Best Refrigerator Under 25000 in India for 2024

Have ever wondered what is the most important appliance in your household? Many people have and they have come with various appliances and devices that are really essential in a household. However, the vast majority of the claims that the most important home appliance and the device is a refrigerator. India is a tropical country and there is a lot of hot weather with changing weather conditions. All this leads to the fact that the food needs to be properly stored and that the food needs to be healthy. For all this, you would need a very good refrigerator. However, it should be also an affordable one, so that many people would be able to buy it and have their food healthy. So, which is the best refrigerator under 25000 in India?

Godrej 261L 3 Star

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Many people consider that this is the best refrigerator in India that can be bought for less than 25000 Rupees in India. First of all, it should be mentioned that this is the refrigerator with double doors and that it has the option for defrosting. The defrosting type it uses is frost free. Furthermore, the fridge uses the rotary type of a compressor. The overall capacity of the refrigerator is 261 liters. It should be also mentioned that the refrigerator has the inbuilt stabilizer. The power efficiency of the fridge is 3 and the fridge was put into sales in 2016. When we are talking about its dimensions, they are 605 mm x 665 mm x 1555 mm while the overall weight of the refrigerator is 61kg. The comprehensive warranty for the fridge is 1 year while the compressor has a 10-year warranty. The design of this fridge is also very interesting since it has floral elements from top to bottom on the door handle side. It should be also mentioned that cooling is very decent.