5 Best GPU Stress Testing/Benchmarking Softwares in 2024

Are you a PC builder looking for the best GPU Stress Testing/Benchmarking Software to evaluate the performance of their computer? Testing the PC thoroughly and pushing the system’s limits will check the behavior under immense pressure. Benchmarking/testing software makes this evaluation straightforward, ensuring optimal output. This also saves time and helps prevent more significant losses such as overheating the system.

The best benchmarking and stress testing tools help to evaluate speed, boost the graphics and formation of images on your PC. This works on all the laptops and computers, thus improving the color depth and video rendering. Best GPU Stress Testing/Benchmarking Software in 2024 are given below. These are being used by millions of people around the globe and are highly relevant. I hope these are useful and help you track the speed and overall performance of your PC.

Best GPU Stress Testing/Benchmarking Software In 2024

1. 3DMark

Source: techpowerup.com

The 3DMark by Futuremark is shaking up the benchmarking business regarding PC evaluation and gaming performance. It is currently compatible with Windows and Android, but the developer plans to serve iOS and WinRT users. An upgrade from the previous versions, the sense of style is restored with the luxurious visuals. The installation process remains simple and easy, but the gigabyte download can be time-consuming.


After completing the installation process, a window with three test environments can be observed. They enable custom settings, demo modes, and viewing the result of the stress tests that help evaluate the PC. The detailing of the ice storm resembles the DirectX9 and is suitable for smartphones and tablets. It is visually dynamic in all environments and is very well-conceived.

The Cloud Gate is designed for laptops and PCs in the offices, while the high-end Fire Strike is designed for heavy gaming PCs with incredible speed. The virtual effects are designed by keeping the future in mind; hence it is an electrical dream for all gamers. Overall, the glitches have been reduced in this latest version. These benchmarks allow the users to compare their systems with other PCs and notice the difference.

The 3DMark tests include the Time Spy, Tomb Raid, and Time Spy, which push the GPU to the extreme limits, hence Time Spy being the tough one. These tests use graphical visuals with shadow effects making the GPU rise to 100%. It determines the machine’s capability and determines the ranking of the graphic processing unit regardless of the manufacturer. Furthermore, temperature monitoring is essential for tracking performance, especially during games.

2. MSI Afterburner

Source: appuals.com

The GPU overclocking is a scary concept for most ordinary people as they are scared to push the system’s limits because they doubt the hardware. Unless you push the boundaries, you won’t be able to know the system’s capability. MSI Afterburner is one of the best stress testing/benchmark software compatible with Windows only. A Taiwan-based developer came out with this technology back in 2010. It can speed up the computer system as it has the overclocking ability.

The MSI Afterburner works on almost every type of graphic card, not even made by the same developer. The latest version of this software is available on the official website and runs quickly. The MSI comes with a Riva Tuner Statistics Server bundle, which is pretty good to have. It shows the statistics while the gamer is playing the game. This is an exceptional feature that helps document the records of speed and performance.

Installation Process

A UI will greet you after the successful installation process with a heavy theme similar to the car’s dashboard. This theme resembles the Window 98 Media Player, which was very famous back in time. The stats of the current speed are visible on the GPU, along with the temperature and heat production. Moreover, the bottom slides allow you to overclock and underclock your GPU, along with some deeper testing details.


The information regarding the CPU and the GPU is shown after displaying the website logo, and an OC Scanner Tool is present that helps scan and boost the system’s capacity. A monitor button is also present, which displays the temperature in a graph. Profiles or numbers are also present on the right side, which helps in the adjustment of the GPU anytime. The layout can also be changed to one of the pre-loaded themes by going to the interface options.

Two methods can be done to gain the speed or overclock the GPU by MSI Afterburner. As we all know, the first one is by using the OC Scanner feature. This is an effortless process that is done in a matter of a few minutes while you sip on your coffee. Secondly, the tweak sliders can be used by sliding up the temperature. Hence it is an excellent way to maintain the performance and prevent the hardware from severe damage.

The sliders can be moved down to maintain a check on the performance and temperature to take precautionary measures for avoiding any loss. The power consumption for the graphics card can be brought down and will not exceed a specific limit once set. Hence MSI Afterburner is a great software that speeds up performance and allows PC gamers to make adjustments and play around according to their personal preferences.

3. Unigine

Source: reddit.com

Unigine is considered one of the best software that allows the evaluation of the gaming computer systems in the world. They can stress test the graphical processing unit to check the capacity of the hardware. Heaven, Valley, and Superposition are a few of its popular tests and push the limits to the extreme. All of these have advanced visuals with different kinds of lighting technology.


The temperature control and the power supply can be monitored throughout, and adjustments can be made according to your favorite games. In addition, to measure the stability of the GPU, the stress test can be performed and compared with similar models around the globe. This offers accurate results and has millions of users.

Many technology firms and gaming enthusiasts use this stress testing/benchmarking software to draw a detailed comparison based on performance to further make advancements in the systems and the GPU. The preset tools make this more convenient, while an improvement can also be noticed in the SSDO after using this incredible software.

4. Cinebench

Source: filecroco.com

Cinebench is the real-world test that allows the users to evaluate the performance of their computer’s hardware and that too free of cost. The improvements and advancements in the Release 23 were a game-changer. The 4D cinema ability of Maxon’s Cinebench, along with 3D scenes, is an advantage to gauge the system’s efficiency. Different people can use this software, from journalists to system administrators.

Installation Process

Maxon has been serving the people with this fantastic software with an easy installation process for many years. The Cinebench has its scoring system, which shows the result after running a few tests on the computer. The basic to advanced tests are run on strategies, and a comparison is made to check the present shape of the computer. The link can be accessed from the website easily. The Cinebench is present in a ZIP format for Windows, while for the iOS version, it is present in a DMG container. It runs directly and can be double-clicked for launching.


Several tests can be performed on the system, and it measures the performance in the most exciting way. A video is launched showing the ranking compared to all different models and their performance. Further details and tidbits can be overviewed in the left-hand pane. The running of tests is a simple process, and the performance is measured in “CB.” Comparisons are considered good because they help in detecting faults.


Once you are done stress testing/benchmarking with the GPU, the advanced tests can be done for a more detailed and comprehensive computer system analysis. A value in percentage occurs on the screen, which displays the pixels which the naked eye cannot notice. This also shows the performance of the single-core processors, indicating an MP ratio as well. This is a comparison between single and multi-core processors.

Result Submission

All the PC users using Cinebench can upload the performance of their systems on the official website. This ranks each of them and determines the position in terms of performance and speed. All the hardware details, including the CPU single or multi-core, are uploaded. Hence it is one of the best GPU stress testing/benchmarking software in 2024.

5. FurMark

Source: furmark3d.eu

FurMark is a free utility that stress tests the card’s performance to ensure that your video card can perform exceptionally even in the most brutal conditions. It is one of the most challenging and efficient software that pushes the GPU with tremendous loads and has powerful features. FurMark overkills for stress testing until there is a chance for the hardware or GPU to crash. The essential requirement is the OpenGL GPU, and most people rely on this for evaluating their PCs.

Installation Process

For the installation, all other applications must be cleared from the background. The settings can be customized and adjusted for the test. The stress level can be decided as it gives you anti-aliasing to 8x MSAA. An alarm can also be set to stop the test if a limit for the temperature is crossed. Any temperature more than 100 degrees can be hazardous and cause damage.


A donut can be seen on the screen with fur, which depicts the stress test result. If the FurMark crashes, the GPU is not capable enough to handle the test, and small dots appear on the screen, which is a sign of collapse. Similarly, if the test continues for more than 30 minutes, it will likely cope with pressure.


Will overclocking damage the GPU?

Overclocking does not damage the graphical processing unit even if it does not have enough capacity to perform. The only thing that is dangerous and causes severe damage is high temperature and heat production.

What is the best GPU benchmark?

Multiple GPU benchmark software are available on the internet that help in the performance evaluation of the computer system. The 3DMark and the MSI Afterburner fall in the category and are also considered one of the best GPU benchmarking software in 2024.

Should I overclock the GPU?

Overclocking the GPU can boost the computer system’s performance, but every graphical processing unit has a different capacity. They all might not perform the same.

Is overclocking illegal?

Overclocking is not an illegal activity as no specific law exists regarding it. However, the hardware manufacturers recommend not to speed or overclock the systems.

Does MSI Afterburner damage the GPU?

No, the stress testing/benchmarking software does not damage the GPU or graphical processing unit. If the GPU is not capable enough to speed up the performance, it will shut down or crash at the most.

What is the best free GPU benchmark?

The Cinebench, 3DMark, and MSI Afterburner are the best free graphical processing unit benchmark software. They provide incredible tests for checking the capacities of the computer system without charging a single penny.


These are the five best GPU stress testing/benchmarking software in 2024. These are very safe to use and help determine the GPU’s capacity and performance of the computer hardware. They are free of cost and have incredible features, especially for gaming enthusiasts. Hence the balance and overclock can boost the performance of the GPU as well.