4 Best Merging PDF Tools in 2024

Being familiar with advanced technology is crucial in today’s world. It is almost impossible to completely remove it from your everyday life. When you look closer, there is no reason to do something like that. 

Working with a huge number of files is something you will need to get used to. Fortunately, things were more complex many years ago. We now have different tools that can make our lives easier. One of the files that you will have to work with for different reasons is PDF files. Logically, the basic thing you should learn how to do is converting different files to the PDF. Yet, that is not the only thing that you should do. You should know to merge two different PDF files and create a cohesive document. Apps like PDF WIZ (among many others that we mentioned below) could be very useful when it comes to these PDF edits.  Anyhow, let’s dive into the details below!

At first glance, a process like that probably seems difficult to non-tech gurus. Fortunately, many merging PDF tools will bring you peace of mind. You don’t have to be a genius to understand how to use them. However, things become more difficult when you need to pick the one that meets your requirements and expectations. 

By basic Google research, we are sure that you will find a huge number of them. Unfortunately, not all of them are equally good. Because of that, we would like to talk about the best merging PDF tools in 2024. Our list will give you some simple solutions that will make PDF file merging easier. 

1. PDFBear

Source: youtube.com

There are many reasons why PDFBEAR deserves to be the “member” of the list. The key feature that we would like to highlight here is simplicity. As we said, you don’t need to possess any technical knowledge to accomplish your goal. You only need to go through 4 simple steps.

We will start from the very beginning. Before everything, you need to find and select the PDF files that you want to merge. You can add them to the tool by the Drag and Drop option as well. After you select them, the PDG combiner will do the rest of the job. It will merge all the files that you added into one. Additionally, you can modify the files if necessary and press the button “Combine”. The last step is to download the PDF file to the device you are using. You can also use it and share it on Dropbox or Google Drive as well. 

In the end, we need to highlight one more feature important for most users. Keeping your security in the online world is not as easy as you might think. However, the developers of the tool realized the demand of the users. Because of that, they invested a lot of effort to ensure the complete security of their files. When you upload the files to the server and complete the process, the server will delete them all after an hour. 

2. IlovePDF

Source: alternativeto.net

We believe that the name of the tool tells the full story. It is a program that you can use for different types of PDF operations. For instance, you can convert JPG to PDF, extract images from PDF, etc. 

The program allows users to conduct different document-editing functions in only one process. For instance, many people want to rotate the files before they merge them. Fortunately, an option like that is available to you with iLovePDF. 

The entire process of merging is not complex at all. Before everything, you should upload the documents manually from the device you are using. Just like for the previous one, you can also use the Drag and Drop option. Yet, these two options are not the only ones. The tool allows you to upload the documents directly from Dropbox and Google Drive. You will see a small icon next to the “select” button. After you do that, click the “merge PDF” button and download it to complete the process. In most cases, the download will start automatically. However, if that doesn’t happen for some reason, click on the “Download merged PDF” button. 

3. PDF Merge 

Source: sourceforge.net

Once again, the name of the tool tells a lot about the software. You won’t get the chance to use it for any other PDF operations. The program only works for merging documents and it is directly connected with another program under the name Soda PDF. Soda PDF offers a wide range of options great for people that work with PDF files. You can use it for different splitting, converting, and editing services. 

Yet, there is one thing that we need to highlight here. We know that people want to know if there are any fees. When we talk about the document-merging process, it is mostly free with PDF Merge. There is a good reason why we used the word “mostly”. You will also need to subscribe if you plan to merge documents larger than 10 megabytes. 

However, you will need to subscribe to get all the services of Soda PDF services. You can do that on a monthly and annual basis. Your decision depends on how often you need to use the services we mentioned. 

4. Smallpdf 

Source: easypdf.one

Despite PDF merging, you will get the chance to use different types of services that this tool delivers. For instance, you will easily manage to convert JPG files to PDFs. Despite that, you can also convert different PDF files to Microsoft Word document. In the end, it also allows users to combine and merge PDF documents and create a single file. 

There are many things that we could say about Smallpdf. First of all, you can delete or rearrange single pages when merging documents. Despite that, we already mentioned how important the security of the files is. Fortunately, the developers of the program were thinking about everything. Every single file that you upload is going to disappear permanently 1 hour after you complete the process. We know that a feature like that sounds amazing. However, that also means that you need to save the edited files immediately. If you delay doing that, the files will disappear. 


We highlighted 4 merging PDF tools that deserve your attention. It is hard to say which one is the best. Because of that, we will let you make the decision alone. Whichever you use, the services they offer will make your work more productive.