Unlock Bootloader on Huawei official guide and third party

How to Unlock Bootloader on Huawei Devices – Official & UnOfficial Guide

Huawei phones are one of the popular phones all over the World. Huawei usually releases their new phones one after the other with amazing features. Many users want to install the TWRP Recovery on their cellphone, few users want to root Huawei phones, few wish to install CWM on their Huawei phones. Therefore, for all these, it is necessary to unlock bootloader on Huawei devices.

Please note here that sometimes Huawei’s official guide for unlocking bootloader works, but sometimes it doesn’t work. Therefore, in this article, we are going to define all the ways through which you can unlock bootloader on Huawei devices.

Official Guide For Unlock Bootloader

According to the Huawei official notice, they just stopped providing the unlock bootloader requests. According to them, they are just staying because to avoid the issues caused by ROM Flashing. Therefore, unlock bootloader services has been discontinued.

From the above notification, we have noticed that unlock bootloader officially is a waste of time because, in the end, nothing will happen. So, we have to think something different and use third parties, but ComputerInspire is not responsible for any damage or security issues if you for third parties.

It is our responsibility to guide you that what you can do or what you can’t. Nowadays you cannot do it because Huawei doesn’t provide you to unlock bootloader since 2018.

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whenever, Huawei starts providing you that how you can unlock bootloader with an official guide, we will update you here.

Unofficial Guide For Unlock Bootloader – Unlock Bootloader Free

There are many unofficial ways to unlock bootloader in which the FunkyHuawei tool provides the unofficial but authentic way to unlock the bootloader.

We are also explaining the official method using the KingoRoot app Which does not work nowadays. But when an official notice from Huawei came to unlock the bootloader, then you can go to Method#2 which is the official way with KingoRoot.

What is Unlock Bootloader?

Every Android device has a bootloader that explains the operating system of android that how to work. Android Operating system is an open-source application that can access multiple hardware. For every company, like Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, each has its bootloader and users have to unlock this bootloader because they want to root their android phones and access according to their own.

Let’s move forward to unlock the bootloader on Huawei devices.

Three Important points before unlocking bootloader on Huawei

  1. Battery Level Should at least 70%.
  2. A device should power ON.
  3. You must have a Working data cable that can use between laptop and your Huawei phone.

Method#1: Unlock Bootloader Code (Third Party)

We are again informing you that norsecorp.net has nothing to do with your device because we are just sharing how you can unlock bootloader with the third party software. We have got many positive reviews from the users. Therefore, we are also sharing; we are not getting any benefit from sharing this third-party software.

A tool to Get Unlock Bootloader Huawei Code

FunkyHuawei is a paid tool that gives you access to your Huawei phone unlock bootloader code. You can purchase this tool at $55 around. Go to google and type Funkyhuawei unlock bootloader code. Go to their official site and buy this tool. This is the first step you need to make.

BackUp Huawei Phone’s Data – Step#1

In this step, you have to back up all the Android phone data in a safe place so that you can access your data like pictures, videos later. If you don’t care about your data, then this step#1 isn’t for you to move forward.

  1. Once you have back up your all data, it’s time to do a few more things.
  2. Dial *#06# from your Phone and Note down the IMEI number.
  3. Dial # *#1357946#*#* from your Phone and Note down the Product id.

Download Required Files on Your PC Step#2

1: Download ADB and Fastboot Tools on your PC.

2: Download Huawei Drivers USB.

Start Unlock Bootloader Huawei Devices Step#3

First of all, enable the developer options. Use the following points:

  • Go to Settings > About Device
  • In the About Device go to => Build Number
  • Tap on Build Number options many times.
  • It will show that Developer options have enabled.

Now Enable the OEM Option which is present in your Developer Options. On the other hand, save your unlock bootloader code on someplace.

Open ADB & Fastboot Folder Step#4

  • Go to “C:” in my Computer, find your ADB and FastBoot folder in your program files folder.
  • Press Shift Key + Right Click on the screen when you are in the ADB and Fastboot folder.
  • It will open your Power, Shell.

Open FastBoot Mode on Phone Step#5

In this step, turn off your phone now. Once your phone turned off. Press the volume up + power button at the same time. It will enter your phone into the Fastboot mode.

Enter Commands

Please make sure your phone connect with your laptop or PC. Here is the first command you need to enter.

 “adb reboot bootloader.” 
Enter Another Command to unlock bootloader on Huawei devices

Finally, reboot your Phone.

Congrats!! All done. Now you can install Custom Recovery TWRP, CWM or ROM on your Huawei phone.

Method#2 Unlock Bootloader with KingoRoot (Official Guide)

This guide is not working nowadays, but when Huawei allows, then you can follow this guide using the KingRoot app.

Here are a few steps you need to follow. Otherwise, unlock bootloader Huawei using the above Method#1.

BackUp Huawei Phone’s Data – Step#1 (Official Way)

In this step, you have to back up all the Android phone data in a safe place so that you can access your data like pictures, videos later. If you don’t care about your data, then this step#1 isn’t for you just move forward.

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So we hope you have successfully done with your back up files. So let’s move forward.

Download KingoRoot Free App – Step#2

KingoRoot is an android and web-based free application which is used to root any android device in a single click. But we are here use this KingoRoot to unlock the bootloader. The good news is if you are using an LG phone then you don’t need to install the LG drivers on a phone because KingoRoot automatically installs the LG drivers once it connects with PC or Laptop.

You can download the KingoRoot App From Here: Download Latest KingoRoot Free For PC

Once you have downloaded the KingoRoot App, just install it on your PC. See the download latest KingoRoot link for guidance that how you can install it on your PC. Otherwise, steps are easy to install KingoRoot on PC for unlocking bootloader on Huawei devices.

Enable USB Debugging on Your Phone – Step#3

Once you installed the KingoRoot on your PC. Connect Your Huawei phone with your PC or Laptop through working data cable.

Now enable your USB debugging. Follow the few points:

  1. Go to Settings in your Phone.
  2. Tab on the Developer Options.
  3. In the developer options, tick on the USB Debugging as shown in the image below.

Important: In some phones, maybe you cannot see the developer options. So don’t worry, you can show this developer options by using the following method:

  • Go to Settings > About Device
  • In the About Device go to => Build Number
  • Tap on Build Number options many times.
  • It will show that Developer options have enabled.
  • Go Back in the Settings again; you will see the developer options there.
  • Just go to Developer options and enable USB debugging.

enable the oem option unlock bootloader on android

Do you have still a problem with enabling the debugging option? Check the step by step article with pictures to enable USB Debugging. Otherwise, the above method is enough and clear to allow this USB debugging.

Launch KingoRoot App Step#4

In this step, you have to open the installed application on your laptop or PC. Go to the Desktop you can see the KingoRoot application Icon. Just double click on it and open it. If you don’t see the icon on your desktop, just go to the start menu and search for KingoRoot and open the installed application.

Don’t disconnect your Huawei phone from the Laptop or PC. Your Phone must connect with the laptop.

Once you open the application on your laptop, it will download all the USB drivers for your Huawei phone. In case, you have found difficulty in downloading all the USB drivers for your Huawei phone. Check the below Guide.

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Find KingoRoot Folder Step#5

In the 5th step, you have to find the KingoRoot folder on your laptop or PC where you have downloaded. In my case, I am opening the KingoRoot Folder with these steps:

  1. Go to “C:” in My Computer.
  2. Open the Program Files(x86)
  3. Find the Kingo ROOT
  4. In the Kingo Root Folder, open the Tools
  5. In the address bar, Write cmd and hit enter. (Don’t write cmd in a search bar, use in the address bar)

Run Command on CMD Step#6

Once you hit enter, the command prompt will appear on your screen.

Type this command on command prompt “ adb devices ” and press enter.

If the serial number appears after entering the above command then congrats you have done the above steps successfully. Otherwise, go above and do steps again. Make sure your phone has connected well with a laptop or PC and other steps.

 Get Unlock Code of Huawei Step#7

Here you have to register to your Huawei manufacturer’s bootloader unlocking to request for the code. You can ask the code from this page: Huawei Unlock bootloader Request Page.

Carefully read all the terms and conditions and click on I agree on terms and conditions.

  • Provide all the Information on your Huawei device model when ask.
  • Once you mention all the details correctly, you will receive a 16-digit unlock bootloader code for your device.
  • Copy the code and paste it somewhere that you can remember it always.

Finally, Unlock Bootloader on your Huawei Device Step#8

We hope that you have still connected your phone with a laptop or PC and connection is not interrupted. Run the below command:

In the “your-unlock-password” enter your 16 digits unlock bootloader Huawei code that you have received in the above step.

Now enter this command:

Enter the above command press enter to reboot your Huawei phone. You can also use the volume button to reboot.

That’s All! You will receive a message that you have successfully done with unlocking your bootloader device.