8 Beautiful Women’s Smart Devices in 2024

More than 40 manufacturers already produce smartwatches; this is a useful and aesthetic accessory. Most companies develop universal models – unisex, but most of them are massive and have a lot of weight, so it’s hard for a woman to choose a suitable gadget. Many of them look funny on the hand. In this article, we will consider a beautiful and convenient women’s smart devices.

Apple Watch

Img source: gravis.de

For those who have an iPhone, Apple’s smartwatch will be the best option. Available for 4 generations of the device, the watch has many functions, including water resistance and GPS navigation. The Apple Watch has dimensions of 38 × 42 mm, as well as a large number of strap options, from nylon to leather. Currently, 3rd and 4th series of these smartwatches are used and they differ from each other in size. Visit this site to choose the best version of a smartwatch for women. The biggest drawback of this gadget is its short battery life. It last about 2 days. Apple Watch can be used as a standalone device, supports message reply and notification management. Pros:

  • the ability to make calls;
  • advanced functionality.


  • expensive.

Fitbit Versa

Img source: harveynorman.com.au

Fitbit Versa differs from its predecessors, although it has the same rectangular shape. Some may say that this is a women’s smartwatch, thanks to its feminine design. However, there is a large selection of color options and bracelets. This allows Versa to look equally harmonious on both a female and a male hand. Versa is available in several colors, with cases in black, silver and pink gold. The choice of straps is completely diverse: standard silicone, leather, and metal bracelets and they are all in several colors. Several special models with woven straps will also be released, but they will not be sold separately. The watch is light, and women who want to use the sleep tracking function will definitely like this because, during sleep, the watch on their hand will not cause discomfort. As we know, sleep monitoring in all the products of this company is very accurate. It automatically detects when you fall asleep and wake up, and determines the duration and quality of sleep. However, beside this fitbit watch, you can check ThinkSmartWatch for the top 5 fitbit watches for women.


  • a large number of straps;
  • water-resistant up to 50m;
  • monitoring women’s health.


  • short battery life.

Smartwatch Michael Kors Access – Bradshaw

Img source: bestbuy.com

These women’s watches combine beauty and technology. Bradshaw Access look classic, made of the stainless stage, and they are fashionable and popular. The diameter is 44 mm, the thickness is -14 mm, and the weight is 110 grams. They look larger in comparison with other models, but they can also be considered as a bold female version. It is possible to install additional programs and dials on the watch. There are several interchangeable bracelets, you can buy them for $ 40-50. Pros:

  • new generation processor;
  • awesome selection of styles;
  • long work without recharging.


  • bulky in comparison with other models;
  • high price;
  • the picture on the display is not very clear.

MOTO 360 2

Img source: techadvisor.co.uk

Touch watches look feminine thanks to a round screen, a 16-mm bracelet and a case made in pink and classic gold. Among the functions can be noted those that are found in almost all smartwatches: heart rate monitoring, notifications from applications, voice control. There are no special features that go beyond this. Compared to previous generations, this is an improved version in terms of battery life and performance. Pros:

  • Improvements introduced
  • neat, do not look rude;
  • Android Wear operating system.


  • There are no features that distinguish watches from competitors;
  • Battery life has become longer, but you still need to charge the device often.

Withings Steel HR

Img source: androidcentral.com

Withings Steel HR is designed in the monochrome style and looks like usual. At the bottom of the screen is a tiny small dial that creates an additional charm to the device. As a fitness tracker device can count steps, measure the number of heart contractions. And how smartwatch Withings Steel displays incoming calls, SMS, notifications. Operating time without recharging is simply amazing – 25-30 days. The watch is very compact, can withstand pressure up to 5 ATM. Pros:

  • the discreet design of the classic style;
  • a sensor that controls your heart rate is pretty accurate;
  • Enchanting battery life.


  • there is no way to track location, even with a phone connection;
  • The charger needs some work.

Pebble Time Round

Img source: wired.com

This smartwatch, almost every year takes the top places among smartwatch ratings. The pattern for women is very comfortable, light and thin. The life of the device is only 2 days, so they will constantly need to be charged. It looks like an ordinary watch; its thickness is 7.5 mm and its weight is 28 g. There are 2 sizes of bracelets: 14 mm and 20 mm. Three colors – black, rose gold and silver. The functionality is standard: the clock transfers daily activity information to the application. Pros:

  • Suitable for both iPhones and smartphones on Android;
  • comfortable, light, stylish.


  • the case is protected only from splashes, the watch cannot be lowered into the water;
  • Not all programs and applications are supported.

Samsung Gear S

Img source: androidcentral.com

Samsung smartwatches are not suitable for every woman. In the previous version, the case was distinguished by its compactness, then in this version, the opposite is true. Gear S is massive, similar to a futuristic bracelet, but the curved screen somewhat smoothest the shapes and makes the device more elegant. Samsung has a SIM card slot and can work independently, regardless of the smartphone. There is also a built-in fitness tracker that will help control the level of daily activities and the health status of the owner. This is a popular model of wearable devices with a screen made using innovative technologies. In terms of functionality – the device is advanced, and will surely find its fans. Pros:

  • the ability to make calls;
  • accurate heart rate monitor.


  • small software.

Asus ZenWatch 3

Img source: theverge.com

Asus Zen Watch 3 is not the best device among women’s smartwatches, but this brand is promising. The manufacturer managed to avoid the “flat tire” effect at the bottom of the screen, and this is already a great achievement. The round body will only emphasize the thin wrist. It is this model that looks like a female, in contrast to unisex samples. The bracelet is made of high-quality Italian leather or durable rubber soothing shades. In gold, smartwatches look expensive and status, there is no feeling that there is a Chinese fake on the hand. Pros:

  • beautiful, and precisely female design;
  • good result for smartwatches with battery life;
  • IP67 dust and moisture protection standard, you can wash your hands and bathe without removing the device; Android Wear 2.0 platform.


  • no GPS;
  • no heart rate sensor.


When choosing a smartwatch, you should pay attention to management, functionality, battery life and appearance. Although such gadgets are made mainly for both genders, the considered samples are in demand among a female audience. Many of them already fully include fitness tracker. Touch watches for women are the most comfortable, although sometimes mechanical control plays into the hands. On the same frosty day, it’s easier to spin the LG Watch Style wheel than to remove the glove and poke on the screen until the time is displayed on it. Asus ZenWatch 3 can be worn if there is a business meeting where the watch is rougher and more will simply be inappropriate. Withings Steel HR will help out on a trip when there is nowhere to recharge, but being in touch is important, 25 days of battery life is a must.