Best Free Writing Tools in 2024

Writing is far from a skill that only news reporters and authors use. Being aware of it or not, we all write and do so pretty much daily. To ensure that our writing is a smooth process and that no time and focus are wasted, here are some of the best free writing tools in 2024. These tools will boost your productivity, increase your performance and word output and will also ensure that you do not lag behind your competitors.

How Can Tools Help My Writing Process?

There are a myriad of tools that can help your writing process. Far from word processors alone, writing tools are there to assist you in all stages of your producing content. These stages include:

  1. Research,
  2. Inspecting the competitors,
  3. Writing the content,
  4. SEO-optimization, and
  5. Text styling and simplification.

As it normally goes, each step adds a lot of time to your writing, and needless to say, this is where a lot of the time is lost. The tools that we present here should reduce your total screen time, reduce your research part of the writing process, and automate checking for typos and grammar mistakes. Furthermore, these tools can also help bring down the readability grade and ensure that the highest number of people can enjoy your writing – including younger audience members and foreign markets.

Top Free Writing Tools in 2024

As it normally goes, writing is paid, so you should have some money to invest. However, to stay competitive, you may want to use as many apps as you possibly can. Believe it or not, even simple briefing apps can cost $5 or more for their largest customers. Probably being a smaller customer, you may want to enjoy the benefits of free solutions that are out there.



Ahrefs is a great solution for those seeking to explore the keywords in a certain niche. This tool allows you to quickly scan keywords in different countries and discover their variations. Furthermore, the tool is optimized to work with Google, Bing, Amazon and YouTube giving you detailed insights into what different audiences look for on different platforms. Far from a simple inspirational tool, Ahrefs is the best keyword generator we know of. Ahrefs gives you information on keywords:

  • Keyword variation and spelling,
  • Keyword Difficulty – the KD metric,
  • Search Volume – per month, and
  • Information on when the keyword stats were last updated.

Surfer SEO


Surfer SEO is the best writing tool out there that enables you to search and see how your competition is doing and what kind of keywords they use. SEO is the foundation stone of any content writing. The platform pulls information from sources you name (a simple Google search will reveal dozens of competitors) so that you can now go and optimize your writing (during the writing process) to ensure you include all the keywords you may need to rank on the first page.

Needless to say, solutions like this are not perfect, as getting a completely optimized article means overstuffing it with keywords. On the other hand, the ease of Google Doc integration and the comfort of having the keywords neatly stacked on the right hand side of the screen makes the writing so much easier and faster. No more spreadsheets!

LibreOffice Writer


LibreOffice Writer is the word processor of choice if you do not want to pay for the Microsoft Word processor. The free and open-source version has all the functionality of the regular Microsoft Word, and it even comes with its own file type and extension for ease of sharing and reading. The LibreOffice does lack the aesthetic element that the Microsoft version has, but the $0 price tag makes up for it by far and large.

Google Docs


Google Docs is another (web-based) word processor that you will enjoy using. Although the functionality is not as complex as it is in Microsoft Word, Google Docs has all the necessary elements that you need to create professional-looking documents. One of the commonly quoted drawbacks is the lack of column writing in Google Docs.



Thesaurus is a great online tool that many writers all over the world use to boost their vocab and ensure that their writing is not monotonous. This tool is free to use and has a plethora of synonyms for any situation or phrase you may need. Make sure you keep your search queries no longer than two words, as anything above is sure to give less-than-ideal results. You can also use to enrich already existing documents, as well as for writing great headlines.

The Hemingway App


The Hemingway app is there to make your writing simpler and more in line with what search engines, such as Google, are likely to rank higher. If you’ve ever used GrabMyEssay, this is the style of writing you can expect to see here. The resulting text is simple and contains short sentences, no overt use of adjectives and adverbs, and is, in general, very easy to read.



There is both a free and a paid version of Grammarly. The free version checks for spelling, grammar, and typos, as well as all the commas and periods you’ve used in the text. The paid version expands the checking of the text to other areas, such as readability, tone, possible plagiarism, and many more. It also suggests which passive voice instances should be converted to active voice. Since it is AI-powered, it still has a lot to learn, but overall, the solution works remarkably well.



Canva is not exactly a writing tool, but its sheer usability and practicality in making great graphics will ensure that you can include fancy graphs and images with your writing. Canva is available on many platforms, including Android, and is rather simple to use. The free version comes with some limits, but most writers use it with no significant drop in the quality of their graphics.

Final Remarks

Writing is an everyday skill that many people use. The sheer volume of text we type out every day takes a significant amount of time, so knowing about tools and solutions that can speed up your writing and make it more appealing to the audience is of paramount importance. Try out our best free writing tools in 2024 and see your writing skills get better by the day.