is one of the options that you can explore.

Public accountants

Every online accountant with a CPA certification will be eligible to work as a public accountant in any of the public accounting firms. In this role, you might have to work on auditing, tax consultation, and also other accounting services.

This is yet another service that would be sought after by a freelance accountant by several organisations, including the government sectors and private companies. Non-profit organisations and also individuals would be looking to offer the tax-related assignments to the tax consultants. 

Tax accountants

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Becoming a tax accountant is going to be one of the respectable positions that you can claim to have in society. This is one of those roles that would help you to quickly find a lot of assignments and clients for yourself and establish as an online accountant or a freelance accountant.

When you start working as a tax accountant, you would be working on different kinds of tools and applications that are required for tax-related accounting work and help the organisation to file their quarterly and annual tax returns. These assignments can be taken up in small scale for individuals or also on a large scale when you work with any multinational corporation.

Forensic accountants

A forensic accountant is also one of the best roles that you can play as an online accountant. This is the career that a lot of people would be interested in because you would be applying your knowledge of accounting in solving and providing analysis of legal cases.

Your assistance in analysing and investigating crimes or any fraudulent cases would be required. As a forensic accountant, you would be able to claim your position with any of the reputed lawyers and other people that are part of the legal industry. Some of the sectors that are into patent filing will also have a lot of assignments to give away to the forensic accountants.

Managerial accountants

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A managerial accountant is yet another career opportunity that opens up in front of an online accountant. This is one of those positions that would require you to perform a lot of financial accountancy for internal stakeholders.

You may be part of the business planning, budget planning, also the performance planning team when you start working as a managerial accountant.


This is one of the simplest career options that you could start off as an online accountant, especially if you are not finding any other assignments related to your subject. Anybody who has knowledge of accounting would be able to handle the bookkeeping task without any issues. This can become your profession even as a freelancer because bookkeeping does not require a lot of technicalities and too much time.

Internal auditor

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The roles and responsibilities of an internal auditor are undoubtedly crucial for any organisation to flourish. As an internal auditor, you would be conducting frequent audits in order to check the compliances and align them with the industry standards and the federal requirements. You’d also be responsible for managing the funds and checking whether they are being handled efficiently or not.

Government accountant

Securing a job in the government sectors can also be really one of the best career options that you could choose as an accountant. You might have to be responsible to handle all the account related things of the government organisation that you are part of.

Personal Finance Advisor

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A personal finance advisor is responsible for executing trades in the market on behalf of their clients. Moreover, with this role, you will have to use your knowledge and expertise to create personalized financial plans that lead to achieving the financial goal of your clients. The plan should include investments, savings, tax strategies, and budget insurance. You would also have to stay in constant touch with the client to evaluate their current situation and plan accordingly for the future investments and savings.

Financial Analyst

As a financial analyst, you will help in creating and implementing the business budget for your client. The clients could be private individuals, private companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, etc. But most importantly, you will need a good understanding of the client’s business environment at every departmental stage so that you can make the expense decisions based on their earnings. 

Moreover, when it is time to distribute the amount to different departments, you will be the most popular person in the company. To get the best role out there in the online market, you would require having a university degree, and many companies would prefer you based on your experience in this field.

These are some of the important career options that you can explore as an online accountant without any issues, provided you have good knowledge and also the required experience.