Can You Lay A Refrigerator Down – Moving Tips 2024

Moving is one of the most tedious chores you can come across in your life, especially if you have been in an apartment or a house for a long time. The amount of stuff that you can accumulate over the years can be mind-boggling and if you don’t want to or can’t get rid of them, getting them to your new home can be a dreary prospect. If your apartment is located above the ground floor, the whole thing gets another dimension of scary, especially if there is no elevator. The number of trips you need to take before everything is packed in a truck will leave your legs and arms sore for days afterward.

One thing that can make moving worse is if you have to take your kitchen appliances with you. They are among the heaviest and most cumbersome objects in an apartment and if you have to get them down a couple of flights of stairs, moving can turn into a real nightmare. Not only are they heavy and unwieldy, but also incredibly fragile. Most of them are often one bump away from being broken and on their way to a landfill. Replacing them often cost an arm and a leg, so you are left with no choice, but to be extra careful while carrying them. We asked Complete Removals, and they agree, moving is one of the most tedious chores you can come across in your life

One of the worst objects to move is a refrigerator. Just moving them across the kitchen is painful enough. Getting them down the stairs and into a truck is borderline masochistic. On top of all that, you have to keep it upright all the time.

The reason you can’t lay a refrigerator down is that its compressor is designed to withstand vibrations while standing upright. Once you lay it on its side and move it, the vibrations are coming from a different direction and you can easily damage the mounting bracket. Not only that, but the compressor is filled with oil that allows it to work. When on its side or back, that oil can run out, making a mess. If you don’t refill it before plugging it in again, which can only be done in the shop in most cases, you can kiss it goodbye. Replacing it won’t be a cheap affair.

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That being said, you can tilt it gently to one side or another while moving it, if there is no other solution. Often there is, especially if you have to get it down a flight or two of stairs. The important part is not to lay it all the way to the ground. One way to avoid this is to use a moving dolly. You can rent them together with a moving truck and they can be a lifesaver. If you have the option of getting one, make sure you do. It will make the whole process so much easier.

One thing to remember is not to plug in your refrigerator as soon as you get it in your new kitchen. Most manufacturers recommend to let it sit in an upright position for at least several hours, before turning it on.