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How to Unlock Bootloader Samsung – Complete Step By Step Guide

The question in mind of every user is, why unlock bootloader? The answer is simple, whenever you are going to root your Samsung Android phone. You must have unlock bootloader and Install TWRP Recovery. There are many methods to Unlock Bootloader without PC, and you can unlock the bootloader with PC as well. So, we recommend that Read the article carefully because we will cover this topic in detail with Step by step procedure. But before that, if you need to recover data that accidentally deleted from your Samsung phone, just click here for a useful solution.

What is Unlock Bootloader Overview?

When you start your Phone or unlock the Phone, it is the first thing that starts running. A bootloader is like a code that runs whenever any Operating system starts. In Android devices, whenever you restart or turn on your smartphones, Bootloader code starts running. Moreover, it gives proper instructions to the Operating System to run the devices normally.

On the other hand, there are many manufacturers of an operating system of phones. Each manufacturer uses different lines of code and has a unique bootloader to operate.

Why Unlock Bootloader? Essential Phone Unlock Bootloader

Let’s clear the answer in detail. Many Samsung Android users are confused about why unlock bootloader Samsung? Whenever you are going to Install Custom Recoveries, you need to unlock your bootloader. There are 2 types of Custom Recoveries: TWRP and CWM Flash Custom ROMs.

If we talked about the latest version or some companies, include Motorola, Huawei, and Samsung, we have already unlock Bootloader. So, you don’t need to worry about unlock bootloader android on these devices.

What do you need to Careful while Unlock Bootloader Samsung?

We are going to mention different methods to Unlock your Bootloader Samsung. To be honest, all these methods are practically done by the team of ComputerInspire. So You can follow any method, but be careful you have to follow each method step by step and read the guide carefully.

How to Unlock Bootloader? Method#1

Let’s go ahead, and this method is straightforward and a little complicated. But this is the official and best way to Unlock the Bootloader. Follow steps carefully, and if you don’t like, you can skip and go-ahead for the method#2.

Step#1: Enable Developer Options, USB Debugging, OEM Unlocking

We have covered this topic in another article: We recommend that read our official Guide to First Enable the Developer options, then USB Debugging and Enable OEM Unlocking.

Related Guide: How to Enable Android Developer Options, USB Debugging, OEM Unlock

We hope that you have done with the above guide. Make sure you have done properly with the Step by step method. Because without this, we cannot move forward.

Step#2: Download And Install ADB and FastBoot Drivers on PC Using 15 Seconds ADB Installer

15 Seconds ADB Installer helps in the Samsung bootloader unlock tool. For Samsung unlock bootloader, this is necessary. You can download the tools from below first point. Follow the below steps:

  • First of All, Download 15 Seconds ADB Installer. You can download this Installer from here on your PC.
  • Open the Installer after downloading. Click on Yes to open the Installer. After then you will see this screen.
  • Press “Y” to Install ADB and FastBoot. Then Press Enter.

How to Install ADB and Fastboot on Windows

  • You will see some Instructions on the Screen as you also watch the Step by step video if you are confused.
  • Press “Y” again.
  • Now In the Screen, you will ask to install the drivers for the device. For this Press “Y” Again.

How to Install ADB and Fastboot on Windows

  • You will see the Installation Wizard on your Screen. Click on Next to install the drivers for your Samsung Device.

How to Unlock Bootloader Samsung Download 15 Seconds ADB Installer

  • Once this Installation finished, it will successfully installed the ADB Drivers with the help of 15 Seconds ADB Installer.

Step#3: Connect Samsung Device with PC and Start Unlocking Bootloader

Make sure you are using the Original Data cable and connect your phone with the PC. You will see the option to Allow USB Debugging on your Phone. Just click on Allow. If you see this option. Just make sure in this Step that your Samsung Device is connected with the PC.

Step#4: Open Command Prompt and Write Commands

Go to the folder where you have installed ADB and fastBoot. You will usually see in the C:\adb Folder If your Windows is installed in C. Otherwise, Use the search option to find the ADB Folder.

  • Hold Shift Key and do Right-Click.
  • You will see a Command Prompt option or Powershell Option.
  • Just Open it as you showed in the above video.

open cmd unlock bootloader on android devices

Write these commands one by one

This is the first command you need to write. It will show the attached devices. If your devices are not showing, make sure you have installed the drivers correctly, and you are using Original Data cable for it.

After entering the Above command, press the second command:

Now your phone will restart, and it will open in FastBoot Mode. We want to tell you that in Fastboot mode, you have to use volume up and Volume down key to select any option.

Enter the Third Command:

In the next step, type any of these commands to start unlocking Samsung Bootloader.

Fourth Command:

Once you entered any of this command. You will see the option “Unlock Your Bootloader.” You can use the power button to select and Volume up and down for Navigation.

With the help of Volume Buttons, Just select the Yes with the help of Power key. Samsung bootloader unlock will begin now. It will take a few minutes. After the process completed, Your Samsung device will reboot automatically.

That’s all you have done with the Unlock Bootloader Samsung with PC.

If you are looking for another method, how to unlock bootloader without pc and without root, please read the second method to Unlock your Bootloader without PC.

How to Unlock Bootloader Samsung Without PC Method#2

Flashify is one of these best apps to unlock bootloader Samsung. You don’t need to start or turn on the PC for this method. In other words, Flashify is the Samsung bootloader unlock tool. Many other apps give the options to unlock Your Bootloader, but our team has practically done with the Flashify.

It helps in Rooting the Android Phone. As you know, there are many apps like KingRoot, and some old-fashioned ways are available to Root the Samsung Phone. Similarly, there are many ways to Unlock bootloader on Samsung Phones.

Step#1: Download the Application

In this Step, Flashify is easily available on the Android Play Store. You can get the app from the play store. Here is the official link to download this app on your Phone.

Step#2: Install Flashify to unlock bootloader without pc

After Downloading the Applications, just install it as you installed other applications on your Samsung Devices.

Step#3: choose Recovery Image Option

There will be 3 different options available after you open the Application.

  • Zip File
  •  Recovery Image 
  • Boot Image

Click on Recovery Image. This Step is important to unlock bootloader on Samsung. After a click, you will option to Download the TWRP Recovery.

Step#4: Select TWRP File for Unlock your Samsung Phone Bootloader

This Step is essential; please read it carefully.

Once you click on Download TWRP, choose the file and click on OK. If you already have downloaded the TWRP File manually from the official site of TWRP.me, then great. Just select the file and click OK.

Having Problem in Getting TWRP File: Don’t worry, another perfect method is to search “twrp.me” on google and select your device and model of your Samsung phone. Just download the File from there and save it in your Phone.

After selecting the TWRP File, just tap on OK. Don’t let the app to restart automatically. We recommend that reboot your Samsung device manually.

Now you can quickly move into the Recovery Mode. Press the Power button and Volume down button at the same time you will go into the Recovery Mode.

Our Choice for unlock android bootloader

We recommend that you choose method#1 to unlock your bootloader on Samsung. Because this is a proper way and best our team and a lot of users have done in this way. We got a lot of positive responses by using the FastBoot and ADB Tool ways. If you found any difficulty, let us know. We will guide you step by step for any question.

Final Words on Samsung bootloader unlock

We have mentioned 2 different methods to Unlock the bootloader. We will guide you properly if you have any queries. Again, We advised that read the article carefully.

Thanks, For any query on Unlocking Bootloader, Leave a Comment!