How To Fix Sorry This Page Isn't Available On Instagram Error 404

How To Fix Sorry This Page Isn’t Available On Instagram Error 404? – 2024

So you’ve been working away, updating your profile, and uploading some great content to Instagram. You sit down at your computer or open up the app on your mobile phone and instead of seeing all that hard work in front of your eyes you see a sorry page not found error message. Now-a-days, there is a new error on instagram and many instagram users are facing this issue called ingress timeout. This error is coming when instagram is not able to establish a clear communication with the Instagram servers. If you want to know how to how to fix instagram says ingress timeout, you can visit

Fixing the Instagram 404 Error Page

How To Fix Sorry This Page Isn't Available On Instagram Error 404

It isn’t just because you forgot to do something like log out before closing down the app (that is what we all tend to forget) it is actually an issue with their server. So don’t fret too much about it, there are ways you can fix this problem!

Today we’ll show you how to fix Sorry This Page Isn’t Available on Instagram Error 404!

Clear Your Cookies And Cache:

Log in and head over to your profile page. Clear your cookies and cache and try again, you might find that this works like a charm the very first time!

Temporary Disable Your Ad Blocker

Ad Blockers can sometimes restrict access to certain parts of the site, we use them on all kinds of sites for different reasons so don’t feel bad if you have one enabled. However, it is worth temporarily disabling it to see if that makes a difference.

Reinstall The App

Sometimes reinstalling the app is enough to get things working again, so grab yourself a coffee before doing so…you know how long these ‘quick fixes’ take!

Head into your settings and look for “Apps” or “Application Manager” and simply uninstall the application. Grab yourself a fresh download from Google Play or the App Store*, you might find it goes like a dream after doing so.

Don’t worry though, all your Instagram photos will be stored in the cloud and Google Photos (if that’s how you choose to backup photos) by default anyway!

Reset Your Password

Reset Your Password Instagram

You never know, sometimes resetting your Instagram password is enough to get things working again. We’re not saying this is likely at all but it doesn’t hurt to try right? Head over to this page and reset your master password, we’ve got a feeling you’ll be back up and running in no time. You could also wait 24 hours before trying any of these steps again to see if that makes a difference.

Location, Location, Location!

Is this issue only happening on your main profile page? If so then you might want to consider your location settings. We all use Instagram when we are traveling or at home but it is worth playing with the “while using” option and seeing if that makes a difference.

Head over to this page and toggle the button until you find an option where the app works as intended. If there aren’t any available options then just leave the setting how it is, not everything has an answer! After doing so, try logging out then back into Instagram, that tends to work for us too!

Other reasons you may not see content on Instagram and get the 404 Error

Link Verification

The most popular reason for this issue is because your Instagram account has been linked with a Facebook account and so you’ve needed to verify it. That process changed back in 2013, if you’re still trying to reconnect the accounts then try those steps again.

Blocked by the user

Believe it or not, if someone has blocked you then you won’t be able to see their content on Instagram either. If that is the case then you might want to remove them from your “Blocked Users” list first before trying a few of those fixes again.

Hashtag Blocking

If a hashtag has been blocked by the user who created it or something similar, then you won’t be able to search for it on your feed anymore.

This one is hard to fix as there isn’t really an answer here sadly, some hashtags simply get abandoned due to lack of use! It’s worth checking out our article on how many posts are published with certain hashtags (we’ve got some handy lists!) to see what’s popular.

Fraudulent Accounts

Fraudulent Accounts - Scam

Believe it or not, there are some malicious accounts on Instagram that scan user profiles in the hope of gaining access to your private information. Sometimes they do this by pretending to be an official Instagram account so if you ever get a message asking for any sort of login details then report it immediately!

Other times these crooks steal photos and start posting them as their own so don’t believe everything you read online…you never know who might have stolen your photo!

Not one for the ‘Insta-geeks’ but worth mentioning nonetheless. If any of this sounds familiar then check out our article on staying safe online, it could save you from being hacked!

Switching to a new phone

If you’ve been using your old phone with Instagram for some time now and now want to take it all with you to a new device, then make sure everything is synced!

This includes the photos already uploaded as well as your settings etc. You need to do this manually by going into each app that has an account linked* and logging out. Do this one by one before going back in and logging back in again.

If you’re switching from iPhone to Android or vice versa, then you should also try importing the photos from iPhoto on iOS (or Google Photos if moving from Android) first which will save you hours of time!

Slow Internet Connection or Data Roaming

This might seem like an odd one but sometimes the issue is simply that you’re on a slow or unstable Internet connection. If you can, try loading up Instagram with WiFi turned off and using your mobile data instead (if possible).

There are various ways to force this depending on your device so if none of these work then give us a shout in our comments section below!

Page being disabled

Weirdly enough, there have been times where Instagram has taken down a page for unspecified reasons. There’s not much you can do about this sad but if your page gets taken down then try messaging Instagram directly to see what the problem was. In some cases, it gets reinstated rather quickly so give it a shot!