Casino Industry Jobs You Never Knew Existed

We don’t want to undermine your knowledge of the casino floor, and you may have heard of some of the industry jobs we will cover today. Still, we’ll try and expand on some of the lesser-known jobs in the industry and give you some knowledge about how they operate daily. The industry has now split into two clear factions, physical and online, yet both are still highly profitable. Today, we will examine roles specific to both, and explore the niche elements of their positions.

Casino Manager


Let’s start with the top person in the casino hierarchy. Martin Scorsese’s 1995 classic film, Casino, stars Robert De Niro as a casino manager looking to manage the daily operations of a casino run by unsavory characters back when Vegas was under the control of organized crime. The casino manager job today won’t be as stressful as depicted in the classic Hollywood hit starring Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci. However, they still need to oversee significant parts of the operation to ensure the business’s smooth running.

Online Casino Manager


As stated in the introduction, physical and online casino managers will have two completely different roles. For instance, an online casino manager, especially one that works for a sizeable and reputable brand such as Pulsz Casino at,  will have to explore the technical side of coding, the website security, any disparities in wagers, large betting amounts, significant wins, and how many people are using the site at any given time to ensure the traffic remains free-flowing. They will also need to ensure that any issues with the site are resolved immediately.

If a casino website crashes, especially during peak times like a Friday or Saturday night, this can cost the casino thousands of dollars per minute, sometimes more. So, it is an event like this when the casino manager will have to be hands-on and earn their money to ensure the site is functioning again as quickly as possible.

Physical Casino Manager


You may not be aware that a physical casino manager and a manager overseeing a digital casino must have two varying skill sets. A physical casino manager will ensure that physical cash deposits are safe, and that the money is accounted for regularly.

Overseeing the well-being of the staff is also imperative, as is checking security cameras, instructing security to keep an eye on patrons who are causing trouble, and ensuring high-ranking jobs beneath them, such as the Pit Boss, are doing their jobs as smoothly as possible to ensure the casino is making as much money as it can.

While we’re not going to insult your intelligence and claim you didn’t know casino managers existed, the fact that land-based and digital casino managers have two different jobs might not be something you knew.

High-roller Liaison


When a high-roller comes into town, casinos will often roll out the red carpet, covering flight, food, drink, and accommodation costs, knowing full well that the high-roller in question will place bets resulting in a six-figure profit over a few days. Still, this can quickly go into the millions for some high rollers. Louis Theroux’s Las Vegas documentary from 2007 details when a high-roller comes into town, and a casino high-roller liaison meets him at the door and tends to his every request.

Although digital casinos have VIP and high-roller bonuses and will have similar liaison staff who help cater to the needs of the high spenders, the physical casino has to tend to hotel rooms, food, and transport for the wealthy individual (or individuals) in question.

We imagine this job isn’t the standard job you’d see in any industry, and there’s probably a wide range of complex and obscure requests that they have to deal with, it won’t be the most laid-back role in the industry. However, if you’re a people person and like to stay busy on your feet, we imagine this role would be right up your street.

24/7 Surveillance


Your every move will be captured and monitored, whether you play online or in land-based casinos. Given how much money is in a casino at any given time, protecting the staff and fellow players is paramount to casino companies. Increased technological sophistication has allowed casinos to monitor every transaction and movement, resulting in much slicker and safer business models.

Although some people might argue that technology has pushed us further apart, there are technological advances that help businesses immensely that simply can’t be ignored. Digital casinos will inspect any unusual bets online and monitor customers’ behavior to ensure they play the game in good faith. Still, it is a much more high-risk role in land-based casinos, so they’ll often have one or more security guards monitoring cameras 24/7.

Chip Cleaner


With casino chips passing through maybe a dozen different hands throughout an evening, ensuring the chips stay shiny and pristine, and don’t look grimy, is important. However, this task is delegated to a chip cleaner who ensures that they’re washed and preserved correctly for the next night of gaming and that they don’t have stains or dirt from the previous night.

Given that some tables have hundreds of different chips, and some casinos have dozens of tables, this job can take quite a bit of elbow grease and time! While it might not be the most critical job in the casino, it makes up part of the bigger picture to ensure that every cog in the machine runs as smoothly as possible.


We’re sure you already knew about some of these jobs, but you might not have known what they entail and how they impact the casino’s inner workings. As digital casinos become more prominent in the overall market, other jobs, including social media marketing and management, require considerable attention and often involve more customer interaction than many different customer-facing roles within the casino.

As the landscape of the industry changes, expect the importance of these roles to also change. And with new ways to gamble on the horizon, such as VR casinos, there could be other unusual and niche roles set to hit the industry in the not-too-distant future.