What Technologies Help the Video Streaming Industry Evolve?

We are all dependent on technology, regardless of whether we are talking about work or our free time. For starters, our life would be much different if there weren’t the phones we use for so many things today. Besides that, it is needless to mention other things, like tablets, and laptops, as everything today is digitalized, meaning that we also need to adapt. That is why a majority of people cannot even imagine their life without these devices and also why it is a common saying we would go back to living in a dark age if it weren’t for them.

As technology advances, so do every industry because following certain trends is simply a must these days if you want to keep up with the competition and survive. Of course, it all started with the Internet as many things have changed since it first became available, and many new technologies emerged, that change our lives and the way we do even the basic things.

The same thing happened with video streaming, as since it first started, many advancements in the tech field helped this industry evolve and become a highly profitable business. That is also why we will further focus on technologies that had the biggest impact on video streaming and helped this industry reach new heights.

Machine learning

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Accessing content on various streaming platforms is pretty easy today, right? And everyone is familiar with Netflix, one of the pioneers in this line of business. But just a decade ago, many of these things were just an idea, the industry in development, as the tech at that time, simply wasn’t adequate to support those ideas. Of course, much time was also needed to arrange everything so that we get a platform of such vast quality, not to mention the process of creating and uploading the video content.

Now, many things would be different if there weren’t for machine learning, or to be more precise, the video multimethod assessment fusion that Netflix and many other platform use. The main reason why this platform uses precisely this type and not SSIMPLUS, for example, is that it is the best one for such a platform. Namely, while the second one is ideal for live broadcasting some big events like the final game of the World Cup, for on-demand and binge-watching, the first one provides much better tech support.

Understandably, we can expect things to change in terms of video quality, as the entire experience will get even more enhanced, but in general, machine learning was one of the biggest reasons why we can enjoy various apps and video-sharing platforms, along with live coverage of big events.


Another extremely big factor today is speed, regardless of the industry or line of business we are talking about, as speed and efficiency are the two most important elements of the modern way of running a business. As for video streaming, the quality depends on the Internet speed, meaning that the higher the speed, the better the overall user experience. These two are codependent, and the logic behind it is simple if you are satisfied with some service, or in this case, video quality, you will be a regular and even recommend it to others, and the only thing to achieve that is with better Internet speed.

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For many years 4G was looked upon as something of tremendous impact and the best possible thing, but once again, the ideas surpassed current technological abilities, which is why 5G was so greatly welcomed. Namely, the better the quality of the video, the bigger its size, and it can be pretty difficult to stream it if you don’t have a better and higher network. That is where 5G perfectly fits as it grants much higher quality videos streamed much faster and easier across the globe. Overall, the impact of 5G is tremendous as it also leaves much room for improvement, meaning that we are yet to expect big things.


There is no doubt that Artificial intelligence is a technology with a bright future because it can be used in every industry to improve and bring it to the next level, and it’s already making some huge changes in our world. The video streaming industry is not an exception, and AI can be used to make the entire experience much better, which means more satisfied users and more money for further development. Video indexing is an important part, and compared to times the tagging was performed manually, using the AI saves a lot of time thanks to the option to extract the metadata automatically.

The thing that makes it so great is that these data can be further used in many ways, and they can make targeting the audience much simpler, but also make video recommendations and help one develop different marketing strategies. It is not the only AI usage, as it can be used for screenplay analysis to decide which of them should be next, which surely gets video streaming to the completely next level. The great thing is that it is expected that AI usage will become even more enhanced, so we can expect the video streaming industry to become even better in the near future, which is something we can all just benefit from, as the better the tech, the better everything will get.

Choose the right platform

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When it comes to video streaming, the most important thing is choosing a reliable platform that offers a lot of options that can meet everyone’s requirements. It might sound easy, but it is not, as there are many platforms online, and picking the best one can be pretty time-consuming because it is crucial to do the proper research and further investigate all options.

It is important because not all of them use modern technologies and guarantee quality video streaming. Luckily, we have a solution for those in a hurry who do not have enough time to read reviews and check which of the technologies are the best, as all they need to do is visit Setplex, and they cannot be disappointed.