9 Reasons All Players Love Call of Duty – 2024 Review

COD – Call of Duty Mobile is a free first-person shooter (FPS) game created by Tencent Games and published by Activision. Tencent is a company which is known for producing intense battlefield games like PUBG. It is the mobile version of the Call of Duty, which was first released for PC in 2003.

The gameplay of any game is dependent on its visual quality. In particular, the better the visuals of first-party shooting and battle games, the better is its gameplay. Owing to the popularity of the gameplay techniques used in Battle Royale and PUBG, Tencent has incorporated something similar in Call of Duty.

Recently, Tencent and Activision have jointly launched the Android and iOS version of it called Call of Duty Mobile. Call of duty mobile was first launched in July 2019. Still, at that time, it was available in only a few countries. Its beta version was also launched for people, which was only for testing and experimenting. Right now, it has been officially launched all over the world.

Call of Duty (COD) is also an online multiplayer FPS game like PUBG Mobile, and like Pubg, it has been created by Tencent Games. Such mobile games are also called Battle Royal Games.  For more details check out Lfcarry.

It is a much-loved game and if you are contemplating whether or not you should join it, then read the 9 reasons listed below as to why all players love call of duty.

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  • Recently Won The The People’s Choice Award At The BAFTA Games Awards

Call of Duty: Mobile bagged the EE Mobile Game of the Year at the British Academy Games Awards. This awarded is generally awarded to that game which offers the players an amazing gaming experience. The winner was decided by the live audience present on the live stream on various social as well as media platforms. BAFTA Games Awards were held online for the first time in its history.

  • Easy Gameplay

Playing Call of Duty is not very difficult. If you have played PUBG Mobile, FreeFire, and Fortnight before, it will be quite easy for you to play it. It has controls and buttons similar to PUBG and other FPS games. You can play it in three different modes, namely, Solo, Duo, and Squad. You can easily make a CoD MW weapons boost to kill your enemies.

  • Mobile-Friendly

In October 2019, the mobile version was released which witnessed over a million downloads. The mobile version of Call of Duty is fully optimized for touchscreen devices. Use your left thumb to control your character’s movements and right thumb to aim. If you double click on the right side of the screen, you will use the scope of the border. And, as it happens in many other android games, your weapon will shoot automatically. Also, it has different guns, characters, skins, and control settings. And, you can play it in both TPP and FPP settings.

  • Multiplayer Game

In it, you will be able to invite your friends to play with you. Create your team or team-up with other online players and challenge other players. The winner will be the final player surviving in a 100-player match.

  • You Can Make Many New Friends In It

Players are often termed as introverts owing to the fact that they spend most of their daytime with their nose hooked into the games. However, the players who play Call of Duty can hardly be called introverts. Being a multiplayer game, you need to talk with numerous players from across the world. You will need to communicate with them to prepare game strategies and beat your enemies accordingly.

  • Amazing Gaming Experience

Activision has tried to make it attractive and high graphical as possible. The visual effects of are fantastic. In this, different maps and modes have also been given to the users, which players can choose according to their convenience. These features are available in both TPP and FPP modes. You can play in Solo, Duo, or Squad modes according to your liking. The mobile version also has fantastic features. The graphics and visuals of its maps are excellent and will give you a PC-like experience.

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  • Two Main Gaming Modes

It has two gaming modes, namely, ‘zombies’ and ‘multiplayer.’ It challenges you to face other online players, as well as collaborating with online players to destroy survivors. Nuketown, Hijacked, or Killhouse Crash, Crossfire, and firing range are also available in the mobile version.

  • Use Helicopters To Move Around

Players can also fly helicopters in Mobile’s Battle Royale mode. By availing the helicopter, the players can reach from one place to another quite fast, just like cars and buggies are present in PUBG to help the player move around in the map. It allows players to reach from one place to another quickly. The only drawback is that helicopter’s HP is very low, due to which it can be dropped to the ground easily just by shelling a few bullets. However, the mobility and high speed of this helicopter compensate for the low HP.

  • New Season Has Hoard Of Amazing Features

The new season, that is, Season 4 of Call of Duty has recently hit the market and it has taken the audience by a whirlwind. This season is known as “Disavowed”. Many new features have been added to this new season, which includes a new map, modified operator skills, warfare mode etc. With the release of the new season, the number of downloads of it has shot up to 180 million. From this the popularity of Call of Duty among players can be easily gauged

Final Words

Owing to its amazing gaming interface and unique features, Call of Duty is quite famous among the hard-core players. There are numerous reasons as to why you should play Call of Duty. With its new season recently season, you have more reasons to start playing it. So, what are you waiting for? Download Call of Duty today and enjoy playing it.