How Has Technology Changed the Visa Processing Procedure in Today’s Time?

In the past few decades, technology has dramatically changed our lives. We are witnessing the fact that the online revolution created amazing tools and resources giving us useful information that, previously, we couldn`t get fast as we could do it nowadays. With all these available technology tools everything became easier and faster.

In this article, we`ll investigate how technology has enhanced the process of getting work visas for skilled workers in the UK. Simple to say, the online advancement has provided quicker ways to communicate with British immigration service, commonly known as the Home Office, and with British embassies.

Before online applying for work visas, every step towards getting it was slower than today. Citizens of foreign countries who seek to enter the United Kingdom have to set aside much more of his/her time. He/She needs to do `all jobs` personally. And that was a very slow and tiring process consisting of collecting required documents and a lot of waiting. But, this was not the only problem. A much bigger problem was the fact that the employer and the candidate for work didn`t had so direct communication as they do have today. The internet has enabled ways to link employers with manpower they need, and vice versa. The online commercials are visible across the globe – workers from every part of the world have possibility to see job advertisement from UK employer and to apply for it. This is crucial thing, because British immigration rules don`t allow work immigrants to get visas without already having found a place of work. Nobody can enter in to the UK and to get employment without previous acquired job. With online tools all this is very facilitated. It`s easy to connect this two parties.


But, our online time has even more advantages. Although, visa processing procedure is much quicker and much simpler, there are still many legal regulations which must be taken into account. The UK registered companies that want to hire foreign nationals have to acquire sponsorship licenses. This is special document introduced by the Home Office that regulates the process of hiring foreign nationals, whether permanent or temporary. This document-system is established as a guarantee that British employer is going to provide a living for a foreign employee by paying them at least the minimum level of salary prescribed by British laws. Also, this system makes it easier for foreign nationals because companies with sponsorship licenses, that provide necessary sponsor certificate to candidate for employment, also have an obligation to assist him in preparing necessary documents for visa application – they are to take responsibility for him. Where is that advantage that I spoke of?

Well, first of all, companies need to obtain sponsorship license. This license may be needed even in case when Company invites a foreign volunteer to work on some charitable work. But, to do that, there are conditions, that must be fulfilled:

  • Company should hire an immigration advisor who will provide consultations and will serve as legal representative before the Home Office.
  • Company must ensure that all requirements are met (company is registered and operates in UK and it is reliable sponsor for foreign worker; it should have clean criminal and immigration record and that never lost without sponsorship license because of violation immigration requirements).


This is advantage! Companies that want to hire foreign nationals employee aren`t alone in their relationship with British immigration service and with potential employees – they have legal representative before the Home Office. This is important because there are many different situations – some of them are very unclear. There is danger that employer may lose sponsorship license and, accordingly, chance to hire needed workers. It is of exceptional importance that employers and foreign national workers willing to work in UK find experienced immigration advisor. This is because we live in times of various online frauds. Both interested parties should have in mind that it is necessary for advisor company to be regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. The immigration advisors are representing interests of employer and they are taking care of foreign national workers, and their families when they are relocating to UK.

So, before hiring legal representative before Home Office, interested party should pay attention to reputation of that company. Good example of such immigration advisor we have found on the following link

Anyway, that is a decision in which nor employer nor candidate for job must not make mistake. The internet provides us possibility to find respected and high-quality advisor, but we can, very easily, connect with internet scammers who want to take our money. It is wise to weigh our choice carefully!

Such legal representatives are also very useful because it is requested from employer that must have people in his business that are specialized in this management roles:

  1. Authorising officer – this is person responsible for the work of personnel, key contacts and representatives
  2. Key contact – it is an employee of the company who is dealing with Home Office
  3. Level 1 user – it is a person who manages the issued license directly. He can grant or withdraw sponsorship certificate. There can be more than one Level 1 users.

Certain legal representatives, on a request of employer, can help with training of the employees, or even to temporarily fill some position with its own specialists. If some Company doesn`t have specialized worker on that positions, it is good to take such an advisor that provides this services.


Modern technologies are very helpful in many ascpects. This can be applied to every segment of our lives, and is true for visa applying process, too. In nowadays, somebody from Serbia or from Armenia can find job all over the world. And companies that want to hire them have good chance to do so. But, both of them, should take steps proscribed by the Home Office. When it is done that way, all interested parties are going to be satisfied.