How to Download Manually OTA Firmware Files (Find Firmware Files)

How to Download Manually OTA Firmware Files (Find Firmware Files)

Find Firmware Files: This is a problem that many Android users or new Phone users face many problems. They waste them a lot of time on How to download firmware files or android flash file downloader. Last time, Google has updated the Android 8.0 Oreo update. We already have seen many features of Android 8.0. As we are promising from the last two articles that we will help you in getting the Firmware files easily. So here we are going to discuss Firmware science through which you can get the file manually.

Why do you need to Find Firmware Files?

Before moving towards that we tell you where you can find firmware files. I want to tell you why it is necessary that you need these OTA firmware files. There are many reasons to find Firmware files. Here are a few reasons:

How to Flash Firmware Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9Plus on MAC Using Odin

If you read above both links you may understand that Why do you need to get or find the Firmware files. When you Flash Samsung devices for example, When do you want to flash Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 plus? You will always have to need these firm files to interact with the Odin. Odin helps us to root the Android phone especially Samsung devices with a single click. There is other third-party software too which can help in making the phone rooted.

Now move towards the actual problem. Actually, there are many ways to get or find firmware files. In which firmware science and XDA android forums are the best ways to get the files(mobile flashing tools all-in-one).

How to Find flashfire flash firmware package files using Firmware Science

Go to download firmware science and read more about how it works. We will try to explain to you here how it works. Firmware Science is a tool through which you can download the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S8+, S9, S9+ OTA firmware files. There are three options you need to give to this site and get the related files:

  1. Select Your Model First which is necessary(Your device Model).
  2. Also, Select your current firmware.
  3. Select the firmware to upgrade.

Here are three option which you need to give answers as accurate as you can. It will automatically download all the OTA firmware files for you.

Once you download all the files, put them into.Zip files on your PC or mobile you will need these files again. Once you visit the Samsung Firmware Science site you may see a few points. Read that points carefully to clear the concepts more(android flashing tool for pc).

Find Firmware Files using Forum XDA

Go to google and type forums XDA developers the first link you will see of Android Forum from where you can get all files. All the latest updates related to Android are discussed there.

  • Go to the Search and Type the desired files you need.
  • All the related device firmware OTA files will display.

Conclusion about All Android Mobile Flash File And Tools

This process may waste your little time. Therefore, we recommend to go through the above method and find firmware files there.

Let us know in the comment if you have any problems.