Should You Buy Refurbished iPhones?

Buying an iPhone must be the next goal on your bucket list, but seeing the price tag, you must have taken two steps back. There is no getting around the fact that iPhones are expensive, with many of the latest models retailing for $1000+. That is why most users push themselves to buy affordable Android smartphones.

Little did they know, there is another way to get iPhones within budget; refurbished iPhones. A refurbished iPhone is the best way to get as new as brand-new iPhones without burning a hole in your pocket. For the extensive collection of refurbished iPhones, visit this site.

This guide will highlight how worth it is to get a refurbished device. Also, what are the things to check before buying a refurbished iPhone?

What is a Refurbished iPhone?


Refurbished, refurbed, or reconditioned iPhones are restored completely to work as new after being used as a display model or pre-owned.

Pre-owned iPhones are returned to the manufacturer due to any issue, or the user wants to trade the device to buy a new one. The refurbished iPhones are categorized into three classes based on their looks, condition, and performance.

  • Grade A: Grade A devices are in mint condition and usually returned to the manufacturer after a few days of use.
  • Grade B: Grade B devices usually have a few cosmetic damages. Unlike the Grade A devices, Grade B will have a few signs of being used previously. However, the functionality and efficiency are the same as the top-tier.
  • Grade C: Grade C devices are poor-quality refurbished smartphones with wear and tear. The performance of Grade C devices will be up to mark but with some heavy signs of prior use.

Refurbished iPhones are returned models if the user wants to upgrade or due to defects. The refurbished iPhone supplier checks the devices thoroughly, diagnoses the issue, restores them as new as brand new, and sells them at affordable rates.

Will the Refurbished iPhones Work as New Ones?

You are not alone in wondering whether or not the refurbished iPhone will work like new. Most users confuse the refurbished iPhone with the used iPhones. Both terms are interchangeable but have different meanings.

They have undergone factory repair to work as new ones, while the used iPhones don’t.

The answer is yes for those wondering if the refurbished iPhone will work as a new one. It is 100% functional, with upgraded components like new ones. Everything is up to mark, from the battery and screen to the touch sensor.

Do Refurbished iPhones Come with a Warranty?


Your concern is valid. Buying it sounds risky to most users since they are still determining whether the refurbished iPhones come with a warranty.

Every buyer wants to ensure his hard-earned investment lasts a lifetime. And for this, a warranty is a must. Product warranty gives confidence in the quality and provides legally-ensured services.

Almost all of them suppliers provide a warranty on refurbished devices. It is advisable to avoid all manufacturers who don’t offer a warranty on refurbished and new electronic devices.

Should You Buy a Refurbished iPhone?

If you want to avoid wiping out your bank balance but want to enjoy the latest tech iPhones, buying refurbished iPhones is the best option. Buying it is not only budget-friendly but also environmentally friendly. In short, a sustainable choice.

Over the lifetime course of a smartphone, the carbon emission rate is 80 kg, with around 80% during the production phase. Choosing an existing smart device means saving the environment from many carbon emissions.

Besides carbon waste, refurbished devices help solve the growing e-waste or electronic waste. Buying it means adding your part to saving the planet and making it sustainable.

Things to Check Before Buying a Refurbished iPhone


Whether you buy it online or from a physical store, every supplier offers a 30-days free exchange if you are unsatisfied with the quality and functionality. With that said, the following are the things you need to check during the trial period.

1. Check Ports:

Ports are prone to dust and water damage. Test ports to ensure they are working correctly. Plug a charger in the charging port and headphones via an audio jack. Keenly observe if the phone is charging correctly. Moreover, the audio jack should deliver high-quality audio signals.

2. Test Camera:

Despite the phone looking up to mark with looks with no scratches, you still need to do an investigation on your own. Take photos to check the camera quality. Ensure to take shots from back and front cameras both. Besides capturing pictures, record a short video. If you are satisfied with the quality, move forward.

3. Test Speakers:

Play sound on max volume to check the speaker’s health. Besides playing sound, make a call or voice notes to hear the sound quality. Put the phone on vibrating mode and listen if you hear a vibration. The speaker’s health is up-to-mark if you don’t listen to glitches or sound distortion.

4. Battery Test:

Can you ignore the importance of battery timing? Whatever the supplier claims about the battery timing, test it on your own. Charge your iPhone fully and check how long the battery lasts. Depending on the model you have, determine the battery timing.

5. Test Microphone:

The next thing to test while checking a refurbished iPhone is the microphone. After all, can you take calls without a microphone? Record voice notes and makes calls to check whether or not the microphone is working.

6. Test Touch Sensor:

The thing to check on the list is the touch sensor. In ideal situations, the touch sensor should detect small touches. Demonstrate basic hand gestures like zoom, tap, and swipe. Ideally, the screen should detect action within milliseconds.

Final Thoughts:

Saving never hurts, especially when buying smartphones. The price of iPhones is increasing at an ever-increasing rate. Have 100% working iPhones even if you are tight on a budget- thanks to refurbished iPhones. By buying refurbished iPhones, you are saving bucks and adding your part to making the planet sustainable.