Mastering The Instagram Algorithm: Technology Hacks To Stay Ahead

How effectively do you use Instagram for your business and how many new customers have you already managed to attract using algorithms? Most often, entrepreneurs can’t answer confidently, because not all of them have enough time to study marketing technology processes and create truly high-quality content.

This is not surprising, the business itself requires a lot of effort and time from owners outside the Internet, and combining this with online promotion can be a difficult task. However, armed with some time management rules and learning marketing and technology hacks to make the promo process reliable and effective, you’ll be able to achieve significant results fairly quickly and efficiently.

Instagram is a platform that for several years has transformed from an application for chatting and publishing square photos into a powerful tool for company development and sales of goods or services. There are about 500 million daily visitors here, and you, as an entrepreneur, can attract the lion’s share of users to your brand using this opportunity wisely. Today we’ll tell you how to use this platform to form a loyal customer base and also share technology hacks to be one step ahead of competitors.

1. Start investing in your professional account


The key to attracting new loyal customers through IG is excellent statistical indicators and a high level of engagement. But it is impossible to achieve success without experience in the field of online promotion – people spend a lot of time studying this area and only after a few years can call themselves professionals. That’s why we recommend entrepreneurs and brand representatives not to be afraid to delegate some advertising tasks to professional companies such as Viplikes. Their services are aimed at attracting an audience and creating a positive image, which is the main key to success on any social platforms.

Every successful brand and influencer cooperates with professionals who provide additional support for comprehensive and organic promotion on the web. And most of them, of course, choose PR services for themselves – it is much cheaper than cooperation with an SMM manager and content makers, but no less effective. For example, if you need to get new followers from UseViral to improve your account rating, you can “hack” the system and buy subs with a couple of clicks with any marketing budget.

The company operates on the principle of “people for people” and doesn’t use computer bots and fake pages to perform advertising tasks, so you can be sure of high quality and legality. You can also order targeted services for your local brand. So, if you’re aiming to improve engagement, consider purchasing likes, comments, views or daily/weekly/monthly packages for professional comprehensive development. Services are provided instantly – specialists are in touch around the clock, so you’ll see the first results within a few minutes.

2. Be helpful and approachable with your content


As an entrepreneur, you probably set a goal to generate new orders, attract leads and expand your customer base. To make this goal real, you need to create the right impression about the brand and present it wisely. First of all, create a content plan (remember that you can always delegate this task too if you don’t have the time and resources) that will be interesting to your audience and show your professionalism through high technology options.

Focus on solving their problems and identify the pain points of the target audience. Give users a reason to choose you – create useful and informative posts, share unusual tips, but don’t do it “with a serious face.” Don’t be afraid to joke and include entertaining content in the content plan to diversify and attract an audience of different ages.

3. Offer freebies and discounts


A good businessman is an excellent psychologist who knows what his clients want. Humans are wired to love free things and follow those who offer to save as much budget as possible. To hook the audience online and drive leads, start offering the audience some free things that you can afford without spending a lot of money.

A free guide, discounted shipping or a discount on first orders is a great option to direct customers to your sales funnel. You can also create some contests that help improve the visibility of the company, for example, it can be a story about you in Stories or a couple of suggestions about why the user chose your company. Technologies are developing, be sure to use it for good.

According to statistics, most people today don’t trust “empty” advertisements. They listen to the advice of their favorite bloggers, friends or relatives. Therefore, if you want to make your brand more famous in the online community, offer people some nice bonuses or discounts for simple actions and you’ll stay ahead.

4. Use niche hashtags and geotags

Hashtags are keywords that help the platform’s algorithms correctly rank content and offer it to interested users. Algorithms place published posts according to their niche in “explore”, where people can find what they are interested in. You have the ability to add about 30 tags to posts, but we strongly do not recommend using many keywords. First, determine which tags are suitable for your niche : you can do this through the search bar, the most popular keywords will be at the top of the result. Next, select 5-10 of the best and start including them in your posts to improve their visibility.

If you’re promoting a local business and are aiming to attract customers from a certain region or city, be sure to add geotags. This tool makes it easy to show where you are. This way you’ll increase the likelihood that the locals will pay attention to your brand.

5. Respond to prospective customers immediately


Last but not least, stay in touch with potential customers at all times. We understand that this may be difficult for company owners, but you should know: the faster the response, the higher the probability of receiving new orders. When you get a question in Direct, hurry up to answer it as soon as possible, don’t keep people waiting.

To simplify this task, you can use special automatic response services and spend less time on it; this is a useful technology hack. Remember, the more interactions with the audience, the more attractive your page is to the algorithms.

6. Partnering with Instagram Influencers

Expand your brand by partnering with Instagram influencers. They come with loyal followers, trust, and credibility, making them excellent brand ambassadors. If their niche aligns with yours, you can tap into their active communities to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales.

This kind of marketing not only humanizes your brand but also adds authenticity, resonating with potential customers. As influencers share their brand experience, their followers will likely trust your content, helping build a solid customer base. If you want to know the lesser-known influencers and how they operate you can use tools such as Snoopreport to check anyone’s activity on Instagram and see what they like and who they follow.

7. Maximize Instagram Stories and Reels

Stay ahead of the curve by capitalizing on Instagram Stories and Reels. Stories offer an insight into your brand’s personality and updates, fostering a sense of urgency. Conversely, Reels are short, engaging videos increasing your brand’s discoverability.

The Explore page frequently showcases Reels, offering a chance to reach new audiences. By incorporating interactive elements, you can stimulate audience participation, solidifying connections with your community. Good luck!