What Are Fundraising Software? How Do They Work? – 2024 Guide

Technology has had some revolutionary effects across every sector of work and business, including the world of nonprofit organizations.

Nowadays, nonprofit organizations have a wide range of technologies and tools available to them that would make their job a lot easier. One of the technological solutions that we’re going to be discussing today is Fundraising Software.

Fundraising software, or sometimes called Donor Management Technology or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows organizations to create entire fundraising campaigns. This includes everything from donor management to data reporting to even developing the program itself.

But in this article, we are going to solely focus on the fundraising part of this software. So with all that said, here is how fundraising software works and how they can help an organization.

1. Opportunity

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If it’s one thing that fundraising software is good at, it’s the ability to view trends and opportunities. Fundraising software can help you capture vast amounts of data about your donors and the people supportive of your fundraising campaign. The “opportunity” aspect of this software is down to the fact that it helps organizations by providing valuable insight into how to target new supporters to join your cause.

2. Sharing

Fundraising software can help you by sharing the experience across the staff and board through valuable features implemented into the software. This can be really important as not every person might be that experienced in your organization, so a fundraising software helps cover that by sharing the goals, history, and data across every member, and keeping it within the hands of the organization.

Furthermore, some fundraising software, such as www.donorbox.org, has a unique feature that lets users implement the fundraising campaign into their own website, or share it across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

3. Flexibility

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Fundraising software helps grows your organization by helping in every stage of its development. Nonprofit organizations tend to raise funds for specific causes. But fundraising is not easy, so that’s why fundraising software are so popular nowadays. They help your organization along every step of the way, no matter what stage you need help whether it is to capture data, store data, or report the data back to the organization board of members, to the IRS, or to your donors.

4. Mobility

Most fundraising software has the unique feature of being cloud-based. Mobility is very important as it gives you a unique option of checking up on things when you’re buying your coffee, sitting in traffic, of before meeting with a major donor. Having the possibility to check the fundraisings’ progress at any time is truly a very useful feature nowadays.

5. Connecting

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The best thing about fundraising software is that they are designed to be compatible with all the tools you’re currently working with. Cross-platform integration is another feature that fundraising software utilizes to a great extent. Having the option to plug-and-play the fundraising campaign into various software tools such as marketing tools, prospecting tools, and accounting tools is a feature that helps organizations a lot. Furthermore, having everything in one place helps organizations by keeping track of all the important data and insights.